Coraline, Depression & Me: Cosplay Saved My Life

Coraline, Depression & Me: Cosplay Saved My Life

I felt like I’d failed
at a lot of things. I felt like I’d failed
at my A-levels, at going to uni,
at being a functional human being. For a good number of years
I was clinically depressed. So, I went through years of
not being able to do anything, not enjoying anything. My life changed quite a lot
after the depression, because I sort of had it
in undertones throughout most of my life. But I didn’t want to get
too wrapped up in it, because I was very focused on school
and my future and things. I’d be revising almost every day
and I was an A, A-star student in pretty much everything. By the time I got to my A-levels, my mind sort of
just had enough of it. It was after a suicide attempt
that everything went mad in my life. Overnight, pretty much, it was just, I’m not going to school any more, I had to go into the hospital,
like an ADTU, an acute day centre. Normally you’re meant to spend
about two weeks there. I ended up spending
two months there. After that I had to try
and get things back to normal. So, it was just a matter
of finding a hobby, finding something that I could do.
But obviously I was so depressed, that I didn’t really want
to do anything. At that moment in time I didn’t want
to think about the things that I had lost and stuff. I
just wanted to start something new. So, I thought about other things
that I enjoyed. And I like cosplay.
So, I just started trying that out and it ended up being
a really good hobby of mine. Cosplay has definitely helped me
to be more open about things, because the main problem
with depression is sort of keeping it to yourself and
letting it build up and build up, until it just overflows. It really sort of separates you
from yourself for a while. Just having a whole nother person,
a whole nother character that you’re able to control, is just a lot of relief from not
being able to control your own life. I’m probably most well-known
for cosplaying as the Other Mother from Coraline. She comes across sort of
nice and friendly at first, but really,
she has malicious undertones and secretly wants to keep Coraline, the main character,
there for ever. I like the sort of nice appearance
at first, and then how she sort of
transforms into this villain. It feels like everyone
in the cosplay community has their own sort of problems
and their own thing that they’re going through
at the time. But cosplay is sort of
an escape from that. It just allows me to be creative
and freer and try new things that I hadn’t considered before, and just have fun and escape
from the stresses of daily life. I think if I never tried cosplay,
then I’d be in a much lower place, because I wouldn’t have had
that creative outlet that helped me
get out of my depression. It allowed me to step out of myself
for a while and just experience new things
from a different view.


  1. this last Halloween I kind of did a cosplay for the first time and it really was a great feeling. feeling like someone else, not worrying about how you're acting because you're more free. getting away from yourself sometimes is the best feeling in the world. (sorry about my English, it's not my first language)

  2. Cosplay has helped me through so many things and I've met so many people who have helped me. Including the love of my life. I keep cosplay on my mind cause it helps me escape from myself and the internal struggles I was facing from being fat and bullied a lot for it. And I'm so glad I started cosplaying at age 14 cause I'm now 22 and happy with my life and how easier it has gotten cause I've learned to accept who I am. I'm still fat but my confidence has boosted because I could be whoever I wanted to be, from Black Canary to Pikachu, I am free to be myself and the app Tik Tok has helped me build a community of cosplayer friends that I meet up with. I cosplay and make videos there, even though I still get ridiculed about my weight from children who don't know any better. But thanks to cosplay I'm OK with myself ???

  3. Thank you everyone for being so sweet 🙂 my instagram is @mirrormew if anyone wants to go check out my other stuff!

  4. O , to be depressed and have nothing wrong with me.
    Seems like love here just didnt have enough attention.Apparently thats "clinical" depression these days…

  5. I just turned 17 and I dropped out of college a few days in because I became fed up with life my grades were okay but I just couldn’t do the same stuff anymore I felt like I was going nowhere and here I am nothing changed

  6. Wow I wonder what would happen if her parents demanded she contribute or face being kicked out like mine did when I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety? Where was my BBC segment about how brave I was to overcome all that?
    That wouldn't happen though because she's a privileged middle class kid so everyone rushes to support them and hangs on thier every word. Here's how it goes for working class people "toughen up kiddo or end up on the street". People need to wake up and overthrow those who support systems that enforce one rule for them and another for us common plebs.

  7. This is how many furries feel as well. not all furries are into sex with other furries. being a virgin i can honestly say that its not sexual. it helps us feel comfortable with ourselves. it makes us open up in a judgmental world. Youre beautiful! dont forget it. and i dont mean just looks… your heart is beautiful im sorru u suffer…

  8. Damn, I've struggled with depression for about 15 years. None of the medication seems to work. Maybe I'll start dressing up to see if that will help!

  9. Thank you for the upload because I'm doing videos myself for cosplays and may you and your watchers could be interested in as well ✨

  10. Coralline genuinely gave me nightmares for years and it made me insecure and able to be around people. Oh Jesus i love it now but god it was bloody terrifying

  11. I went through the same thing but throughout my 20s, so school went fine but I dropped out of university unable to cope with the pressure. I'm 27 now and my interpersonal relationships are great, but I still have never been able to hold down a full time job. Which is something I never really tell anyone, because it's such a massive source of shame for me.

    But things have been on the up, I started painting again (its been like 8 years) so maybe if things keep improving I can have some kind of a life some day. For now I'm just trying to be proud of the little things and take it one day at a time. Don't give up, I won't.

  12. Cosplay is such a nice hobby, not everyone understands it and that’s completely understandable. But what’s not understandable is people looking down or even mock people for a simple hobby as dressing up.
    You dress up as a character, and have fun! What’s wrong about that?
    And people who says that the cosplay look bad… try yourself to look like an non-human spider mutant, see how easy it is… Then come back and complain… sheesh..

  13. Proof this movie cures every problem. I am emotionally and lovingly attached to this movie. It’s like an everlasting hug. Brings a tear to my eye. No joke, my eyes are watering.

  14. If anyone needs a friend to talk to, I'm here. I don't know you, but I love you and care about you ?

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