Brent Gray MD

Brent Gray MD

[Music] I’m Brent Gray, I’m an obstetrician-gynecologist. Deliver babies and I take care of women. Medical schools in New Orleans at Tulane University School of Medicine and came back near home to Loma Linda University for training. My dad was an ob/gyn, here at PIH Health actually, for 40 years and even though I am not sure that’s the only reason why I went into medicine, I’m sure it’s a part of why I went into as specifically obstetrics and gynecology. I’m not sure if I can think of anything else I’d want to do. I do love science, but I think I was born to be an OBGYN, it’s just a natural thing for me. I love my church, I love health, I love traveling, I love nature’s beauty, I love as exploring the world and the beauty of the world and the people. I’m non-stop on the weekends with exercise and activities. Married 27 years, three kids and friends are big part of my life as well as is family. I see this as perfect balance. I can stay up all night, deliver babies and do surgery the next morning and feel rejuvenated the next day. You have a healthy baby and a mom who’s pleased to have a healthy baby, it’s easy to understand how gratifying it is, but it’s equally gratifying just daily in the office. You get to have the camaraderie, the relationship, with your patients, every year and throughout the year if they need you in between routine visits, you get to see them from the beginning of their life through all the changes in their life, through the end of their life, and as far as a treatment philosophy I think the patient needs to be better in their entire sense, emotionally, physically, mentally. I think patients aren’t going to care so much how much you know, until they know how much you care. The patients have to know that you care, you have to let them know that you understand, you’re listening and that you care. Patients first is the mantra here PIH, but you can see it really happening day to day. The physicians are just the top notch in the world, work really well as a team. Team medicine is a very natural thing here and that doesn’t happen in many other places. With best outcomes clinically, but also for the patients experience. [Music]


  1. I originally went I to be seen by dr Roca and he was wonderful but Dr Grey was the one delivered my son(2nd born)… He was absolutely wonderful… I couldn't have had a best experience.. While i was in a great deal of pain he was gentle reassuring and respected my wishes… Even when i wanted to give up he helped me through… Such a wonderful Dr and if/when i choose to have another… Dr Grey will be the one i go to

  2. I’ve started seeing Dr Scherschun and and she’s a very talented and friendly Doctor. She really makes you feel welcome and knows her business. I’m not one for visiting doctors but between Doctor Scherschun, the doctors and all the nurses at the hospital, and I cant forget one of your former Doctors, Doctor Reece, they all make In nice to see doctors again Thanks PIH for hiring a great staff

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