Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The importance of yearly checkups are vital

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, SO WETM-TV AND GUTHRIE ARE ONCE AGAIN TEAMING UP TO BRING YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EARLY DETECTION AND LIFE-SAVING TREATMENTS. IN THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF OUR SPECIAL MONTH-LONG SERIES, 18 NEWS REPORTER ARIEL SALK BRINGS US THE STORY OF A LOCAL WOMEN WHO FOUND OUT FIRSTHAND JUST HOW IMPORTANT THOSE YEARLY CHECKUPS ARE. DOCTORS RECOMMEND YEARLY SCREENING MAMMOGRAMS BEGINNING AT THE AGE OF 40. DEBRA DENMAN OF DRYDEN KNEW SHE WAS DUE FOR HERS BUT COULDN’T FIND THE TIME IN HER BUSY SCHEDULE. 10 SECONDS DEBRA DENMAN, DRYDEN, N.Y.: “It seemed like life just kept getting in the way of going and following up. I’d always been so healthy. I kept thinking.I’ll do it next year, I’ll do it next year.” DEBRA FELT HEALTHY, SO WHEN SHE FINALLY MADE IT IN AND DOCTORS SAW A SPOT THAT THEY WANTED TO BIOPSY, SHE FIGURED IT WAS NOTHING. UNTIL SHE GOT THE DIAGNOSIS THAT BROUGHT HER BUSY LIFE TO A SCREECHING HALT..DOCTORS TELLING DEBRA SHE HAD STAGE 2 BREAST CANCER. 11 SECONDS DEBRA DENMAN, DRYDEN, N.Y.: “I said to him: “Am I going to die, Am I going to get through this, what’s my prognosis?” Because it really hit me that wow.this is serious..” THE MEDICAL TEAM AT GUTHRIE OFFERING DEBRA HOPE AS SHE BEGAN WHAT WOULD TURN INTO ALMOST A FULL YEAR OF TREATMENT. 20 SECONDS DR. VINEELA KASIREDDY, GUTHRIE BREAST CANCER CENTER: “When patients first hear about their diagnosis of cancer, they’re paralyzed with fear. It’s our responsibility as a team and as a provider that I give them all the information and give them the best care.” AND WHILE THE TRANSFORMATION FROM PATIENT TO SURVIVOR COMES WITH CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY.DOCTOR KASIREDDY EXPLAINS THAT NEW RESEARCH IS HELPING TO MAKE THE JOURNEY A LITTLE EASIER. 19 SECONDS DR. VINEELA KASIREDDY, GUTHRIE BREAST CANCER CENTER: “It is an exciting time to be in oncology because there is a lot of research happening in breast cancer and I think there are a lot of promising drugs in the pipeline. We’re now starting to use immunotherapy which has been widely used for other cancers and we’re using it for the first time in breast cancer.” DEBRA SAYS GUTHRIE’S AROUND THE CLOCK APPROACH HELPED PUT HER MIND AT EASE DURING THE MOST DIFFICULT TIME IN HER LIFE. DEBRA DENMAN, DRYDEN, N.Y.: “I’ve just never seen people who cared so much and were so willing to give up their own personal time to help me. I think it made me feel like no matter what happened, they were there for me and I knew that all the way.that no matter what was going on, I could pick up the phone and call them and they would help me.” DOCTORS REMINDING WOMEN TO STAY ON TOP OF THEIR BREAST HEALTH AND TO KNOW THEIR RISK. 11 SECONDS DR. VINEELA KASIREDDY, GUTHRIE BREAST CANCER CENTER: “I think it’s highly important to keep up with screening and detect breast cancer at an early stage because it’s curable when it’s detected and treated early.” DEBRA CONSIDERING HERSELF ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES. 11 SECONDS DEBRA DENMAN, DRYDEN, N.Y.: “I always think everything in life happens for a reason and maybe it was to make me slow down and realize I need to take care of myself or I’m not going to be around for the people who love me and do the things I want to do.” DEBRA SHARING HER STORY IN HOPES OF INSPIRING OTHER WOMEN TO PUT THEIR HEALTH FIRST. 25 SECONDS DEBRA DENMAN, DRYDEN, N.Y.: “please take the time for was at, they could help me. But you don’t want to wait too long and then regret it later down the road. Please just take the time to really take care of yourself so you can be there for the people you love and all those wonderful experiences with your family and friends down the road.” REPORTING IN SAYRE, ARIEL SALK, 18 NEWS. TUNE IN ALL MONTH LONG FOR MORE EXPERT ADVICE AND INSPIRING STORIES OF SURVIVAL. GO TO MY TWIN TIERS DOT COM UNDER THE COMMUNITY TAB FOR MORE. 18 NEWS AT 5 RETURNS AFTER THE BREAK! THIS IS18 NEWS AT 5 IN HIGH DEFINITION

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