Breast Cancer in Pregnancy | Gina’s Story

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy | Gina’s Story

>>Ahizechukwu: This was
her very first pregnancy. So coming to a first
pregnancy with breast cancer can be overwhelming.>>David: You said he’s two months old?>>Yeah. He’s, like, two months and three weeks. It’s just hard to imagine that that can happen to you because you’re so young, you’re pregnant.>>A lot of had people told us that it’s more than likely nothing. She, I think, probably
more than anybody else thought that it might be
something more to it than that.>>When I first saw her, and we recognized this might be a metaplastic carcinoma, we get a sense of how this breast cancer’s going to behave for this individual, and then what type of treatment and support systems this
patient’s gonna need.>>Nurse: Alright, getting more sleep?>>A little bit. It’s getting there. My breast surgeon, my oncologist, and my gynecologist/obstetrician coordinated out my delivery and my cancer treatment together. Once you have that plan, you can just put one foot in front of the other.>>The Fellows Clinic,
which is where Gina came, is run by the Maternal-Fetal
Medicine Fellows. We make a decision on
when to deliver a patient, in addition to talking with the patient, so it’s a cooperative effort between the patient and us.>>Gina has an aggressive
form of breast cancer, but it’s classified as early stage, and she’s getting absolutely
the right treatment. I am fully anticipating
that she’ll beat it.>>So, Gina was able to
receive two treatments of the chemotherapy while
she was still pregnant. Then, she delivered
healthy baby boy in May. Baby’s doing well. A couple weeks after delivery, we were able to restart chemotherapy. She is more than halfway
through the chemotherapy, and tolerating treatment very well.>>Anyone else in my
position, I would tell them, do your research. Get second opinions, or third opinions, if you have to. It is possible to receive
cancer treatment while pregnant. (baby babbles)
>>Yeah? (laughing)>>Gina: He is active and happy. I couldn’t ask for a more
beautiful, healthy baby.


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