Child Care: Tips for Choosing Good Day Care Centers | Parents

Child Care: Tips for Choosing Good Day Care Centers | Parents

Selecting a Day Care Center is an important
step for any growing family. So how do you choose the best one? Here are some tips to
consider. First, search for licensed Day Care Centers. While each state has different requirements
for verifying Day Care facilities, all states offer some form of a licensing process. This
process doesn’t guarantee a perfect day care but it does insure that the facility complies
with basic health, safety and care regulations. Second, set up a time to observe the Day Care
Center. During your visit, watch both the staff and the children. Does the stuff seemed
attentive, caring and involved? Do the children look happy, comfortable and engaged? Are they
comforted if distressed? Also, look at the types of toys and activities the center offers
and see where the children eat, nap, and play. Finally, ask questions. Be proactive in finding
out information about the Day Care Center. Be sure to ask about the center’s caregiver
to child ratio and their philosophies, on discipline and play and learning. And don’t
be afraid to talk with parents dropping off their children. Remember to trust your instincts
and always keep in mind that you are just looking for a great day care. You’re looking
for the best day care that fits with your child and your family.


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  2. That-s easy.
    If all the day care workers are over weight, your kids wont get any exercise.
    Day Cares purchase the cheapest food possible to maximize profit.
    With just these two, your kids will gain weight, grow sick, and gain weight.

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