Caring for Your Whole Self | a YYOGA event benefiting BC Women’s Health Foundation

(soft music) – For me it’s definitely
been a process of embodying and practicing what I’m preaching
and using this lifestyle to guide the choices and
the thoughts and the actions that I’m making in my daily life. I say the biggest thing is
the commitment to practice. You can do it for a minute a day if that’s all you have. If you’re like a busy single
mom juggling three jobs, a minute a day in the shower to breathe. That consistent practice
is what will help. We also support women’s health research. Once you know something,
you can’t unlearn it and everybody gets to
benefit from those learnings. It’s always our hope
that the research becomes policy and practice. – Get curious, dig deep
into those questions and also, advocate for
yourself and do the research. Don’t take no for an answer.

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