Could Overturning Roe Go Beyond Rolling Back Abortion Rights? | The Last Word | MSNBC

Could Overturning Roe Go Beyond Rolling Back Abortion Rights? | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. This is why the Democrats have to take back the presidency, Senate and hold the house in 2020. I couldn’t imagine how much farther we would go if we had this dirt bag in the office in for another four years.
    We obviously can’t count on the GOP.

  2. Not never for there well health. Abortion murder causes depresion then that motheres mentel hesth is then a big problem in her life

  3. Please accept my condolences
    For the death of the wife of the former 6th Indonesian president (Ani Yudhoyono) at National University Hospital Singapore: '(

  4. The white population in America is dying faster than its birth rates are rising and now some genius has come up with a "good" idea to control female reproductive rights to preserve white population & hold on to white's position of power in America. This case is not about any sudden "Christian" conscience but about the pathetic last ditch efforts made by whites to fight a fight already lost! SMH! ✌

  5. How is it possible for people to be more concerned about the fate of an embryo than the fate of those who were gunned down in Virginia Beach?

  6. Sperm & egg are 1st cells, gametes, zygotes but. …. NOT a fetus. Get some Science you men fools and stay out of my health care.

  7. This guy makes sense…

    and he also sounds like Kermit the Frog and Ray Ramano has a baby that loved constitutional law.

  8. The question isn't when life begins; that's a given. The question is where does the control over someone else's body END.
    *I'm not asking for anyone's opinion, just stating mine. I don't want to debate so save your fingers.

  9. Who is going to hold God accountable for all the miscarriages and natural abortions that he causes to happen on a daily basis around the world? Maybe people can also have a say on whether or not to have an abortion. Remember that God gave us free will, he will never force us to do his will, and the bible is also pro choice.

  10. These new regulations could also imply that if a woman has a miscarriage, she could be accused of having an abortion and possibly go to jail.

  11. Problem is that with no legal abortion clinics left, I see more women committing suicide, more men murdering women for their unwanted pregnancy, more women trying to have unsafe abortions at home, more children who will grow up without parents, just more ruined lives all around.

  12. Just because you guys delete the facts doesn't make them less true. Abortion and Circumcision both need to stop. Infants are vulnerable and precious, they must be protected, not murdered or genitally mutilated. Gg

  13. The Book of Exodus clearly indicates that the fetus does not have the same legal status as a person (Chapter 21:22-23). That verse indicates that if a man pushes a pregnant woman and she then miscarries, he is required only to pay a fine. If the fetus were considered a full person, he would be punished more severely as though he had taken a life. [Editor's note: Read more detailed pro-choice and pro-life analyses of Exodus 21.]

  14. I am old enough to remember how it was when abortion was illegal . Back street abortions leading to more deaths, of course this only hurt the poor as the rich flew out of state/country & got the best of care, this attempt at banning abortion wont stop abortion it will only force it underground

    The Law must consider the Greater Good.

  16. Any Republican man responsible for unwanted pregnancies should be castrated. That would also solve the issue.

  17. This is just religion used for the wrong purpose. Any person pointing to religion as reason for lawmaking should be stoned to death for violating the separation of state and religion-part of the constituton.

  18. Women also have the RIGHT to use protection. Then killing their unborn children wouldn't have to be an option. Seems what women really want is the right to be lazy in the bedroom.

  19. Evil and wickedness is the true nature of the woman. Their love of abortion is a manifestation of that

  20. Now think of this. If for some reason the courts overturn Roe.

    What would ever drag another gop women to their voting booth?

    What would their interest be then?
    It would literally destroy the gop.

    Political scientific question.

  21. At this point in history it's a matter of simply correcting a wrongly decided judicial decision made by SCOTUS. Every person including unborn people have an absolute GOD given and Constitutional right to LIFE, no matter the circumstances that have created the person.

  22. I read an article in Time magazine recently on abortion. Prior to the legalization of abortion, it was common for hospitals to have entire units just to treat women who had illegal abortions. Think about that. Entire units filled with women that were so desperate that they risked their lives to have an illegal abortion. Why? Why would we ever want to return to such a dreadful time?

  23. It's not a healthcare threat, because women will NEVER be turned away from REAL hospitals with REAL doctors as long as they have legit life and death problems…The real doctors must forced to prove they are not committing industrialized infanticide or disposing the viciously mutilated remains in the county dump.

  24. If you don't think that criminalising abortion is not the thin end of the wedge for further and more draconian Christian fundamentalist repression, you are the epitome of naive.

  25. okay, people, the gun debate is over. Back to abortion. Please show more enthusiasm. Viewers are drifting over to the Global Warming thing.

  26. 5:06 – the added bonus for the Kristian Taliban is that they get to go after birth right citizenship by changing the definition from birth to conception on the basis that a two cell clump is a legal person….

  27. These "heatbeats" are no such thing there is NO heart at either 6 or 8 weeks medically just two tubes that barely flutter! Know your Facts not emotional fairytales based on a story of a skygod. Who in his holy book is PRO-abortion, if you think your wife has been cheating on you. So please think about what you believe blindly.

  28. 90% of Americans had no problem with abortion in the first trimester. Now the left has pushed it to actually killing children that have constitutional rights. That is the whole problem. Democrat are following the Nazi doctrine more and more every day. Not talking just about abortion either.

  29. Let's say that Roe v. Wade is overturned. We then have a situation where bodily autonomy is negated where a "life" is concerned. "Life" trumps individual right? Okay. So you lose the right to refuse your organs being used to save a life after you die. You are dead so you don't get to deny the saving of a life. Loss of bodily autonomy. You can also be required to vaccinate because you can cause the death of people with compromised immune systems who encounter you and catch your disease. You can't be allowed to put others at risk so you must immunize. When the state has the legal right to tell you what to do with your own body, everyone becomes vulnerable, not just people with wombs.

  30. So lets extend this also to the seeds and eggs. Trillions of lives are lost when males are jerking off, lets punish them. For every lives lost 1 dollar fine. Btw since were making laws as we go, lets make a law which require people to prove their religion. You claim god exists? Prove it, you cant, no tax exemption, no status of non political, no status of non profit.

  31. Michael Smith, you apparently don't understand the mortality rates of women who have illegal abortions. They die, Michael. Even with all the antibiotics and advanced care that we can provide. They wait until they are deathly ill to get help. It may be too late to save them. They may need their uterus removed, they may become sterile. So many women died. Abortion is an awful thing. But making it illegal will only cause more deaths of women using coathangers, knitting needles, etc to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. I cannot judge a woman who is in this situation. Why can't we be merciful as a nation? Why can't we heed Jesus's words? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?

  32. You have to draw the line some where, 6 weeks is a little soon. It should probably be 12 weeks. After that, sorry put the child up for adoption.

  33. The battle over Roe is a useful diversion for Trump and a useful oppression for the GOP agenda. A double edged sword, you might say.

  34. The Constitution clearly states that citizens are those BORN in the US. Therefore, fetuses are in the country illegally and must be deported immediately. BUILD THE WALL!!

  35. If you think abortion is murder then you by god better be protesting war. War is nothing but murder of people in another country that you decide you don't like.

  36. I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. Male masturbation could eventually be outlawed due to the killing of sperm cell lives? Wake up dudes. This all ties in with the prehistoric John Harvey Kellogg of the Kellogg Cereal Company and his anti masturbation movement. Hmmmm Wake up dudes. By the way, punished for masturbation was being circumcised without pain killers. Wake up dudes.

  37. Black people are the overwhelming majority of most African countries, Asians are the overwhelming majority of most Asian countries, and both will continue to be so in the foreseeable future, So when you hear that White people are projected to be a minority in ALL White countries within decades, what does that mean to you?
    Massive non-White immigration is occurring in ALL White countries and ONLY in White countries. This is part of a program of genocide against White children.
    They say it's anti-racist, but it's simply anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


  39. Our Democratic governor in Louisiana is a devote catholic and I'm sure his priest told him to do this. It is purely imposing his religious dogma on all citizens of our state much like our legislature does consistently. They have no respect for civil rights or human rights if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Also the governor is up for re-election and thinks he must go with religion over civil rights to win another term. Our state of Louisiana is tainted by the fanatical Focus on the Family religious terriorist group who has a firm grip on our legislature. It is terrifying to see the theocratic zealots run a secular country's state.

  40. Watch the true story unplanned movie. This network banned advertising it, because planned parenthood told them to. UNPLANNED MOVIE banned by much of the media shame on them.

  41. What part of Roe. V Wade stated that killing a baby is a woman's right? Especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester!

  42. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a fundamental "right to privacy".

  43. YEA WELL = I GOT = THE BEST PHONE Abortion VIDEO YET ???!!!… = HERE … = ( UR NOT SUPPOST TO LAUGH ??? = At Sht Like This ??? = ) = Here … LOL !!! =

  44. How dare these governors dictate how any woman lives their life? It's none of their business. #RequireVasectomy

  45. A set of DNA is NOT a unique human being. A fertilized egg is NOT a tiny homumculus with a person inside it, though that was one of the ancient ideas of how it worked. It is more like a book of recipes with various components and partial ingredients and corrective instructions that might, if everything goes well, eventually produce one of an infinite number of possible human beings. Even that is a gross oversimplification, but it's more than the simpleminded fools are capable of understanding.

  46. Make men to be as accountable as women when conceiving…..they will be the ones asking for legal and safe abortions

  47. So now, India is going back to the trade that pays the most. Prostitution! Starting from the Prime Minister, all the way fown the food chain. Don't worry, India, dumpf will throw you under the bus as well.

  48. Really??? WTF? All the Handmaids are wearing red for the signing of that bill? How bizarre this cult has no shame whatsoever.

  49. The INVISIBLE "God" is the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and that's why religions are the greatest money making scams in history. The religions beg their followers for 10% of their money EVERY SUNDAY until they drop dead from old age and 85% of that money goes directly into the pockets of the church's OWNERS as their untraceable tax free income. People build churches to make a LOT of money for themselves and as long as gullible people exist religions will exist to rip them off.

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