Bleed with Pride – Let’s Talk About Periods.

Bleed with Pride – Let’s Talk About Periods.

Will these women understand my language? Yes, don’t worry they will. Do you know you should not use unhygenic substances during periods? It causes infections. No we don’t use these napkins. Why dont you use sanitary napkins? You should use these. If i give you, will you use it? No we won’t. We never used it. Why so much restrictions? Because of our periods we get power to give birth, it’s not impure. No, girls should not touch anything..They are impure during their periods. Only atheist don’t follow any rules and restrictions on Periods. Ok, so you are saying, those who believe in God, they should not use sanitary napkins? Yes and during our periods for 6-7 days we sit at home and don’t go out. Come everyone !! What you use? Have you used sanitary napkins? No, we never used. If i give, will you use it? Do you know how to use it? Yes we know. Don’t use old dirty rags and other unhygienic substances because it causes infections. Ok. Pads are costly.Yes, they are very costly. If we provide it cheaper, will you use it? Yes, then we will be able to use it. We have started giving you sanitary napkin at very affordable rates. So now on start using these napkins. Stop using rags as it causes infections and other serious health issues. After changing sanitary napkin ,what we should do? We should wash hands with soap. If you don’t wash hands, what will happen? We should wash hands to prevent the spread of germs. This is government school’s toilet and see how unclean it is. Stinking badly and not at all in condition to use. Is it dirty inside? Yes .. Yes.. How it is? Very very dirty.. You are running now only, then who uses this toilet We don’t use it ever.. We learnt that during periods we should not feel ashamed.


  1. This is an amazing and wonderful initiative Geeta. Am very proud of you and your work. I always wished to see how you work… Thanks for sharing this video. Keep up the amazing work …its a great help to the society!!!

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