Clarksburg VA’s Women’s Clinic celebrates women’s health

best of times that we can get good news and help lots of times for people who don’t have any help anywhere else and can’t afford to fly.” ALEX: Reporting in Upshur County, I’m Alex Hines for 12 News. MARISA THE CLARKSBURG V-A MEDICAL CENTER IS CELEBRATING WOMEN’S HEALTH WITH AN OPEN HOUSE. THE WOMEN’S HEALTH CLINIC OPENED ITS DOORS TODAY TO HIGHLIGHT THE SERVICES PROVIDED. THE V-A COVERS ALL THE BASES IN WOMEN’S HEALTH…COVERING MENTAL HEALTH, POST- TRAUMATIC STRESS, MENOPAUSE, GYNECOLOGICAL AND PREGNANCY. DEBBIE GOLDIZEN: “We have a maternity program. We follow the veterans throughout their pregnancy and at the end of the pregnancy we have donations of maternity bags. The bags are full of little baby clothing, baby wipes, bottles, and the vete getting th getting them.” MARISA FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE WOMEN’S HEALTH CLINIC, CALL 304-623-3461 DON …AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS ENJOYED THE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER THIS AFTERNOON BY TAKING PART IN THE VA HOSPITAL’S 2-K. “V-A 2-K” IS A NATIONAL EVENT, WITH WALKS

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