Bouncing To Bone Health

Bouncing To Bone Health

– [Sarah] We’re at four. Three. Wooo! Two. One. And bounce. – We all know that
a good diet can keep our bones healthy but
exercise can play a big role in that as well
so today I am at Bellicon with Sarah to talk
about building a bone density and improving your bone
health through exercise and doing it in a way that
is very unexpected and that is on a trampoline. – Yes, on a trampoline. You can think of
when you were a kid you were bouncing
on a trampoline all
the time everyday. That was with springs. The bungees is going to help
you with increasing your bone density because it’s
lower impact but you still get that
weight-bearing exercise. Because of the uneven
surface you’re balancing but also you’re really digging
down just like a weight-bearing exercise into that trampoline. So that squat is building
that bone density. Then bring both hands
out to the sides three, I like this intensity. Two. – And probably a lot easier
on our joints and our bones than running on a hard surface. – 100%. When you’re jogging on
a trampoline it is that spongy kind of resistance
into that Bellicon so it gets you up higher, you’re using your abdominals, you’re using different
muscles so it’s challenging you in a better way. You have to focus
in on your posture. So it helps your whole
body get stronger. – I think the fun factor of
bouncing up and down on a trampoline is what’s
gonna help you maintain the longevity of
living a healthy life. – Yeah, definitely, we
have people that are in their 80’s that are
bouncing on a trampoline and what we’ve noticed they
don’t look down anymore, they don’t feel like they’re
going to fall and trip over themselves, they can
walk up and down the stairs more frequently and a
little bit more with ease. – Should we get bouncing? – Let’s do it! – Okay. We grab some towels to use
for our first exercise. – Just place in between
your inner thighs. Squeeze those legs a
little bit closer together and I want you to
put a little pressure into your heels. And now bend those
knees a little bit. And you’re going to feel put a little pressure
to your heels. Inner thighs are working,
glutes are working, abs are working
and then I want you to just let those hands
come nice forward for me. – Wooo! – And one more fun little trick. We’re gonna just move our arms. And we’re working our arms,
we’re working our abs, our glutes, everything. So for our second
exercise we’re gonna do a nice jumping jack. We’re gonna just start
with straight legs. Once again you’re pushing
down through those feet. So now, just start to bend
those knees a little bit and start to pick up the speed. For our third exercise we’re
gonna go into a little twist. Separate those
feet a little bit. And put weight into
both your big toe, your pinky toe and your heel. – Have it. – And then start
to twist it out. One hand is reaching out, one hand coming to
your heart center. – K, good job, I love this. – [Both] Yeah! – I’m gonna keep bouncing. For more Motivation to
Move and another exercise by this one, Sarah, head to our website, Okay, what are we
gonna do, twist? – We’re gonna monkey it out. – Oh yeah, monkey. – Ready? Go!


  1. I love this video! I'm a newbie at rebounding and love it! I learned a bunch viewing "GoRebound" about a month ago on Youtube.

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