Cheryl and Oti jive in reaction to same-sex couple Santra and Piia – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Cheryl and Oti jive in reaction to same-sex couple Santra and Piia – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Thank you. Hello. Hello. How are you guys?
Good, thank you. And you? Very well, thank you.
What are your names? Santra and Piia. What style of dance are you doing? Latin American. Amazing. Two girls. Two girls. Do you dance? No, absolutely not. That sign is a massive lie. Why?
Incorrect. I wish I could do what you do.
But you can learn it. Oh, everybody can learn. Yeah. Are you a dancing couple,
or are you a real-life couple? Yeah, we are married,
we are married. Nearly a year, and together, like…
BOTH: 13 years. Awww! It was only possible to marry
in Finland since last March. Gay marriage was only legalised
last year? Yeah. That’s insane! I’m excited,
and I hope they’re good. It’s time for your audition now.
OK. All good. What do you reckon?
I think they’re going to be good. I hope they’re going to be good.
The costumes are good. I like the costumes. OK, lights down, quiet, please. They’re very poised, aren’t they? Sending them vibes. MUSIC: “Reet Petite”
by Jackie Wilson Yay! They’re waxing our floor.
I can literally see them! I’m loving it. Yeah, same. Really good. Good energy. Yeah. CHEERING MUSIC ENDS CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! Wooh! Santra and Piia! Thank you so much. This means so much for us. Amazing! You had your posture up,
you were dancing through the spine. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Amazing! You know, I want to do the jive
with Oti. Let’s do it now. Not right now.
Let’s do it now! Yeah! Come on! Come on! Let’s do it now! They’re doing it. Come on, girls. Music! Music! MUSIC BEGINS Oti’s going for it. Oh! Ye-e-e-es! MUSIC ENDS CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That was incredible. SHE LAUGHS Thank you for bringing
so much energy to this room. I’ve been waiting for
a same-sex couple to come out here and do a really good job. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You dance like you dance and
that’s a fact and the rest of it shouldn’t matter. You’ve made an amazing impact. Go crazy for Santra and Piia! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wooh! Yes. It was like a dream come true. Yeah.
Massive audience. Beyond a dream. Yeah. Yeah. Huge. Ah! We really felt respected. Respected and accepted
and supported. It was really something.
I felt proud. Yeah, me too. Me too. Yes.
Yeah, proud and happy. Uh, I’m so unfit! Wow. We totally appreciate this.
It’s incredible.


  1. I love this. Everything about it. I didnt even take notice that it was 2 girls dancing together they are just great dancers. And Cheryl and Oti you go girls show em how its done. I just love everything about it. This is how the world should be you are who you are no matter what sex you are.

  2. Why were the judges told it was two women? Why did someone have to inform them in advance? Surely it's blatantly obvious to everyone! They both look just like women!

    Except the masculine one

  3. Amazing! Usually in Latin American i tend to watch the lady in dress most bc she dances in high heels and colorful dress, but this time I didn’t notice her AT ALL as the other lady in the suit bombed it! She was extremely talented, those moves!

  4. 288 comments… and save for a few…. they are ALL about judges lol did anyone pay attention to the unreal dancing and stunning connection between the two actually on the stage? 😉 and, at risk of possibly monstrous backlash.. why is it always an added 'bonus' if it is a same sex couple 'dancing the way you dance and the rest of it doesn't matter'… why make it matter then? wondering why it always seems a need to point it out, rather than simply accepting them in this context, for what they are (Santra/Piia I mean)… incredible dancers? stunning job Piia & Santra <3

  5. I used to like Oti on Strictly. Now she’s full of herself and just screeches and comes out with the empty judge praise she seems to think she has to. Even makes Bruno sound palatable.

  6. As usual the judges making it all about themselves. You can tell oti has taught cheryl the dance specifically for this show as cheryl keeps looking towards the floor, which is what learners always do.

  7. I love the passion that Cheryl has in this show and how fun she is, and she said dancing is dancing and the rest shouldn't matter is spot on. I forgot it was 2 women dancing I was that taken in my the moves it's how it should be

  8. You guys is a disgrace to your entire families, if ur mother's married each other two of you will not came to this world, but you both came to this world because your father's and mother's married each others. Shame to you guys and including those who supported you people.

  9. Same sex couple is a dead couple can't reproduce plus both are very selfish one has to pretend to be a fake male the good looking one playing the Tom boy when they use a dildoe their is no connection of souls their not to mention females don't get the benefits of the male DNA. Look up benefits of male seed to women's body and subtract that when u put 2 women together . Not to mention their is no fruit of God's Spirit their which can only be reproduced through death of self. The 2 females cannot love God w all their heart soul mind strength and they cannot love their neighbors because of extreme selfishness and indepence to God's word law and ways.

  10. I'm so glad to be part of Gen Z and I absolutely forget that gay marriage was ever illegal. Its something i've grown up with around me and I am so happy to see my generation not saying 'Oh you're gay. That's ok now.' but instead 'You're gay. No one cares. You be you. Leave me to sleep.'

  11. Cheryl looks stiff as a crotch…she is way out of her depth with these other dancers..she can't sing either give up girl..go look after you're kid

  12. was it necesseary to write "same-sex couple" though? you don't normally write "opposite-sex couple", do you? we cannot continue to ask ourselves why sexuaities that's not the stereotype are being treated differently when people literally point it out. i loved this couple thugh, their dancing and chemistry is on point

  13. Oti and Chez agreed to do this prior… hence why Chez knows the 'moves' anyone can jive esp if a professional dancer (Oti) taught them.. Chez was looking at the floor which didnt give me much confidence in her latin ability. Yes, she can dance as she is a dancer but with the right training, anyone can dance.

    Im not hating on Chez as I love her xx

  14. This video just doesn't like me, every time I try to watch it, it just doesn't work and ever other video is working in my power

  15. apparently I am only allowed the privilege to watch the video once as it is the only video I am having troubles getting to play lol

  16. This just shows that people with autism can do whatever they want when they set their minds to it.

    I have a brother with high functioning autism his interests are elsewhere. But my brother had been moderate to severe at one point but we found help to reverse the severity even though we couldn't totally reverse it. Diet and environmental factors can affect the severity of autism. Plus many vaccines can bring on and help contribute to autism. If someone says otherwise they are lying because they don't want to admit to the fact there are a lot of toxic ingredients in the vaccines that contribute to autism by causing the information to the brain and neurotoxins and that cause developmental delays along with physical delays. My brother didn't start walking until he was three and didn't start talking until he was four or five. And made hard for him to communicate what he was thinking and feeling. Plus it also exasperated his dyslexia. Plus many with autism have stomach and digestive issues. Thus needing to watch what they eat and dietary supplementation.

  17. This is so cool ? so if I understand it right they only open the door if they get enough votes ? That must make it so much easier for the judges lol

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