Can A Workout Be Too Intense? Hell Yes. – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Can A Workout Be Too Intense? Hell Yes. – Sweat Inc., Season 1

– Obstacle racing
is the fastest growing sport.
– Ooh, obstacle racing. – Jillian: Okay.
– Lolo: I just did a race. Race. Fastest growing sport
in America. – You’re talking
like Spartan…
– Spartan Race, – Tough Mudder.
– Tough Mudder. – Check, I follow you.
– Warrior Dash. Announcer:
Obstacle course races
like Spartan Race
and Tough Mudderare designed
to challenge the mental
and physical toughness
of the competitors
a series of obstacles
such as climbing over walls,
running in mud,
and swimming
in freezing temperatures.
I’ve raced
in over 60 races. And since 2012,
I’ve been coaching people and prepping them
for these races.So, we utilize
body weight exercises
kettlebell training,
rope climbs,
monkey bar traverses,
mobility and skill sets
to provide
a unique experience
that hasn’t been seen
on the market yet.
Alex is pitching us
on a cool concept
If you can get
on board a trend and ride it, you’re half way there. How are we monetizing this? The obstacle race industry is a quarter billion dollar
market. – Yeah, it’s big.
– Business is booming. There’s three different ways
we can do this right now. One, a shared studio. Our second model’s
a stand-alone studio. Which has already been done. I’ve got two locations
in New York. I’ve got one
in Providence, Rhode Island. This year alone, we’re on target to do
about $700,000. – To a boutique fitness gym?
– Yes. Jillian:
I mean, that’s–that’s huge.
Our third model
is to run classes in a big box gym,
like Retro Fitness. Okay, so wait. – Right now
you’re giving me three.
– Three options. You gotta figure out
what your model is. I like
this whole boutique, I mean, it’s working already
for you. Your studios are generating
a ton of money. Focus there. But why if someone
is eager to partner with you and you’re eager
to do my program – and they’re excited–
– Trust me.You need to pick one
or the other.
And then you need to know
the financials of one
or the other. Jill, let’s just say
you’re right. Of course I’m right.
I’m me. Alex’s business
is a startup.He doesn’t have
enough resource
to develop
two business models
simultaneously.This is what
he should focus on, the boutique model
and make that successful. All right, guys, so,
today’s workout is the grind. All right,
we’re doing 75 seconds active. – 20 seconds rest.
– Oh, damn. 75 seconds on,
20 seconds off.And there’s very little
recovery time
in between circuits.It’s a brutal work to rest
ratio. Go. – ( claps )
– Pick it up,
let’s pick it up. Let’s pick it up.
Let’s pick it up.Monkey bars.Quick, quick,
quick, quick. Hips up,
now hand over hand.Keep it moving.
Keep your core tight.
Rotate. You want
75 seconds of those? Rotate. Okay.
Trying to catch my breath. Alex:
You’re down,
hit your target.
Oh my god.
Alex. Fourteen pounds, Jill.
Fourteen pounds. – Fourteen pounds?
– So, scale it down
to level one. – So, just squat–
– No, I will not
scale it down to level one. Put your pride away. This guy is handing us
our asses. Ooh wee. Obi,
so you gotta scale it back to level one, all right? But not in like a good way. Scale it down
to level one, Lolo. Is this one or two? This is one.
You’re gonna be here… Pop.
At level one
is where we start. Twenty seconds rest,
let’s get set. Twenty seconds
ain’t a lot of rest. For 75 seconds… – it’s a big…
– Alex:Let’s go.Circuit training
is all about the two to one
work to rest ratio.For example,
40 seconds of work,
20 seconds of rest.
Alex’s 75 to 20 ratio
is absolutely insane. Alex:
Two, one,
and relax, guys.
Give me a high five. Lolo:
Oh, my god. It’s too hard. I believe you’re gonna lose
too many people. I totally disagree
with you. Because, dude.
This is an elite class. And you have
to actually be conditioned – for this, right?
– No, you do not. – It is for everybody.
– You have one
of the best athletes in the world
doing level one. – It’s the first time she’s–
– She’s doing level one. It’s the first workout
she’s ever done. – Yeah, but time-out.
– It’s the first workout
she’s ever done. I trained
two to six hours a day.I should be able to get
in this workout
and go to level three. And I’m telling you–
You’re not listening. You’re not listening to what
everybody’s saying.I had to go back
to level one,
that’s not
a confidence booster for me.
I’m a three-time Olympian. You think I wanna go
in this and be like, “Oh, I’m at level one. Thank you Olympics
for the 15 years I’ve been training
in my life.” These obstacle races
aren’t easy. All right? People have
to have mental toughness
to get through them. So, now
you’re disrespecting me and saying
I’m not mental tough. Mother–
I will beep out
all my cuss words. ‘Cause I’m about to go ham.
Lord, lord. – This is one class…
– Jillian:Pause.– In seven
different classes–
– Big pause. – …that we offer.
– Listen to me. Listen.
Listen, listen, listen, okay? Everything is gonna come
with feedback. Just hear it,
try to hear it. I felt like I needed
to explain myself.They decided to really try
to go to level three
in the epic level,
when they should have been
at level one. It was day one.
But I’m very confident.Because there is no chance
I’m going home.


  1. If trainers and athletes have a hard time with this workout other people would not last. I feel like I would injure myself if I did that workout.

  2. Guys like this can only have a handful of people in this program. People ranging from professional athletes to world class fitness athletes can do this. The general population won’t even last the entire thing plus the way he disses one of the athletes is a great way to not get business going. His window opportunity for making some cash is very limited

  3. In my gym class (I was in 5th grade) we did a circuit workout and we were only aloud to get water 3 times and other than that we had no break for an 40-50 min.

  4. I personally do not believe in overtraining but damn if elites can't do it the average day joe definitely can not

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