Breast Cancer Awareness – It Saved My Life! – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everybody, my name is Ashley and I’m the CEO and co-founder of the I See You Company October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we wanted to use our platform during this month to celebrate With a wish and recognize breast cancer survivors because our own mother is a breast cancer survivor However, in the midst of planning this last month on September 7th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer as you can imagine We were thrown for a loop, but luckily thanks to early detection from a self breast exam. I am in the best place possible To have a very successful treatment plan. I have chosen My form of treatment as a bilateral mastectomy that I will have in a couple weeks for us This wasn’t something we thought That would happen it certainly wasn’t for me I’m a newlywed. I’m 34. I eat really healthy I have a negative Braca gene, but at the end of the day life’s happening And so we wanted to use this opportunity to talk to those of you out there Who are in my age range who think just what I did? I don’t know what I’m looking for. I’m young. I’m healthy But it’s never too soon to do self exams and if I can share one thing You don’t have to know what you’re looking for. That’s your doctor’s job But just know what you’re working with know your tissue So that when you have a month pass and now the tissues changed, it feels different. You can talk with your doctor about it We are choosing positivity I’m in a great headspace I have amazing support with my family and we ask for thoughts and prayers during this time, but no I See You is not going anywhere. If anything this is going to take it to a whole other level and Celebrate and a whole other way for us because we say that wishes aren’t just for birthdays And I could really use a wish right now. So Thank you for joining us on this journey. We will share as much as we can and when I’m not sharing Amy will be sharing We see you. We appreciate you and thank you for being here and supporting us along the way

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