1. Hit the bell. Fantastic videos, always informative. Any recommendations for information for a manic episode, its late but i feel super awake, and a bit euphoric

  2. I have had both at the same time. Trying to take care of my daughter who has paranoid schizophrenia and bpd just took a major toll on me. She had to go live with her father because I was days from checking myself into the hospital because I couldn't help her or myself. It was so much to deal with. As soon as she left, my chest pains went away. I felt relief but shame at the same time.

  3. I had to quit, i was burned out, and i am also depressed as it is. They wanted me to do more and more and i couldn't handle it, it started affecting me physically too.

  4. Burnout is really Adrenal exhaustion. I've been suffering for years and it sucks. Currently working with a Dr that specializes in it and realizes it's actually a real condition. Mine got suddenly worse since the Death of my Mother the other year. Also because of my condition i'm too tired to work. Some days i seriously think about committing suicide because i've had enough and now struggling financially. It's ruined my life I've been ill since i was 24 and i'm now 40.

  5. Dr. Marks, when you described the scenario of going away to relax and having your pile of work taken care of by somebody else, I literally felt all my muscles relax thinking about it. I am on a few days of vacation right now and thinking about the growing pile of work waiting for me is impacting my vacation time.

  6. Omg this is what I am feeling!
    My doctor’s PA put me on antidepressants and now I’m wondering if they might be making it worse.

  7. You speak very well. I have been burned out now for almost two years with my high stress/high paying job. I feel ok when I'm off but the dread and depression quickly sets in just thinking about my return to work. The environment in my work place is very negative, moral is very low. And that's the total opposite of how I am and try to be. My salary is very good, I have 10 years in now with a good amount of vacation time and decent benefits. That makes me scared to leave. I have a family of 5 and I constantly weigh my options for leaving. In the end I keep coming in doing just enough to stay off the radar. I feel unfulfilled and I hate myself for now doing something about it. I just dont know how. Thanks for letting me vent here

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  9. Wow, thanks. I’ve been confused about the difference.

    I now understand I’m in a burnout phase. I have so much work piled up and so many missed deliverables that I don’t see myself catching up. The idea of someone even talking half of my workload would make me happier.

  10. I really needed to hear you speak on this topic. I’m feeling everything you said I want to close my company completely. Things are getting worse daily!! My personality is changing no appetite, no sleep, no sex in 12 years I’m pissed off quite a bit and frustrated in every way possible. It’s almost like I’m dying a very slow and Extremely Painful Death!

  11. it’s strange because due to a recent life event, i feel like prior to it I had burnout that has now spiralled into low-level depression. But it’s probably best to consult a doctor irl than self-diagnose, thank you for the helpful comparisons!

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