Canadian Space technology helps breast cancer patients

Canadian Space technology helps breast cancer patients

1981 marked the debut in space of one of Canada’s
most iconic symbols: Canadarm. Developed for Canada by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, formally Spar Aerospace, the first Canadarm and its descendants, Canadarm 2 and Dextre, are in great part responsible for the successful assembly and operating
of the International Space Station. Now, the technology behind these robots is
finding its way back to Earth. By the end of 2014, an estimated 24,400 Canadian women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection and treatment make a difference and help save lives. Researchers at the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation, turned to Canadarm technology to develop IGAR. [Image-Guided Autonomous Robot] It is a promising platform offering one stop
diagnosis and treatment for patients with a high risk of breast cancer. Currently undergoing clinical trials, IGAR is one of the first robots of its kind designed to work inside an MRI scanner that can show the size and location of tumours more accurately than a mammogram or ultrasound scan. Thanks to its delicate and precise touch,
the robot will be able to perform biopsies with pinpoint accuracy, analyze them and treat early tumours without open surgeries. The platform will also help in detection and
treatment of lung, liver, kidney and prostate cancers and might also be used for delicate spinal surgeries. Thanks to canadian space robotics, this technology is a step towards a future where surgeons can rely on robots to perform intricate medical procedures that will be less invasive, less painful and will allow patients to recover faster. Canadian Space Agency, Thinking Outside of the Globe.


  1. Even though this is a re-upload, these videos never seize to inspire me. You guys really know how to make a proper video to spark peoples interests. These really make me feel like this is the future. I might be Belgian, but this video makes me feel patriotic towards Canada.

  2. bookmarking this to show people when they say "Why spend money with this futilities when there are people dying here on earth?"

  3. We need to increase the CSA budget. We've explored our globe, it is now time for us to explore the universe. I don't want Canada to just stand by and watch the other excelling nations.

  4. I really appreciate you people trying to use space-age technology (literally) to help with cancer. I live in America and I love seeing that everyone in the world, kinda, has a common goal to try to help with diseases that currently have no cure. I cannot express in words how happy I am to hear of such things. Thank you!

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