Bonnie: “There Is Life After Breast Cancer” | Book of John Gray | Oprah Winfrey Network

I also wanted you to meet
someone who is a survivor. – [INAUDIBLE].
– Wow. Wonderful. Breast cancer. I wanted to just come and
let you know that there is life after breast cancer. We don’t know why
things happen to us. But what I knew was that
I was going to be here. I knew it from the beginning. I never had any doubt. I got into the
healing scriptures. Read those scriptures on faith. You have faith that
God has healed you, and you’re going to
continue to be healed. I went through chemotherapy
maybe two or three years. And every time I went, I was
getting better and better. When the doctor said, you are
cancer-free, from that point on, I’ve not had a problem. If I’ve done it
for 15 years and I plan to do it until I’m
90-plus, the same thing can happen to you. Bonnie– wow. I can’t say enough. It means the world to
me that she came today. She’s able to say, you can do
this, you can get beyond this. It is– it is encouraging. And there’s a lot
of times that, when you feel down and out, that
you’re going to be able to say, remember what she said. So that’s what I’m
going to take away.

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