Candace Cameron Bure’s Health Secrets

Candace Cameron Bure’s Health Secrets

Candace Cameron Bure grew up as DJ Tanner on full house and now stars on fuller house actress author mother there’s no doubt Candace is busy which is why we want to know her secrets to staying healthy and fit while juggling at all and we are going to take you through what I do in my workout first thing we’re gonna do jump rope ten nine and that’s your first circuit that we would do three times through right how do you know so far great awesome let’s move on we’re gonna start with a squat shoulder press that’s good sit back in my but it’s those were from yesterday’s workout okay so now we pair that with a power movement using the exact same muscle groups your favorite because you get to get all your aggression from your day out ball slam so no session would be complete unless we had a little bit fun welcome what I liked about is you look like you two were having fun you see best shape your life yeah I I really am and thanks to Kara she’s been really incredible and been a great cheerleader for me and Fitness’s but always been a big part of my life but I don’t think I found my enjoyment for it until I hit my mid 30s and and now I love it and I found a way to have fun doing it I have a great partner with her it helps when you have a buddy and that could be you know a neighbor friend’s sister whoever lose their mental switch when you went from all this is something I have to do you said this makes you happy now your mid 30s vote was there something that happened you know and when we all get older we we have to find the things that make us feel good and I know because I am a busy woman I have three teenagers also I found that that Fitness made me mentally healthier and and feel good and make me be able to be able to get through my day and enjoy it but it kind of gave me that stress relief and I think that was the difference that I found that it wasn’t something I had to do but realized it was so good for me and helped me enjoy my day and that’s absolutely true because we know the link between physical and mental health and so it gives you free endorphins in serotonin doesn’t love that those happy chemicals helps you to reduce stress you know deal with your stress better it actually even encourages better sleep and so you know once you get into the routine I know the first few days to get into a new habit it’s always so gonna be hard yeah then you start to really like what the excuse and this is an important one we all use it I have that we’re too busy caring how do you work around people who have busy schedules like Candice yeah I think time is something that we all wish we had more of you know and and what I like to tell clients and whether it’s Candice are just people in my classes or people that I meet through social media is remember that although we do need dedicated time for workouts like we’re not I’m not going to advocate that all you need is 10 minutes a day and that’s it but there are days where you’re gonna look at your schedule and say I just don’t have an hour to give to the workout know that every little bit matters so even if you’re in line at the grocery store and you start doing squats to counter mojo because I do airport lunges front gate to gate I’m like okay I’m gonna do a set of lunges and I know because it is a sight it’s been on Instagram but I read that last night that tip of years if your goal is to do 50 pushups or 100 pushups in the day I love that and I call it working it in vs. working out like find a way to you know your goal for that day as we said a 50 pushups well you’re gonna do 10 you know when you first get up in the morning 10 before lunch 10 after lunch you can’t you can find a way and know that it’s money in the bank yeah I’m so excited my new book staying stylish and it’s not just a style guide book but it does talk all about fashion and beauty that includes skincare and and makeup and hair but it also talks about nurturing yourself physically and spiritually as well which is the complete package I believe that you know there may be some people who are intrigued by that [Applause] you know you can enter to win an autographed copy of canvases book on our website to doctors [Applause]


  1. Nothing against Cameron, but she believes "Spiritual Nurturing" is by being evengelical like her. If that works for her, awesome, Christianity brought me nothing but pain and heartache. I'm a very happy Wiccan now. Find the Spiritual path that makes YOU happy. Not what others tell you SHOULD make you happy.

  2. well, i am almost reaching my 40s, and she is truly an inspiration to me. I want to know all about her fitness and healthy secrets!!

  3. I'm definitely interested in her health tips. I find that her and I are the same on certain things but I like how she does things better

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