[Music] hey guys so I just moved into my new apartment I got my keys I need to fill out these forms and they’ll give me my mail keys and whatnot I’m gonna do an empty apartment tour this is my front door if you come in you see this wall I’m finding I’m buying a shoe rack just to put all my shoes on this is my room by the way this is a studio so it’s just one room my bed is in the living room and there’s a bathroom over there I hate that this is here I don’t know I just don’t like how bulky this is and also I don’t need it it’s like too big for one person but also too small for two people to sit look at this like this could be half its size and still do its job and then here is the kitchen area we have that that that’s that and then here is my desk and here is my luggage and then here my closet major downsides from the apartment that I used to live in so I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my clothes that don’t fit into this autofocus please do your job so yeah I think I might buy boxes to put up clothes that I won’t be wearing during this season okay now here we have a cabinet I used to have one of these back in my old apartment too so it’s nothing special the bathroom here only fits the toilet and the tub so if you want to wash your hands you have to come out here okay so some units have the shelf here where you can put all of your shampoo conditioner but some units don’t and I don’t understand why some you don’t because it’s a super inconvenient to not have that really actually let me check the overall I’m pretty happy with my new unit I think it’s very cute I think it’s less than half the size of my old unit but I think I like that because my old unit was a little bit too big for me to live by myself I never really used the living room area anyway so I think this is perfect I just don’t know what to do with that little couch thing I really want it to be gone I also like how it has a peephole my old place didn’t have one this is from Indonesia is it good it’s really good I’m very good like I don’t want to try I need these oh I think it’s more of like everything yeah share with someone okay who wants two and a half chopstick this is so like Korean like you know in the kdramas they’re like oh it’s so good hostess was my childhood I came back from grocery shopping and I have a bunch of stuff so I’m gonna show you guys what I bought at various stores first we want to target and I didn’t really get much I got hand soap I bought Garnier shampoo and conditioner I actually really like how this smells and I got a fork and a spoon I got this thing I think I’m gonna put my makeup brushes in here and then I got these plates I got two of these and then we went to this Asian market first I got stop pocket tea and then I got this I’d actually never tried this before but I’ve heard really that they drew out it mesh it tall I like to put this in water and just drink it as a juice you can also use it for cooking but I think I’ve no I don’t cook so yeah I just bought it just to drink it I bought these chopsticks and then I got a packet of rice [Music] all right so it’s 3a for Mia not sure what time it is but it’s pretty late at night I just uploaded a video and usually when I upload a video I like to check the Commons and see what you guys think about it for at least maybe an hour or so right now I’m just so tired I’m just going to sleep I haven’t unpacked anything I’m gonna have to sleep on a bed that has no sheets you’re telling me I have all of these bath bombs but I don’t have a toothpaste on my toothpaste it’s the next day I am I still haven’t finished unpacking I haven’t even started what am I saying I also got this huge package of amazing cup rice from yeah me by the Oh taste amazing cup rice is the only one that I’ll eat I don’t know it’s something about the rice that it’s really good I got blue cookie and keeping pop I’m gonna go and pick up my luggage that’s in my friend’s house I put this hat on because my hair is a little bit greasy is this better or is this better that’s it why do I even care let’s go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys it’s a next day I spent the entire day yesterday unpacking I struggled so much trying to fit all of my clothes into these drawers I put my YouTube play button up there and I used really flimsy command hooks so hopefully it doesn’t fall down because if it does it’s gonna fall right through the crack over there and it’s gonna break anything that doesn’t fit in the drawers I just put up here of my foundation sunscreens Christian foundations in the drawer is they’re super disorganized I just tried to fit in as many things that I could in the drawers I should probably throw away some of these palettes because I don’t use all of these in my daily makeup routine I mean I don’t want to show you everything because I’m probably gonna do an apartment tour later but this is basically what it looks like I put my skincare products here that little thing was too small to put all of my brushes in so I just threw away all the other brushes that I had I need to buy some organizers for my sink because now just everything is all over the place these drawers right here they are fake like they don’t actually open which is so annoying [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] – my sister gave me these cute coasters oh my god that’s like a horse house my friend is coming to help me kill whatever that is behind the couch with the caption on my way oh it’s like it started running Anthea you literally what why there’s so many spider with you I don’t know why did you not have any no not this much I was like looking at it it twitched on the car you cannot even bugs that she was like it was like a centimeters of other people [Music] [Music] I went to where the fruit trucks are on campus because in the beginning of the school year for about a week or so they have food trucks out and they give out free food so I went there I went to Martin’s afterwards and I got some stuff I’m just gonna show you what I bought first of all I got some Thai pots laundry detergent I got a knife I got a loofah I got some latex gloves for washing dishes and then I got deodorant I got these two they were on sale for two for $4 then I bought cereal and then last but not least I got frozen blueberries she wants me for my possession [Laughter] [Music] I don’t know what kind of poop you’re pooping out yours no look at this [Music] kind of lumpy Luke Oh your fridge is so full I can’t relate I’m just your personal radio nothing a great job what happened how’d you break it did you drop it Oh the other half isn’t how did that happen it’s glass right I got from the dollar store [Music] that’s good though I don’t think I need to pour all of it in wow it feels like this kinda smells like do you guys know boom-boom it’s like a Korean drink it smells good that it like that this is so cute [Music] [Applause] this is what it looks like you just put water in here if I took nyquil last night and I completely knocked out I woke up at 1:00 p.m. today microwave for two [Music] I’m trying to overload on credits this semester is what my current schedule looks like without overloading taking one two three four five five classes plus a lab I purposefully left a break in between for lunch and to work out because otherwise I will not work out and I will most likely starve throughout the day so I like to keep breaks in between it’s like that so excited to eat I think I could have microwaved it for a little bit longer but it still tastes really good in my world but don’t worry darling I just smile cuz you’re by my side now your eye up every morning to the love that shines in my and I see it in yours too the Sun is coming up again looking like it’s gonna be a problem cuz I’d be lying to you if I said this ain’t a thing and I’ve been looking for a noon I’ll keep on waiting for the way it can gonna hit you up and tell you that I won’t sure cuz I just wanna feel like this again Oh hold on and do it feel

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