Breast Cancer and Constipation

Breast Cancer and Constipation


  1. Here's another factor aside from the effect of fiber on cancer and constipation:  lack of exercise also causes constipation and increases the risk of cancer. 

  2. Isn't it true that the body builds a "protective" shield around the cancer thus making a lump and when it is disrupted by injecting a needle into it spreads throughout the body?

  3. '' If there had been something which could prevent Death , it would be Senna*'' : Prophet Muhammad

    * Senna Cassia Alexandrina should be used at least once a year (for non constipated people) to help get rid of waste from old food that has built up there over time. senna leaf is not allowed during prengnancy. 3-5 tablespoons of senna powder followed by hot liquides like tea to create diarrhea, once a year in a no-work day.

  4. This makes a good case against fasting. Christina Newman (fastinggurl31 on Youtube) is currently fighting triple negative breast cancer. She still fasts sometimes.

  5. another great video! What are the best sources of fiber to eat? I'm guessing Black Beans and peanuts?   

  6. I am not sure that lower cancer risk is due to faster bowel movement. I think that both are effect of the same cause.

    We know that constipation is caused by low nutrient food, basically refined food like white rice, white bread, … It means that people with lower constipation consume more nutritious food with at the same time lower risk of cancer. But it is not that the faster bowel movement on itself lower cancer risk.

    Anyway there is no proof so far only theories and assumptions. We know the fact that people with faster bowel have lower cancer risk, but it is not yet fact that second depends on first.

  7. any other connections out there? i.e. autism and constipation, lupus and constipation, etc… what about if gallbladder is removed?

  8. Women who have three bowel movements a day appear to have half the breast cancer risk.

    Watch this week's video below or click the link to watch on

  9. If extra estrogen is excreted in the feces, would constipation not increase the amount of estrogen reabsorbed into the body, or at the very least impair the body's ability to remove excess estrogens? Have there been any studies to this affect on breast cancer, or women's health in general?

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