Chris Froome & Sexual Health | The GCN Show Ep. 286

Chris Froome & Sexual Health | The GCN Show Ep. 286

– From the hills of Catalonia,
welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – We’ll keep this brief,
because we’ve so much in this show this week. Chris Froome, yeah. Our own Emma and Chris
are at the Maratona, Joel is in London at the
launch of his Zwift Academy. We’ve got loads of new tech, including the brand-new,
first-ever aero road bike, from Cannondale, the SystemSix. – And we are doing more
science, but this time we need your help. More on that coming up later on. – Yeah, Dan, I’m pretty sure we’re behind schedule already, mate. – We are, and we haven’t even said we’ve got another new presenter! (upbeat rock music) This week in the world
of cycling, we learnt that Peter Sagan is marketing gold. We have never been excited about receiving a shower
head before, have we? – Nope. – But then again, we have never received a special edition Hansgrohe Peter Sagan monogrammed shower head. – Oh yeah. Imagine Dan, when Sagan, or
if Sagan wins Olympic gold. – Golden shower.
– Yeah. Now, that wouldn’t be for
me, but I imagine there are some people out there
that would pay for it. – Yeah, some people will pay
for anything, won’t they? Now, we also learnt this week
that the ASO weren’t too happy about the prospect of reigning
champion, Chris Froome, riding in the Tour de France. They made an attempt
on Sunday to block him from riding in this year’s event. – They did, but then we
also learned this week that Chris Froome will be
racing the Tour de France because the UCI have dropped
their proceedings against him, clearing him to race
because he’s innocent. – Yeah. Now surely we don’t
need to explain what this is all about, but if you
happen to have been living under a rock for the last
few months, this of course, relates to the Salbutamol
case, whereby he returned adverse analytical findings for the drug at last year’s Vuelta Hispania. It’s not a banned drug,
although it is if you go over a certain limit. – And Froome’s sample was
twice the legal limit. He posted 2,000 nanograms as opposed to just 1,000 nanograms. Now, that doesn’t
constitute a positive test, but nevertheless, it was a
test that he had to explain. And boy, did he try and explain it. Apparently, Froome’s legal
team submitted 1,500 pages to the UCI on the 4th of June. And so fair play to the
UCI, they’ve actually moved quite quickly on this, I think. Just under one month
later, they and the World Anti-Doping Agency have
concluded that Froome did not post an adverse
analytical finding. – So that’s that. Effectively, Froome has been
cleared and he’s now free to race, as he has been, in
fact, through this decision. He left for lineup on
Saturday, because ASO have got no reason to block him
from the Tour de France, in an attempt to win
his fifth Tour de France and his fourth Grand Tour in a row. – Yeah, but despite a line
thoroughly being drawn under this case, I suspect
things are going to rumble on and on and on,
particularly because actually, right now, as we film this,
there is a frustrating lack of detail from
the UCI as to just what in those 1,500 pages prompted
to them to say that Froome had done nothing wrong. – Yeah, it would be interesting
to see, wouldn’t it? Because logic does suggest
that given the presidents of people like Alessandro
Petacchi and Diego Ulissi, who posted Salbutamol above the
limit but less than Froome’s they were served bans,
and so logic would suggest that Froome was almost
inevitably gonna get a ban. – Well yeah, a lot of people
were saying that, weren’t they, the past few month, but
what we didn’t know, and what we still don’t know,
is how many other riders, how many other athletes have
been in Froome’s situation and been exonerated, but
we never knew about it, because in Froome’s case,
well, the only reason we know about Froome’s case,
was that it was leaked. It should have been a
process that was conducted behind closed doors. That was the correct and
fair way of doing it. So how many others have been– – Well, we have heard
rumors, though, haven’t we? – Oh, we have. – That rumor is that
the Froome lawyers did, through investigations
during this, find upward of ten other athletes,
who went through something very similar to Chris
Froome, except for the case that it wasn’t done with the public eye, because it was done behind closed doors. – Yeah, now we stress that
this is very much a rumor. We cannot confirm nor deny it, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know? I mean, we will inevitably find
out more details, I’m sure, as time goes on. But in the meantime, we
want to know your thoughts about this, because I’m sure
for many, you’re going to be breathing a sigh of relief. For others, I just imagine
probably outright anger. So make sure you get involved
in the comments section. Keep it civil. After all, we’re all cycling
fans at the end of the day. But also, why not, take part
in the poll just up there. Are you happy with this
decision, or are you sad? – Hm, interested to hear your thoughts. – Pleased, angry. – As mentioned at the top of the show, GCN is about to do some more signs, but this time, we need your help. – We do, we are investigating
whether or not cycling is actually bad for your sexual health. Now, there is a lot of
research out there already. But most of it’s sort of rubbish. – Bollocks. – Well, that is actually
a good point, yeah. Because clearly, the
issues here are going to be distinctly different
between men and women. So in this first instance,
we are gonna be asking the male part of our audience to take part in the questionnaire. We will have a documentary
on this subject coming up in a few weeks. And we’re going to tackle
three problem areas. So, penile numbness, erectile dysfunction, and prostate-related problems. So what specifically are the issues? What should you be concerned about? What should you seek help with? And indeed, is there a
thing that’s less important? – Hm, so this is where you lot come in, because to the best of our
knowledge, no one has ever really surveyed a large
group of genuine cyclists, like you lot out there. How much do you actually ride your bike, and have you ever had
these issues, or do you continue to have these issues
that Si has just mentioned. And is there a correlation
between those two points? Yeah, I mean, it’s such an
important subject, isn’t it? Because in respect to the
outcome of the survey, people do have problems
in this department. And equally, men typically, I
mean, we’re just a bit crap, aren’t we, at confronting
our health-related issues. So crap, in fact, that
that’s one of the reasons why we live less long than women. That’s apparently one of
the reasons…(crosstalk) – Is it?
– Apparently so, yeah. – I didn’t know that.
– Yep. – All right, so please do get
involved in the questionnaire. To do it, what you’ve got
to do is follow the link in the description below this video. All the data we receive will
be completely anonymized, don’t worry about that. And if nothing else,
you’ll be helping us to do some proper science. – That’s right. But you say us. We’ve got a proper scientist. In this one, yeah, so
actually, a top urologist, a top surgeon, who is
a super king cyclist, and also an Iron Man, but we
don’t hold that against him. – Now, if you need any extra
incentive to get involved beyond the fact that you
might well be helping out some fellow cyclists, then
our friends over at Physique have kindly offered to give
away four of their saddles to people that take this
survey, who will be chosen at random.
– Yeah. And it’s a subject close to their hearts. Although, we stress that
there are no commercial ties in this whatsoever. – No, not at all. So, please get involved in
the link in the description below this video. And then we’ll repeat this
process a little bit further down the line for our female audience. Yeah, indeed. And make sure you share this survey out as well to your mates. (trumpet plays “Taps”) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Cycling Shorts now, and
let us take the opportunity to remind you that we’ve
launched a new channel, GCN en Espanol. Same talking thoughts, different language. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) – Your feedback on this has
been absolutely brilliant so far, so thank you all for that. And also, for your help in
getting the word out there to Spanish speakers of us. And if you haven’t already
shared it with your Spanish speaking friends, please do so. – Yeah, and some brilliant comments, overwhelmingly positive. This one, though, Dan,
did jump out for me. From Aleksander R, he says,
“Oscar looks great…” And there’s no arguing that. I mean, he does look great, doesn’t he? Actually, that reminds me of
another comment that points out that Oscar has the best hair on GCN. – I did see that. Hard to argue, to be fair. – Yeah, yeah, I’m glad you said that, Dan, because yep, I mean… Anyway, moving swiftly
on, Aleksander R then also goes on to say, why do
we need the same videos in a different language? – Tough one to answer, that, isn’t it? But we’ve broken it down. The reason is for people that like cycling that speak Spanish and
don’t speak any English. It’s for them.
– Yeah, yeah. I suppose that makes sense
when you put it like that. – We should also stress
that we’re not just making exactly the same videos in Spanish. We’re making fresh, new videos of Oscar and any other presenters that we get on. And so if you haven’t already
subscribed, and you’re a Spanish-speaker, you can subscribe now, by clicking on the globe
that’s on the screen. – [Simon] Yeah, and let’s say,
Dan, that the announcements do not stop there, do they? – No. – We’ve got another one. Please would you welcome
(drum roll) Ollie Bridgewood.
(cymbal crash) (audience cheering) – Welcome, Ollie Bridgewood. The addition of Ollie to our team bolsters our presenting lineup even further. We are clearly on a
mission when it comes to creating great cycling
video, and that momentum is gathering pace. Ollie will, amongst
other things, be creating some in-depth features,
but brings with him a wealth of experience,
and along with that, some pretty impressive
scientific credentials. – That’s right, just so you know, you lot have been enjoying watching
Emma do proper science, basically, so much, that
we’ve actually had to recruit another proper scientist. So with Ollie, we’ve not got
our second Ph.D on the team. – Thanks, guys. I can’t wait to get stuck in,
especially seeing as this week we’re going to be going
to Spain for the big presenter challenge. (Simon shushes) – Just (clears throat)
keep that on under wraps. – I didn’t know it was a secret. – That’s… – Then at the weekend, it’s EuroBike. – Yeah, it’s the biggest
tech bonanza going. – That’s right, yeah,
Ollie and I are heading out to Germany for that one. I can’t wait. There’s going to be some
gems, I can feel it now. – Yeah, really looking forward to that. And then, we’re going to
be comparing a super bike versus a hyper bike. Apparently, hyper bikes do
exist, I can’t wait for that. And I’m also going to be
doing an Everesting challenge, an Everesting attempt as well.
– You are. Yeah, that was at the very
start, really, wasn’t it. The ideas that we had
that we didn’t really want to do ourselves. Welcome, Ollie. – Yeah, that’s right, you’ve
definitely got your work cut out, Ollie, but yeah,
great to have you aboard. Hey, thinking cutting work, actually, Emma and Chris have out
initially, riding the Maratona, and I believe they’ve
got something for us. – Cheers, guys. Welcome
back to Alta Badia, where we’ve just finished the Maratona. – [Emma] We’re a little
bit tired, I think, but very happy after eight
beautiful days of cycling. In the sunshine, yeah? There was sunshine? – [Chris] Yeah, it was sunny all day. – In fact, I think I might
have toasted my forehead. But nevermind, it was really fun. The mountains were beautiful,
the people were lovely. – [Chris] Yeah, good food, good drinks. – [Emma] The linzer torte
was so good that I ate too much in Pelswick. – And the best bit was
the descents, absolutely. – Yeah, I took them a
little bit more cautiously. – Yeah, unfortunately,
you didn’t take the climbs that cautiously.
– I did! They were lovely, gently rolling up. – [Chris] There was no gentle about it. – [Emma] It was great, chatting,
we met some nice people. – We also saw Big Meg,
got to interview her. – Yeah, he gave me a chair at one climb. – Eddie Merckx. – Yeah, he was not riding.
– No. – Saw Elia Viviani, who had
incredibly, raced and won the Italian National
Championships yesterday, got here at midnight, and
yeah, got up at five to ride. And you can watch the whole
interview with him at the time. – What a way to celebrate. – Yeah, I don’t have the jersey yet. The don’t do tonight. But it’s my first official… I don’t know.
– Race? – Yeah, race, with a national attempt. – You look a bit tired. – Got here yesterday
night at midnight thirty, so this morning, the
wake up is 5:10, 5:15? – That’s quite late, I got up at 4:30. – Uh yeah, I’m lucky, so… I do some little bit of
breakfast, then I’m here. But I do just the short one. – Oh, okay.
– Just four climbs. – Did we see anyone else out there today? – Oh yeah, we did. We saw a couple of Skyriders,
although pros on the team, I think it was Belsford and
one of their riders, Ortiz. – [Chris] Yeah, they
were trying pretty hard. – They were quiet on the
climb when I passed them. Maybe they were breathing
deeply, or maybe their minds were elsewhere with this
current Froome case. I’m a bit surprised they
had time to ride this body. – [Chris] I can never
just focus on the ride. That’s a tough one. – It was a tough one, now. That’s why I felt sick. – That was all right, then. – It’s nice over there, yeah. – So stay tuned, because a
full video on their exploits is going to be coming out soon. But now we’re going to see
what Jon Cannings is up to over at the Zwift Academy launch. – Yep, that’s right, I’m here in London, and for once, it’s not absolutely chucking it down with rain. Although it is a little bit windy. However, why am I here? I’m here for the launch of
this year’s Zwift Academy, where riders get to train
and race from the comfort, or kind of comfort of their
own home on a home trainer, with a chance of becoming
a professional bike rider. Now, some of you will
remember Lloydy last year. He visited the Team
Dimension Data training camp, where he announced the
winner of that place. And yeah, Ollie the
winner last year is here as well as Leah, who
was the inaugural winner of the women’s Zwift Academy. And details of how you
can join the Zwift Academy trial process are in
the description beneath. Now, I’m going to go
find out how those riders have got on with becoming
a professional cyclist. So I’m here with the inaugural
winner of the Zwift Academy, Leah Torvilson. Now Leah, do you have any
tips for potential candidates going forward if they want to become pro? – As far as tips for the Zwift Academy? I would say enjoy the process, get to know the Zwift community, just put your personality out there. When I say that, I don’t mean
to be somebody you’re not, but just, everybody
has their own qualities on and off the bike, so
get to know the people and really enjoy it. – I’m here with the winner
of last year’s Zwift Academy, Ollie Jones. And a belated congratulations. How’s the season been for you? – The season’s been great. I mean, moving into the new house in Luca, moving away from the
family back in New Zealand. That was a big step for me. But I’ve had a couple of
crashes and little injuries here and there this season,
but it’s all part of racing. On the whole, I’ve had a really good time, and we’re about halfway through
the season at the moment. I’m feeling really good
to give the second half of the season a really good shot. – We should finish Cycling
Shorts by sending our best wishes to the German track star Christina Vogel, who crashed really badly in training and reportedly suffered spinal injuries. – Thankfully, although she’s
still in intensive care, she is now at least stable. But like Si said, it
did sound pretty nasty what happened to her there. So GCN send the best
wishes, and we hope you have the speediest recovery possible. – Yep.
– Yep, seconded. Thirded.
– Thirded probably, yeah. – But I don’t know about you
guys, but I’m gonna go now, because I’m going to go
fit a 32 cassette on ready for the hang– – Hey! (shushes) Hey, we’ll keep that quiet, man. – Secret.
– Bye, mate. – If you find a level
36 for me, I’ll take it. – You check my battery’s charged. (Simon laughs) GCN Wiggle of Fortune
coming up for you right now. Your chance to win one
of four Wiggle vouchers to spend on anything you wish
over on their online shop. Prize four, 25 pounds, prize three 50, prize two is 75 pounds. And the big one, which was won last week. I watched, you were absent. 150 pounds, the prize won. – [Simon] I thought the
big one was the beer. – [Dan] Well it is, yeah. – The one chance Dan gets
to win a beer each week. – Yes right, who do we have as
our contestant this week, Si? – It is Gavin Dempster.
(audience applause) – Right right then.
– Good luck to you. – Best of luck, Gavin. We are going to start in
three, in two, in one. And we are off. Ah then, wheel of fortune. – [Simon] Will it land for
two weeks on the trots, or will it be the second
beer in three weeks? – Oh, beer’s been and
gone, that was close. – Three, two..
– It’s looking good! – Is it gonna go to…
– Oh! – [Dan] It is one again! – 150 big ones! Man, what a bonus! – I was about to say, what
are the chances of that, but I think as somebody did
point out in the comment the other day, every week
is exactly the same chance of getting one of these prizes. So there you go, 150 pounds,
winging its way to you, Gav. Make sure you let us know
what you spend that money on over on the Wiggle online shop. You can get quite a lot
over there for 150 quid. – Crikey, yeah you can. Tech of the week now, and
albeit it’s very stealth, and Dan, I think you can attest to this, a very effective ebike
has just been pimped out for summer 2018. – [Dan] It has indeed. It weighs in at just 11.31
kilograms, and it’s called Orbea Gain Carbon. And now this bike has the
motor at the rear hub. That will provide an extra
250 watts of assistance when you need it. And at 250 watts, the
battery allows it to last for up to an hour. Now let’s make this clear,
this isn’t designed to be at the Moped end of the spectrum
when it comes to ebikes, even if I might have made it
look like one when I rode it. – [Simon] (laughs) Did you really, Dan? – [Dan] I did. – [Simon] It’s called Just
Enough, and the idea is that it looks like a road bike, which it does. And it rides like a road
bike, which I believe it does. But then it just gives
you a little helping hand for when you need it. – Yeah.
– Most of the time? – I absolutely loved it. Being just 11.3 kilograms,
though, it does kind of feel like the new frontier of ebikes. Although, the more
traditional and familiar style of ebike is still moving forward at a quite rapid rate. – [Simon] That’s right,
BMC just released a new one called the Alpenchallenge AMP range. And that is weightier; it’s 14 kilos. But you get double the
torque for the motor and double the capacity from the battery. So that very much is on the
more ebike end of spectrum, not road bike with a helping hand. And to be fair, the flat
bars on there will probably attest to that intended use. – Bit of a giveaway.
– Yeah. – Yes, also last week,
we, or at least Si here, was privileged to get a
first look at the brand new Cannondale SystemSix Aero road bike. The full bit of that is
over on the tech channel, but in the meantime, here
is a quick sneak peek. Si assures me it’s incredibly fast, even without a motor. – Hopefully it looked quite fast. (calm hip-hop music) It’s called the SystemSix,
and Cannondale fans might remember, there
was a bike with this name back in the mid-naughties. But make no mistake, this one is all new. – This week’s pro racing has
mainly been centered around the remaining national championships, most of them in Europe. Summer has been a pretty greedy side, Mathieu van der Poel and
Jolanda Neff are not content with winning titles off-road. They’ve added the road
titles in their respective nations, too. – Can’t condone that
kind of behavior, can we? – No. Anyway, for all of
the detail on those national championships, check out
our GCN racing news show. – Yeah, please do. In other racing news, probably
the biggest news of the week, in fact, was that Warren Barguil’s team at Fortuneo-Samsic have
changed bike sponsors just two weeks out from
the Tour de France. They’ve parted companies
with Look and gone with someone else. They have; step forward, buh-ash. Yes, BH.
– B’ash! – [Dan] BH in English. It’s the mechanics, though,
that I feel sorry for here. And it’s a strange one
anyway, but they now have to build up bikes for the Tour de France. There are eight riders. Each one’s going to have
a main bike, a spare bike, probably another spare
bike, a tantra bike, and probably a spare tantra bike. At least five bikes each, eight riders. That’s 40 bikes. – Great maths, Dan, but it
might even be worse than that. Because they’ll probably have an aero bike and a lightweight bike, won’t they? – True.
– So, we’re looking at maybe 50, 60 bikes. – I hope they get paid overtime. – [Simon] Yeah, and tell you
what, if anybody was trying to buy (mumbles) group setting
in France at the moment, you’d be waiting a long,
long time, wouldn’t you? And now, last week, we
asked you whether or not you would take Caleb Ewan
into the Tour de France as part of your team. You voted, and 56% of you said you would. So obviously, we’ll
forward those results over onto the Mitchelton-Scott team. And it probably won’t do any good. But nevertheless, small
consolation there for Caleb. – Yeah, I’ll forward it to Caleb. He’ll be pleased with that. – Yeah, he will, yeah. Well, maybe not 56%,
it’s not overwhelming. (both laugh) – It’s time for a new giveaway. This week, we have two pairs
of Raptor Smart Glasses to give away, coming from Everysight. Yeah, let’s look at those. Can I try on one of them? Right now, if you
haven’t seen Dan’s video, a first look at the Raptor
glasses from late last year, then let me fill you in. Because effectively, they
give you a heads up display of all your essential ride data. They’ve also got a GPS function. They’ve got a built in
GPS in them, haven’t they? And if that’s not enough,
they can also take pictures and HD video with a built in
camera and built in storage. And conveniently as well,
for now, they’re also acting as an auto cue as I speak.
– They’re not. – So yeah, yeah, so this is
all completely scripted, Dan. And actually, I’m just reading it off. (crosstalk) I know, it’s weird, isn’t it? – [Dan] I could actually watch my video. – Yeah, I have, and
weird that I can predict, like in the script what
we’ve just talked about. – You can also link them
up with your smart phone, and after that, you can
read messages, if you want. Also you can upload workouts
through your Raptor sunglasses, which means you can see what
interval you need to do next, whatever your coach prescribed,
and also where you’re actually meeting the power
demands as you go along. As I mentioned, we’ve got
two pairs to give away to two lucky winners. How to get involved and put
yourself in them with a chance of winning, simply head
to the link which is in the description below. – Yeah now, we’ve also got
some results for you this week. We’ve got the results from
the Continental Tour de France Limited Edition Grand Prix 4000 RS Tires. Five winners for you. I’m going to have to take
these off, because believe it or not, they’re not actually in auto cue. I was just fibbing there. So we’re going to have
to read off the winners. First up, Graeme Carruthers
from Great Britain. – Nicole Hogue from the US. – Gareth Davies from
Great Britain as well. – Ah, I didn’t practice this beforehand. And it’s a Swedish name,
it is Anders Odmyr. – You know if you put
these on, they’ll tell you how to pronounce it. – And finally Jo Earrey
from Great Britain. Well done to all of you. If we haven’t already,
we will be in contact. Let you know that you’ve won and get your continental tires straight out to you. – Yeah, and remember as well,
you’ve definitely got to enter this competition,
because that’s a seriously cool bit of tech, isn’t it? (screwdriver grinding) – Next up, hack, forward
slash, bodge of the week. Now first up it is rather
hot in a few places around the world at the moment as
we are finding out at the set right now. To combat the heat inside
his Velas, James Cornelius has wrapped tinfoil
around his bottles there top stop them from getting
too hot presumably. – [Simon] Well, I’m going
to say, Dan, in respect to whether it works or not,
feels like a bit of a bodge. – It looks like a bodge. I would imagine you would
rip that foil off as soon as you try to remove your
bottle from the cage. There are thermal bottles out there. – [Simon] There are indeed, yeah. – They do keep your water
or energy drink cool for a bit longer than a normal bottle. – Yeah okay, so first up, bodge. Sorry about that. Next up, we’ve got this
from aaronterrazas. “I’ve been tinkering, this
tie I decided to paint “My kedgebike mount the
same color as my bike. “Does that count as a hack?” Uh…
– It looks good. – It does look good, but I don’t know. I don’t know if this was a hack. It’s kinda cool. – [Dan] What you need, though,
is the special edition Wahoo in red, the eminent bolts. – [Simon] That is a very good
point, Dan, you definitely do. I think a hack’s gotta
improve functionality, doesn’t it really, don’t you think? You can’t call a paint job a hack. – No, we’ve had some custom
shoes that we called hacks. They looked great. Confusing, huh?
– Inconsistency in my judgment, gotten called on that before. – [Dan] You think it’s
Ah-ron rather than Aaron? Leave it on. Stooie in Northampton,
daughter tore a ligament so she’s now on crutches,
her handles needed a wrap, so she used some spare bar tape. It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie. Definitely a hack.
– Definitely a hack. – I was actually on crutches
myself briefly recently, and it does start to
bruise your poor hands. All the weight on the crutches. – A good job that you can moan about your health problems, isn’t it? Right then, next up we’ve got
this one from Steve Wells. This is cool. I’m using
my kid’s old bed base as a family bike stand for the garage. Look at that! So simple but so effective. Wheel neatly slotted in
between the slats there. I think that is cool. – [Dan] You don’t even, you
just lean it against the wall. – Genius.
– Presto. – What a hack. – Bike rack for about
five, six bikes, brilliant. – Yeah.
– Next up, this is definitely a first. It comes in from Ivan Valke, Val-kay. Possibly the greatest GCN hack ever. We’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much Ivan. After a conversation with Emma Weston about flappy ride numbers, she pulls out the double sided boob
tape and it works magic. – [Simon] Well, there we go. I never ever thought of that before. Genius, and to be fair,
it’s Ivan not talking up his own hack there. It’s clearly emmaweston1980’s hack. So congratulations, Emma. Not quite sure that’s the
best hack of all time. But it’s definitely a good one, isn’t it? Ending on a high here in
Hack or Bodge this week. If you have anything, Hack
or Bodge, that you would like to submit for public judgment, then make sure you send it
into us, using the hashtag, GCNHACK on most forms of social media. – Yeah. Caption Competition, your chance to win a GCN camelback water bottle.
(Simon whistles) Last week’s photo was of Si. Quite a funny one. You were the penny farthing there. Brilliant comments for that picture. – And a massive wedgie, can
we say, wearing an Arrow speed suit there. – Did you have a big wedgie? – Well, in order for that
suit to fit properly, it has to be like five sizes too small, so when you try and stand up straight, and I don’t stand up
that straight generally, it give you a massive wedgie. – Yeah, you better take that survey, mate. – I will, after that, anyway. – Right, well we do have a
winner, and that winner is… (drumroll) Zak Swan, whose caption was, “Oh look, there is a penny (farthing).” We get that caption
every time that there’s a caption photo that
involves some sort of crash, and we never give the winner to that one. – No, but there we go, that was good. – It does fit there, doesn’t it? – Yeah, we like what
you’ve done there, Zak. So yeah, congratulations,
the bottle comes to you. How about this week’s photo then, Dan? Who’s that? – That is cyclist Elia
Viviani just after winning the Italian national championships. – Can I have a go, can I have a go? – Go on, then. – I’m sorry, Elia, but
these shoes have got to go. There’s no way they’re
going to match your new national champs kit. – Well, if he does redo
his shoes, will it be a hack or a bodge? – Ooh, good point. Depends on
if they get it done properly, or whether they’re– No, it’s a hack, isn’t it? Custom shoes, ah man. – Get involved in the comments
below with your best caption, and we’ll pick a winner
this time next week. And Zak, don’t forget to
get in touch on Facebook with the message with your
address, and we’ll get this out to you ASAP. We’ve picked three more
of our favorite comments from the last seven days. Lots of brilliant ones, particularly under the Spanish launch, got
quite a lot of them. The ones I could read. – (laughs) Yeah. – First off, underneath Si’s
interview with David Miller about time trialing technique,
Patrick Carroll wrote, “Simon is remarkably smooth
and steady on the bike.” And Patrick did, I think
mean you and not David, because there was quite
a lot of thread of people agreeing with that.
– Really? – Yeah, remarkable as it is. – I’m waiting for the punch line. – No, that’s it. – Oh, thanks, mate. You picked that one out to read out. – No you did, you put it in. I’m joking, I did put it in. I’ve been in a good mood.
– Yeah, thanks mate. Anyway, Dave was on good form, actually. Bit of an interesting bloke to talk to. Reny, “It feels weird seeing
someone with upper body “muscle wearing the GCN kit.” That is a good point. – This is a mistake not
to make in a small tee. We have plenty of comments
recently along those lines, haven’t we, since those
new presenters have joined. – The Love Island contestants. – Finally this week, haxhxm,
“His hair game might beat “our all time favorite Dan Lloyd’s.” Hashtag, feelsbadfordanlloyd. This is under our launch
video for GCN en Espanol. – It’s the one we mentioned earlier on. – It is, it is, it is. Like I said earlier, it’s
hard to argue with that. Like I said Oscar is a pretty
stylish little dude, isn’t he? – He looks sharp, doesn’t he? Proper sharp. – Let’s tell you what’s
coming up on the channel for the next seven days. – To start with, on Wednesday,
we’ve got how to sprint on a road bike. Obviously, that’s not
from either of us anymore. We’ve got Chris opening with that. – Actually… Technically, I’m in that video. – You’re not. (crosstalk) – We’ve also got our big Tour
de France preview that day, which involves all of our kisses of death. We’re giving out predictions
for the winner this year. Then on Thursday, we’ve got
our top ten riders to watch at the Tour de France. I’m very forgetful today,
I have to read it off the computer here. Friday is ask– – Do you want some Everysight glasses? – Yeah, Friday is Art Dieterling. That is a Tour de France
special, so we encourage your questions all
about the Tour de France with that one, because that
will be coming up on Friday. We’ve also got highlights
of the Douro Roso, which is the most prestigious
women’s stage race, starting on Friday, over
on our Facebook watch page. – That’s right, then on Saturday. Beating us out, isn’t
it, because of course, it’s the start of the
Tour de France as well, which means you’ve got Douro Roso to watch and you’ve got GCN’s Tour
de France highlights package to watch with Mr. Lloyd. That’s over on Facebook watch as well. And if that’s not enough,
right here on YouTube, we’ve also got the start of a new series, Get Fit Quick, get fit in
four weeks over the course of the Tour de France. Chris Opie takes you through it. And he will boost your performance. So yeah, how about that? Then Sunday we’ve got talk versus cadence, now that will be an interesting one. And then on Monday, of
course, it is the GCN racing news show to
supplement all your racing watching as well. And then Tuesday’s the GCN show. Oh and not only that, we’re
also at EuroBike as well, so make sure you stay
tuned to GCN and GCN Tech, because Ollie and I will
be bringing you tech videos as of Sunday. And Jon Cannings is on the
ground at the Tour de France. It’s busy, busy in July, isn’t it? – Yeah. – Is Talk Versus Cadence with Emma? – I’m not sure, why? – I just wanted to
wager a fortune on that. – You mean whether there’s
actual science involved this time Yeah, good for nothing. Right, that is unfortunately
it from the GCN Show for this week, but as we’ve just said and what’s coming up on
the channel, don’t worry, because there is plenty of
bike watching to be done on GCN over the next few weeks. Before you do leave this video, though, please make sure you
head over to the GCN shop because we’ve got some
super cool limited edition merchandise for you for the month of July. T-shirts.
– Yep. Loads of cool T-shirt designs. So yeah, make sure you check it out. Lots to look at over there. – Not just T-shirts, also
hoodies and sweatshirts. – Oh, if it was the
weather to wear hoodies and sweatshirts now, Dan. – Are you getting fed
up with the hot weather? – I’m not, but sometimes
it’s nice to put a sweatshirt on, isn’t it?
– Yeah. Turn the air conditioning up, man. – Yeah, I think that
must be a genetic thing, to prepare us for the British winter, that after awhile we get bored of summer. – Yeah, it is so hot here. Si has had four T-shirt changes
just in this half an hour of a GCN shirt, quite a mark already. Right then, more content
for you to watch right now. Can aero bikes climb? Si answers that question in the video that is just down here. – Yeah, and of course, if you
need no further reminding, please head over to Facebook
watch to check out all of our racing highlights as well. And a big thumbs up, why not? (Dan exhales)


  1. Creator of the antidoping test admits that the test fails to handle athletes in a less hydrated state. The test was originally designed for swimmers.

  2. Asthmatic drugs should be banned altogether! There was a legendary boxer who was rumoured to have used asthmatic drugs when starting to tire in later rounds of his bouts! It opens up your airways when your body is struggling to get air in. this boxing trainer used it on his fighters.

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  5. CC: I wish I was a football player, then it would be totally normal to strech before the competition is over.

  6. Why do you lot advocate these "E" bikes? They are not bicycles! Anyone who rides any type of these queer atrocities should ashamed of themselves! It's becoming an embarrassment to be a cyclist these days because of this crap and fairy hipsters fixie riders. Clean your act up and stop promoting and start condemning this crap.

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  8. In Re: Froom debacle – you can't help but think back of the positive test Armstrong returned in 1999, and the whole Sky-Wiggins scandal that may or may not have helped him win the 2012 Tour.

    We know by now that doping under declaration of use has become a thing. The fact that excessive use couldn't be proven by WADA doesn't mean that Chris is innocent – it's just that he can't be proven guilty. Wiggins proved that Sky is willing to go wayyyy left field, and well into grey area to edge out a win. With Froome on the verge of winning a fourth, consecutive GT, things are becoming very hairy indeed. The sort of hairy I hoped had passed with Amstrong's departure from the sport.

  9. Great to see there is growing awareness of mens’ health issues that are related to cycling. So much more needs to be done in this area to help educate new cyclists to some of the risks (most regular bike fitters and physios know very little about what is complicated and highly personal subject) and this is where large online communities such as GCN can help.

  10. Road safety. Riding aS a car behind me turns into me as I’m turning the corner. I rode up onto curb onto the off-side of the road. The driver rammed into the signal post. Hehehe, I laughed as he gave me the finger. He left with expensive damage. But it was a WTF moment. Anyone else got one to tell me. I was riding legally and safely.This guy wanted to hurt me for being on the road.

  11. Froome’s salbutamol numbers are the least of my concern, despite the fact it was treated differently than other riders with similar test results. What is disturbing is all the governing bodies allowing this case to be used as a marketing tool/publicity stunt and dragging the situation out. This is the exact opposite type of attention our sport needs. It doesn’t take a month to explain why your levels of a given substance are high. You either have an answer or you don’t. The reasons were there while you were dosing. It is no coincidence that a week before the Tour de France starts that the governing bodies coincidently come to a conclusion and clear froome from the case. I wish the best for froome and all the other riders in the 2018 Tour de France. However I’m disgusted at the governing bodies handling of the situation and recommend they send applications to MTV and other reality tv shoes to apply their skills at mindless marketing antics and save cycling from their stupidity.

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