Brandy’s Story | AAMC’s Women’s Center for Pelvic Health

(gentle instrumental music) – I have a daughter who is 12, and I have a son who is four. They are both very active
and they keep me going. I work full time, and I’m getting ready to start back to school
to get my nursing degree. With my first pregnancy, afterwards, I noticed that I was having a few issues, but they were tolerable
and it wasn’t so bad. After I had my son, it was a
completely different story. I was having severe incontinence issues. – I met Brandy, and
initially her main complaint was that she was starting
to have more leakage. Once we do the procedure, the sling, that immediately goes away. – Dr. Walton made me
feel very comfortable, and she promised that
she was gonna get me back to where I needed to be. And when I went in for
my sixth week check-up, as soon as she walked
in, I started to cry. And she asked me, “Why are we crying? “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” And I said, because you’ve
completely changed my life. – For Brandy, one of the
most important things that she wanted to do
was just be a participant in her kids’ life. To be able to jump and run, and not worry that she was gonna leak. For her, she was able to accomplish that. And I’m happy that we were able
to help her in that process. – My lifestyle has changed completely. It’s a newfound freedom for me. I don’t have to worry
about leaving the house and not having protection with me. Something that I would
like others to know is, as embarrassing as it is, don’t be afraid to seek
out the treatment for it. I know that I put it off a lot because I was worried about
what people would think or what people would say. And you really need to
worry about yourself and take care of yourself.

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