1. Males – Well Certain Males Your Sperm Is Under Attack – Your Soul Is Going To Get Taken And Your Bank Account Finessed – I say that because I was in the club and this sexy one was like, ohhh your cute, you got a girlfriend? I replied no. She stated what about kids, I said no! She then said do you want a girlfriend, I mean I’m the good wifey type but you got to put a ring 20karat on it. I smiled her drink got served

  2. "He wanna freak, pussy pink, breast cancer" that breast cancer reference wasn't cool. It's a serious ailment that claims millions of lives.

  3. We are such a sinful, disrespectful, narcissistic, sexual, deplorable, ignorant, sadistic, and horribly deceived and misled people. This life goes absolutely nowhere. I'm disappointed. Babylon harlotry is celebrated.

  4. I work in a restaurant with mostly black people and we're constantly saying "periodT, sis" to each other, with that little "neck cut" motion. Seeing it's origin is HYSTERICAL

  5. Hoes will do anything for a taste of fame and money.. I hope these bitches have a bunch of daughters that are Huge whores that they created..

  6. Where's her partner in crime? I can't make her out against all the background performers. Is Lil Yachty the other City Girl?

  7. There is a girl in my school named Jada Tucker and we call her JT and every time JTs part come on we tell her to start singing

  8. All these thots singing this going to be looking be looking for a good man to take care of her kids in the future?????

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