Center for Women’s Health Research 2018

It’s frightening to know that with the health issues in my family that Anything, you know could could happen and a lot has cropped up in my own personal health. The fact that women and men often can present differently and the age delay in the onset of cardiovascular disease in women leads a physician to possibly have a bias So I went back to my doctor and I just told him that something is not right. They just didn’t see what I was trying to say. When when I say I’m running out of steam they said, maybe you’re not sleeping. Well, you know, maybe you need a sleep aid No, I didn’t need a sleep aid One of the real challenges we have is that most of the evidence? That we generated has been in men and the assumption has been that treating men has been the same as treating women forever. And so the purpose of knowing what was wrong with me was so that I could see my Grandchildren grow up the I could see my great grandchildren grow up so I could see We unfortunately have had a gaping hole in the evidence on which we could base that personalized medicine because we haven’t studied women and girls to know what their outcomes would be A huge goal of the center is to be able to generate the critical data in order to make great decisions for men and women and boys and girls The power of community is one-on-one One person can touch one person can touch one person and If you make that circle It will be unbroken the Center for Women’s Health Research has a three-part mission The first is to do cutting-edge research in women’s health and sex differences The second is to mentor the next generation of MD and PhD scientists to study women’s health and sex differences and the third is to Educate the public and their health care providers so that everyone knows about the best possible care they should receive I love the idea that as researchers we are bringing an idea to life that we have the concept a question that we want to ask and then we work together as a team to develop that question to ask the right angles on it to make sure we’re Controlling for the proper variables and as it grows it thrives and it can actually impact people we are passionate Researchers doing exciting work together as a group in order to impact lives We have our Center and and we make the link with the community to get people like Sheree out there Know what messages they need to bring to women to families to men, you know It can spread like wildfire. I I want to thank the Center for Women’s Health Research because Had it not been for The series that they do I could have went on Saying granny’s just running out of steam. I could have went on Asking my doctor well, what do you think this might be? but when I Attended that series of matters at the heart I knew What it was and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So I thank them for all the work that they do and I would just Be prayerful that they can achieve every thing that they set out to do. There’s still a lot to be done and supporting research is supporting better health

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