Cartman’s Anxiety Ruins Everything – South Park

Cartman’s Anxiety Ruins Everything – South Park

Go. GO! What do you want? Go down the slide,
or get out of the way. You think I even want
to be here, Kyle? My therapist told me
I need to force myself to go out and do things
to overcome my anxiety. Can we move him, please? Oh, oh, I see. People with anxiety shouldn’t
be allowed at water parks, is that it, Kyle? Hey, everybody,
just so you know, Kyle thinks people with anxiety
should just stay home. Yeah. I’m trying to
come out of my shell, but Dr. Kyle here is just
worried about his place in line. Get off my towel.
Get off my towel. Goddamn it. I seriously
can’t get a minute of peace. Why is it that people
who don’t have a Buddha box
are always flipping Buddha boxes off the heads
of people with anxiety? I got news for you, Cartman.
Everyone has anxiety. Everyone gets nervous. Everyone is afraid
being around people. Everyone has feelings
they’d rather stay home alone. And you know what they do? They get over it, and they stop
being a piece of shit. Everyone has anxiety? Yes. Oh my god, I know
what I have to do now. You’re right, Kyle.
You’re right. What? No, no, what
did I just do? Should’ve just let him be
on his phone, dude.


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  2. Kyle, or Matt, I should say since he’s talking directly to the audience, it’s not as simple as you assume it is. Anxiety is a true disorder and many don’t just “get over it”. Cartman doesn’t have it, so lumping him with others who have it by saying it’s something everyone has is insulting.


  4. I would want to see an episode where the marshes move back to the old house since the farm can go out of business, and one where mr garrison meets the real 45th president Donald trump and trump’s not happy with garrison

  5. It ruins this whole damn show. I wish I could time travel to 2001 and relive the glory days of South Park back when it showed Osama Bin Laden literally 2 months after 9/11 and made fun of Christopher Reeves it was fucking glorious now it’s just fucking depressing

  6. I miss when Cartman wasn't just characterized by intense and consistent unlikability. It was hilarious when his irredeemable antics were contrasted by him being a cute kid, now he's just a selfish, sociopathic asshole for the sake of it.

  7. Bro stan just said the most legit quotes ever to Kyle.(about cartman) "Shoulda just let him stay on his phone dude" 😂😂😂😂

  8. Thank God for this. So many people wanna be special little snowflakes saying they suffer from "depression" and "anxiety". Go to HELL. EVERYONE HAS ANXIETY AND GETS SAD!

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