Carrot Cake Cupcakes for Easter! Mind Over Munch

Carrot Cake Cupcakes for Easter! Mind Over Munch

Hey, friends! Easter is coming up so I had
to share one of my favorite treats, carrot cake. This is really a year round favor for
me, yes this recipe is healthified and it’s put into the portion controlled cuteness of
cupcakes. Thumbs up for carrot cake. In a large mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients.
Starting with oat flour, make sure you use certified gluten free oats if you want these
babies to be 100 percent gluten free. Baking powder, baking soda, your carrot cakes spice
mixture. Today I am using cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice and some salt. Whisk to combine. In a separate bowl, you’ve got your wet
ingredients, starting with your Greek yoghurt, eggs, coconut oil, coconut or brown sugar,
stevia and yes you could sub that coconut sugar for additional stevia if you want to
lighten these up even more. Vanilla extract and almond milk. Again, whisk to combine. Now it is time to incorporate the dry mixture
into the wet. Mix until a nice yummy batter forms. Once you have your batter, you can
add in the star of the dish – carrots. And I like to up the nutritional content even
more by adding a little bit of shredded zucchini, plus it adds perfect little bits of color
for the holiday. And if you are feeling extra nutritionally indulgent which I generally
am, you can add in some walnuts, pecans or even raisins. Today I am going with walnuts.
Mix to combine. Place your favorite festive cupcake liners
into a cup cake tin and spray down those liners a little bit because it’s going to make
the cupcakes come out a lot easier. This recipe will also work fine in a cake pan if you prefer
to make a whole cake rather than cupcakes. I use an ice cream scoop to scoop the batter
into the cup cake liners and find that that gives me almost exactly twelve. Then you can bake in your oven preheated to
350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. In my opinion you cannot have a true carrot
cake without the cream cheese frosting. For my lightened up version I use a low fat cream
cheese or a Neufchatel cheese, Greek yoghurt to cut back on that cream cheese without sacrificing
the creaminess. A little powdered sugar or you could sub stevia if you are trying to
be extra good and vanilla extract. Use a hand mixer to whip it all up. And if you are looking
for an even lighter frosting, you could try my two ingredient vegan whipped cream. Now go ahead and ice your completely cooled
cupcakes, no fancy piper needed for these babies. And for extra Easter festiveness,
I added a little bit of toasted coconut to be the nest of my chocolate candied eggs. Look how cute, and there you have it – my
healthified carrot cake cupcake sacrificing nothing but the macros. This recipe will actually
cut your calories, carbs and fat into half when compared to a traditional carrot cake
cup cake and you’re using wholesome unprocessed ingredients, not too shabby. If you click right here in the description
box below, you can download a PDF that has this recipe and the nutritional information
for you, for free. I will see you on Thursday for a brand new two ingredient take over.
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all a matter of mmm…


  1. @-LeoletteTheLeonineAugust I cannot respond to your comment because of your privacy settings but I hope you see this– we still do two ingredient recipes every other Thursday. There is a new one coming this week. Thanks!

  2. "portion controlled cuteness of cupcakes" Haha, so true!! These look so good!! I'm lactose intolerant and don't have any greek yogurt around, do you think substituting it with something like apple sauce or canned pumpkin would work as well in this recipe as the wet ingredient? 🙂 (obviously would need to make a different frosting too haha). Love carrot cake, and these look awesome!

  3. Hi love this video cant wait to try it but what can I use instead of oat flour. My local shop doesn't seem to stock it? Thanks

  4. OMG! I could eat the whole entire cupcakes. this is a fantastic recipe. I'm going to make them. Thanks girl I love it.

  5. Absolutely loooveee your blog! I probably make something from it everyday haha. I was just wondering what the calories, fat, and carb count was without the cream cheese frosting?

  6. omg these are too cute!! happy almost easter and happy spring <3 loveeee this recipe as it is super cute <3 i also made something similar to this! yay for gluten free! im not exactly gluten free but i am starting a new diet which i eliminate as much wheat as possible in my diet. thank you for sharing love! keep being amazing ! love you <3 xx

    * ps the zucchinni advice is amazing, never tried it but would love to, thank you! and omg your ears <3 you are too cute! hehe! 

  7. how is the consistency of these when finished? sometimes when i use just oat flour my baked goods come out a little dense. 

  8. Can you do more vlog or tutorial videos like healthy fast food choice or how to choose energy bar? I love those videos. Btw, I have tried some of your recipes and it turns out so great :)). Thumb up.

  9. They turned out amazing! My dad says that this must make you fat because they taste really good! 😀 Btw, how should I store them?

  10. Those look yummy! I have been looking for a quick and easy gluten free carrot cake recipe that does not require Xanthan Gum. This will be another good way to use the carrot pulp that I have left over from making carrot juice :o)

  11. These are so festive and I love how they are healthified! The carrot cake I make has like a cup of oil and 2 cups of sugar- not exactly healthy. This is one I'll definitely have to try! Thanks for sharing, Alyssia!

  12. Definitely making these for tomorrow! One question, does the nutritional information for the cupcake include the icing? 

  13. Made these last night for a very skeptical husband and son. "These are the best i've ever had" was all I heard. Thanks for helping us begin our journey of health and weight loss knowing we can still have good for you treats. Love your whole channel!

  14. I used your carrot cake cupcakes recipe to make my easter lamb cake. I put it on your Facebook page. Have a happy easter and thanks for the recipe it's delicious !!

  15. Having such a rough time making these 🙁 they looked super delicious so i thought id give them a go for Easter tomorrow…thank god I made them the night before. Followed the recipe to a key it hasn't turned out yet 🙁 First batch I made was so dry I couldnt add carrots so i threw it away. Tried again and it was still dry but not as dry so I baked them and they were hard as a rock! threw them away and now third try is baking now.. fingers crossed I'm running out of ingredients! Any idea on what I did wrong?

  16. So glad i found your channel love these recipes and how healthy they are!! Thanks! New subbie😉 i like the nutritional facts for the carrot cake cupcakes also! Do all your recipes include that info? Thanks again!😀

  17. Your recipe are AMAZING!!!! I make the carrot cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting for my family, and we'll they devoured them in no time, and even requested them again☺. Thanks for all your AMAZING ideas.

  18. So glad you and Domestic Geek did a collaboration video on desserts as that is how I found out about your amazing channel and really enjoy your recipes! They all look so delicious and I love that they are nutritious as that is key for our family! And I love your style too – you are beautiful and funny!

  19. I just made it and it turns out really delish!! I feel like eating all of them at once 😂 Thank you for the recipe, Alyssia!

  20. Hi, thank´s for this georgeos recipie is super delicius, soft…… please can you tell me what can i make with pecan flour???

  21. I made this recipe for my sons birthday cake, we loved it, thanks so much! Alyissa, do you ever cook with sprouted flours? Once a whole grain is sprouted it turns from a starch to more like a vegetable,when I read that I was so giddy, I love learning things like that, I bought a sprouter jar, my local market got some small bags of buckwheat groats, I bought all they had (only around 8 bags ) I bought it to make this real good buckwheat and oat brown bread, now I'm gonna sprout the groats, you can do it to the oat groats too. They have recipes for sprouted breakfast cereals. You really should try this, I'm gonna try to grow micro greens too. I read about them first in the Martha Stewart magazine, they are loaded with good things, even better than salad greens.My birthday was Sunday, I'm happy to be learning more and more new healthy idea's with every passing birthday, ( that's a way to grow younger, not older) It's really easy to do this too, that's whats to cool about it too. I think I'm gonna make T shirts saying, "Sprout your Flour", or "Sprouted Flour Power". Talk to ya soon my friend!


  22. I made some lemon cupcakes the other day using oat flour that I made. The flour looked really weird and bubbly and stuck to the cupcake paper. They were also super dry!I'm scared these will be the same because of the oat flour. Please reply!

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