– A few weeks ago we had the honor of being the presenting sponsor
for for 417 Fashionnation. It was pretty fun. Got to see five of our amazing
patients doing the catwalk and sporting their new Innovative smile. You’ll get to see this
video, pretty proud of it. It’s the stories of
these five individuals, their experiences at Innovative Dental. Go ahead, enjoy, and watch
these ladies share their story. (upbeat music) – Alright ladies, well
we’re gonna jump right in to talking about your beautiful smiles. If you had to describe your before smile with just one word,
what would that word be? – Half, half a smile. – Warm but more shy. – Not real. (laughs) – One of the things I
love to hear is about how you finally felt like the way that you felt on the
inside was coming through in how you looked on the outside. – Nobody feels on the inside like they are a person with bad teeth. So it can be really disappointing to look at a picture of yourself and see a person with bad teeth because that’s not who I am. – You don’t have to have anybody else say oh wow, look at you, you
look beautiful today, because you feel it. It’s like deep within, you can feel it. And without even anybody saying it, you will walk with that confidence without even hearing those words spoken. – I like to call it a warm radiance that your smile portrays that confidence but it’s the warm radiance
that the spirit of you. The caring, the giving, the nurturing side that comes out and you
want to share that warmth. – And people see me smile all the time and even at home, just like okay now. I think you smile too much. (laughs) – My results were not maybe as typical as some others were because I
do have an autoimmune disease. So when it was finished he just… he… I’m gonna cry. I… I wasn’t expecting to have
veneers put on my teeth and it was just the best
gift I’ve ever gotten. – In one day I was surprised and shocked and it made me cry when I saw my smile. I couldn’t believe it. People smile because I smile. (laughs) – A smile will tell
somebody hello, I see you and let’s be kind to each other today. – Smiles are contagious. Infectious. – It’s a universal language, smiling. I didn’t expect them to look so natural. I didn’t expect them to
look just like my teeth except better but that’s
the way it turned out. (audience cheering) And after I got my teeth
done then I started like getting interested in hair and makeup and clothing and now I’m just
like all about this look. (laughs) – When you have that confidence it is a wise decision
to invest in yourself. I got to see pictures of myself that I’ve seen before and
I see something different. I see a great big smile. Now, it’s whole body,
it’s the whole aura smile. It comes easier now. I don’t have to try to go
back, I can give my all and people see it. – It’s not just investing in yourself, in your confidence, in
your outward appearance. You also have to think about
your underlying health. You have to think about the
people who depend on you. If you don’t fill you, if you don’t do things for
you and care for yourself, how are you going to be
able to even give to them? Keeping yourself healthy, keeping yourself feeling
confident and younger, it really helps contribute
to the entire family. – I realized that I need to be happy too and if I’m happy then everybody’s happy. Just do it because life is too short and for yourself not to be happy and make others happy,
it’s not worth waiting. – When you spend that many
years looking into the mirror and not liking what you see and then all of a sudden
in like three hours time, you are totally transformed into something that you, first of all,
never thought was possible and even if you did think it was possible never did you ever think that
it would look like it looks. It was so overwhelming
to me that I just sobbed. (laughs) – We have to do things
for ourselves, we have to. That’s what energizes everybody. – I have told everybody I just
want to share with everybody. You know, you’ve got to
go see Innovative Dental and you’ve got to see
what they can do for you. (audience applauding) – Amazing job ladies, you
all look so beautiful. – Wow, right? What a cool event, what’s great stories of how they enjoyed their
smile transformation here at Innovative Dental. If you are looking for an office that has a passion for
creating brighter smiles, look no further than Innovative Dental. We love and are so
invested in seeing people enjoy their smile confidently and we would love to speak with you about the opportunity we
have to transform your smile. If you have a distance away, right, you live in another state, we even have people contact
us from other countries, don’t let that stand in
between you and your smile. We have Concierge Dentistry to help you make that connection and make the trip. Do your smile in a single
visit if it’s possible and we would love to chat with
you about that opportunity. Go ahead and go to our website, give us a call at 417-889-4746. Check out our website
at Go ahead if this video
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it looks great on you.


  1. such an amazing job . I wish that will be me . they look wonderful and they're teeth are stunning, sparkling and they look so happy. confident in themselves and smiling freely . great job good bless you.

  2. Awesome video! I had veneers done at my dentist and it really is life changing when you don't have nice teeth!

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