Common Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Common Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

A lot of really good people just like
you have great intentions when it comes to getting in shape, sadly they make
several weight loss mistakes that keep them stuck. So stick around and I’ll make
sure this doesn’t happen to you too. Hey this is Colin DeWaay if you want to
master your metabolism and create forever results start now by subscribing
and click on that Bell notification so you don’t miss anything. So I recently
did a video about common reverse dieting mistakes and I thought it only made
sense to follow that up with common mistakes people make in a fat loss phase. And let me tell you there are a lot of them, too many to cover in one video. But
I do have 13 mistakes that I want to help you avoid so make sure you stick around
at the end of the video to make sure you not only lose the weight but keep it off. Alright the first mistake I want to cover is a really common one and that is
dropping your calories too low and being too extreme right off the bat. Hey I get
it you want to get after it you want to get good results so what you do is you go
out and you drop your calories really low you start doing a bunch of cardio
and of course at first you see really good weight loss, but there’s a couple
things you need to know about this. One is that all that weight you’re losing is
not all body fat some of it is water weight and unfortunately some of it is
also lean body mass and two you have to remember that your metabolism will adapt
to whatever you do, and that is when not if, you’ll have no room to make more
adjustments to keep the fat loss going and you’ll just end up stuck. You want to
eat as many calories as possible and do as little cardio as possible while
seeing results so you can keep seeing weight loss long term. Now that brings me
to my second common mistake and it’s actually the polar opposite of the first
one but still a common one and that is not dropping your calories low enough
when you start. If you make two small changes especially if you keep repeating
those small changes what you end up doing is basically reverse dieting in
reverse. Basically your body just adapts to those lower calories but you don’t see
much change in body fat. Great for a reverse diet, not so great for a cut.
I personally generally suggest that you drop your calories about 400 to 600
calories a day from your maintenance calories when you start, of course keep
in mind this can vary quite a bit between each person and there’s a lot of
different factors that come into play such as genetics, dieting history, and
your own personal goals. The third mistake I want to cover is getting upset
about hitting plateaus but not making adjustments when you hit them. It’s
important not to get upset about these plateaus, it’s literally the body
doing what it’s supposed to do, adapt. Many people get so upset when the
process stops working and it can totally derail them and it can just really put
you in a bad mental place, and if it puts you in a bad place mentally it makes it
that much harder to stick to the process. In most cases it’s inevitable for your
body to eventually catch up you don’t want to spend weeks or even months doing
the exact same thing getting no results and just hoping it’s gonna change. Usually I find that if you drop your calories around 100 to 150 calories per
day and potentially add in a little bit of cardio like maybe 20 to 30 minutes
for the week that usually helps get things going again. But again keep in
mind that’s just kind of a generalization and everyone’s a little
bit different. Now the fourth mistake actually ties in all three of the
previous ones together and that’s basically not knowing how much you’re
actually eating. So many people start new diet plans and can even jump from one
to another to another just kind of hoping they’re gonna find the “one that
works for them” but they have no clue how much they’re actually eating. Whether
you’re doing keto or paleo or vegan or anything else at the end of the day
they’re all just different ways to put you in a calorie deficit and that’s the
only way you can possibly lose weight. Now I’m not saying you have to track and
I’m not saying that any of those plans are necessarily bad, if you like them and
enjoy them that’s fine, but I am saying that if you are tracking and you know
how much you’re eating it’s gonna make the process a lot easier when it comes
time to make adjustments. Okay the fifth mistake is a big one and you can argue
that this is the biggest mistake and the biggest killer of progress there is out
there and that is lack of patience. And I mean this even beyond just the “you
didn’t lose the weight in two months so don’t expect it to come off in two
months” thing even though that’s obviously true. It’s just anything in
life that’s worth having is going to take time it’s going to be hard work and
you have to be in it for the long haul. Too many people literally get into a
weight loss plan with the thought of I’m just gonna do this until I get the
weight off and then be done. But if you want to keep the results you can never
just be done it has to be a shift in your lifestyle. Now that doesn’t mean you
have to eat low calories forever and that you should never let up in fact you
can and should and I’ll talk more about that later but you will have to put
effort into this lifestyle forever. Permanent results come from permanent
changes, not quick fixes. In fact it’s typically the quick fix plans that make
you fatter because you just slow your metabolism down, give up, binge, and gain
the weight back and then some. And that leads me perfectly into mistake
six and that is make sure you find something that you enjoy it can stick to
and you find sustainable for you. Fitness is something that should fit
into your life not something that should completely take over your life. I don’t
want you getting caught up and feeling like you can’t go out with friends and you
can’t go out to eat and you can’t enjoy parties. If you find you can’t
participate in life because you’re on a diet, something’s terribly wrong. And this
goes right back to the extreme approaches I was talking about before. Losing weight especially if you want to keep it off doesn’t mean changing every
aspect of your life overnight and if you exclude all the foods that you love and
you don’t hang out with your friends and family all because you’re on a diet, how
long do you really think that’s gonna last? You need to create a healthy
relationship with food. The all-or-nothing approach will
always end in nothing. The seventh big mistake I see a lot of people make is
not reverse dieting after the diet is done. and this goes for whether you reach
your goal are you just too tired of dieting and don’t want to do it anymore. There isn’t a wrong reason to stop trying to lose weight and honestly
because of how adaptive the body is most people aren’t going to lose all the
weight they want to in one weight loss attempt and that’s okay. The problem is
most people just go right back to their old eating habits whenever they stop and
a lot of times it is because they’re dieting too restrictively but no matter
what the reason is your metabolism will be suppressed when you’re done dieting. So if you bump up your calories too fast or especially if you just say screw it
and throw all caution to the wind your body’s gonna gain weight really fast
because it cannot keep up with that many calories with the metabolic adaptations
that have happened. I probably don’t have to tell you how much faster the weight
can go on than it does coming off. So whenever you stop for whatever reason
that might be make sure you slowly increase your calories up so your body
can adjust and adapt along with it without gaining a bunch of weight. Now
mistake number eight is kind of a unique one and not one that many people talk
about but I think it’s very important especially if you are newer to this and
that is people think they’ll just lose the weight again. Let me explain what I
mean. The first time you ever try to lose weight will almost always be the easiest
time. Your metabolism is humming along, you’ve never dieted before so you’re in
a really good place and one thing a lot of people don’t understand is that the
more times that you diet and the more aggressively you diet the slower your
metabolism tends to get. So what ends up happening is you lose the weight and it
really wasn’t that difficult I mean yeah it was still hard but it wasn’t like
what a lot of people say it was so you think oh well I know what to do now
so I’ll just lose the weight again later and you just feel like screw
it I’ll just go ahead and gain some weight had a big deal. Except what
happens? You go back to do the same thing again and now it’s not working is it? So
this is all the more reason you want to reverse diet whenever you’re done and do
everything you can to maintain your weight and not let things go because
it’s only to get more difficult the more times you do this. Now the ninth mistake
is never taking diet breaks or never backing off when you’re trying to lose
weight. If you just keep pushing and pushing all the time your body is going
to fight you. Taking diet breaks for you increase your calories up to around
maintenance and maybe even cut your cardio back maybe in half or so can
really keep you in a good place hormonally, metabolically, and not only does it
have the physiological benefits but it also has a lot of mental benefits to be
able to enjoy some more food for a while and not feel like there’s never any end. Just make sure you don’t misunderstand the term break as in you just don’t pay
attention and have some sort of free-for-all, you can undo a lot of hard
work in a short amount of time if you don’t be careful so you still want to
control your calories you’re just bringing them up for a while. The tenth
mistake I want to cover is only doing cardio and never doing any strength
training. Even if your goal isn’t to have a lot of muscle building muscle is going
to help you tremendously towards your fat loss goals. Not to mention if you
don’t want to have that kind of “loose and saggy” look having more muscle
could help tighten things up. And trust me even if you don’t want to have a lot
of muscle it’s not that easy to build muscle you’re not going to accidentally
do so. So if you want that “toned” look that basically comes by adding more
muscle and reducing your body fat and strength training will help with both. Now that doesn’t mean that cardio isn’t beneficial for weight loss it absolutely
is and most people have to do a decent amount of cardio to get the weight off. But the “cardio bunny” approach is rarely a good one unless you just LOVE cardio. One quick thing before I go into the next point and that is keep in mind
“weight” here is tricky. Muscle has weight it’s not free so the actual weight loss
may not look the same but keep in mind here we’re not just looking to lose
weight you want to lose fat. So this is why it’s important to look beyond just a
number on the scale and in terms of actual fat loss and body composition
changes, strength training is really powerful. Now the 11th
mistake is not one that many people would probably think about
but a very important one and that’s the danger of expectations and unrealistic
goals. Quite often when we start a weight-loss
journey we have these expectations of how things should go a lot of the times
these expectations are completely unrealistic and could never happen even
if the process went really well. So even though you may be absolutely killing it,
because you had these high expectations you feel like it’s not going well and
you feel like you’re failing. I truly believe that happiness is basically the
difference between expectations and what you get. So if you have high expectations
you’re definitely not gonna appreciate the small progress and you might not
even appreciate the good progress. If you have no expectations you appreciate any
and all progress so make sure you focus on the process and not the result. If
you get caught up always wondering if it’s worth the effort I promise you
you’ll always eventually think it’s not. The 12th common mistake is not really
fully committing to what you say you want to accomplish. I’m not trying to
call you out here and I’m not trying to be negative I’m actually trying to help
you so understand this comes with love but it’s kind of like looking at it like
you kind of want the results but you don’t want the change of lifestyle that
will bring them. I don’t mean this in a way that like committing is now fitness
is your whole life, it just means that you have to accept the things that are
going to look different now. The reality of the situation is you’re going to have
to put a higher focus on nutrition, you’re gonna have to make sure you get
your workouts in, and you’re gonna have to do these things that you don’t
necessarily want to do. But any time you fight reality you end up losing and it
just makes the process miserable. Now the 13th mistake may seem obvious but
man if you get nothing out of this video except for this very next thing make
sure that you don’t forget this and that is DO NOT GIVE UP. I mean this with all
my heart the will to win and sheer grit and determination has WAY more
importance than the exact “how to” do this stuff. The truth is you can do a lot of
things “wrong” and see fantastic results if you just don’t give up. It’s going to
be tough you’re gonna stumble you’re gonna fall down you’re gonna question
whether it’s worth the effort and I’m telling you you have to keep pushing
forward and it will be worth. It it’s not even the weight loss at the end of the
day that you end up being happy about it’s not what you’re proud of, that’s not
even something that you care about. It’s what happens to you on the inside that
really truly changes you. It’s getting through the hard times,
it’s persevering when you didn’t think you could, it’s doing things that you
never thought you could accomplish. THAT’S the stuff that really changes you
and what really matters in the grand scheme of things. And just as a reminder
though just because you stopped trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you failed, there may be times where you need to do this. It’s OKAY to stop dieting if it
gets too hard, you just have to make sure you reverse diet out so you can keep
your progress and not start all over again. You’re still putting in the effort,
you’re just not trying to actively lose weight. There’s a big difference. Alright you probably noticed I talked a lot about not just losing weight here
but losing weight and actually keeping it off. I actually have a video I want
you to check out next and it’s right up here and it’s me giving you five tips to
make sure you not only lose the weight but keep it off long term. Research
actually shows that 95% of people who lose weight end up gaining
it back and I don’t want that to be you. So make sure you check that out if
you’re new to the channel consider subscribing, if you have any questions
please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time.


  1. New subscriber here! Now, I will be doing a marathon on your videos. 😁 Two months in the gym now. Besides being addicted to lifting weights, I am also addicted to knowledge.

  2. These are legit reasons why people don't lose weight. If only people implemented all of these, then that'd make people's lives so much better!

  3. Thank you, these tips are helpful.
    "The all-or-nothing approach will always end in nothing." You're right, it sure will.

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