Black Women Travel!  Plan a Vacation that is Deeply Relaxing & Fun

Black Women Travel! Plan a Vacation that is Deeply Relaxing & Fun

namaste means the divine within me honors the divine within you welcome it’s kala and for those of you who follow my channel you know but I always like to do an intro because hopefully getting new viewers all the time and so my background is in art but also in yoga and trained as a yoga teacher and I practice mindfulness meditation extensively for many many years and so I really love and believe in working on our health with methods that are traditional time-tested and as well as without major side effects so there’s a lot we can do for ourselves so I want to invite you to check out my blog myblog is called a box of chocolate for the soul and it was started specifically for african-american women to help them focus on their health and their well-being and to introduce and educate them about natural techniques for decreasing stress and stress is behind so many illnesses that are really rampant in the black community and so my focus is on primarily addressing those issues and as I said stress is such key behind a lot of the illnesses underlying a lot of the things that are happening that are disproportionately affecting black women such as obesity high blood pressure fibroids and reproductive disorders and in a lot of natural health systems they say if the reproductive system is is not functioning optimally then the whole the whole person whole woman is out of balance and so that’s what I found in my time teaching and practicing yoga and all reading and for my experience so that has led me to envision taking yoga vacations planning trips abroad specifically planning a trip to Italy and I would love for you to sign up and signing up with me and you get information and I could find out what the level of interest is so I’ve been to Italy and I would love to take a yoga vacation and you may have seen them in magazines but perhaps not because often they’re not really aimed at women of color so what if a good vacation is it just means that a component of it is practicing yoga usually in the morning might focus on different topics like reproductive health and just dealing with stress starting your day off with a beautiful class and then you know you have breakfast vacations they also good sightseeing of course because you’re going abroad so you get to see the museums and places like Rome or Venice or Florence are some places I’m trying to plan and figure out so we would be in the countryside probably in a farmhouse in a traditional italian farmhouse in the countryside and then from there we can also take trips or book a massage your things like that so if you have any interest and would love to dream about doing this please go to my blog which is called a box of chocolate for the soul ok and there you can sign up to receive updates no more than twice a week so you wouldn’t miss any videos any of the blog post any of the articles any interviews all that will be sent right to your email the weekend retreats and most likely be on the east coast in either upstate New York or western Massachusetts and also the yoga classes I just want to say you don’t have to they’ll be all levels so do not worry if you haven’t done yoga you for any of these trips in any of these retreats you don’t have to have any experience in yoga at all the classes will always be taught with various levels and that’s the wonderful thing about yoga is its non-competitive and each pose has many variations many different ways that it can be done so wonderful so don’t let that worry where are you okay you won’t share your email with others absolutely not and that way I can find out what your needs are and so I’m going to put some nice pictures of Italian countryside and it’s nice to travel with the group so below and have a blessed day you

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