CRAZY Things Doctors Have Actually Done!

CRAZY Things Doctors Have Actually Done!

From unexpected tattoos to removing the wrong
limb, today we look at 9 Crazy Things Doctors Have Actually Done! #9. “Lost and Found”- We’ve all seen movies
or television shows where bumbling doctors leave items inside of patients leading to
hilarious results, but unfortunately these cases actually have basis in reality. There are over one thousand cases every year
of this happening, but in one particular case the patient suffered more than just physical
damage from an item being left behind. Daryoush Mazarei was 74 when he went in for
surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian to have a shunt installed
in his chest. Everything seemed normal afterwards but for
two years he felt increasing pain in his abdomen and went back to the Medical Center several
times insisting there was something wrong. Where the story gets really outrageous is
that instead of believing him or running any tests, the doctors brushed it off as being
a psychological problem and told him to seek psychiatric care. Finally receiving a CT scan from another facility,
it was discovered that he had a 10-inch long metal retractor left inside him during the
operation. The device was removed in a subsequent operation
and Mazarei’s pain, which had become almost unbearable, was finally relieved. He promptly filed a lawsuit against the hospital
and the two sides reached a settlement outside of court. #8. “Physical Graffiti”- When dentist Dr.
Liana Gedz went in for a Caesarean section she got what she had hoped for, the birth
of a healthy baby girl, but she also got more. When resting in her recovery room she decided
to look at her scar in the mirror, but what she saw next to the scar was horrifying: the
letters A and Z had been cut into her abdomen. The A and Z were the initials of Allan Zarkin,
the doctor who had performed the procedure. This was the last thing that Dr. Gedz expected
to see as she and Dr. Zarkin were more than just patient and doctor, in fact, Dr. Zarkin
was a friend of hers who she had invited to dinner with her family on several occasions. Dr. Allan Zarkin had been known for his flamboyant
holier-than-thou demeanor but this incident was extreme to say the least and he was immediately
suspended–leading Dr. Zarkin to resign soon after. Dr. Gedz filed a lawsuit and Dr. Zarkin’s
defense was that he was suffering from a type of dementia, but the truth was he had known
about his Alzheimer’s like condition for months before the surgery. After four months in court Dr. Zarkin was
put on a 5 year medical probation and settled with Dr. Gedz to the tune of 1.7 million dollars. But no amount of money will make her forget
the frightening branding of a demented doctor she once called friend. #7. “Bank Run”- Some surgeries take several
hours of intense work, so much so that the surgeon may not have time to run the errands
they need to. But this is what surgeons sign up for and
most of them know that a patient’s health comes first. This is not the case with Dr. David Arndt. In 2002, Dr. Arndt was in the middle of a
grueling spinal surgery that could normally take up to 6 hours, but instead of the task
at hand Dr. Arndt’s mind was somewhere else. Nurses reported that Dr. Arndt had been asking
anxiously when paychecks were supposed to arrive and when they finally did, about three-quarters
through the surgery, he asked the check-delivering surgeon Dr. Lee Troy to take over for about
5 minutes and he bolted from the operating room. Apparently, Dr. Arndt needed to deposit the
check into his bank before it closed and was gone for more than half an hour, PAUSE being
paged repeatedly, before returning. Meanwhile his patient lay unconscious with
his back wide open on the operating table, unaware that his doctor had abandoned him. However, when the patient awoke he found out
that the doctor cared more about his bank account than his patient’s spine, the patient
decided to take it out on thing the doctor loved most and sued him. Needless to say Dr. Arndt had his medical
license suspended and his life spiraled even more out of control. Only a couple months later he was back in
court on drug and assault related charges. One year later Arndt was finally locked up
for these and numerous other crimes. #6. “Lady Lumps”- Alexander Baez was a successful
bodybuilder, he was a runner-up in the Mr. Universe contest and former Mr. Mexico. One day he decided that he wanted to artificially
enhance his pecs with plastic surgery, so he searched around his home of Miami Beach
for the right surgeon and he came upon Doctor Reinaldo Silvestre. Dr. Silvestre had been practicing in the area
for over a year and had performed dozens of surgeries, but on the day that Mr. Baez came
in for surgery the dark charade that supplemented his lavish lifestyle came crumbling down. During the operation Baez, awoke from the
surgery to find that Dr. Silvestre had given him women’s breasts. Going in and out of consciousness throughout
the procedure Baez also witnessed some of what a hidden video camera documented: Silvestre
had used horse tranquilizers to knock his patient out and then carelessly cut Baez and
shoved the crude implants into his chest. The hidden video camera was placed by another
patient of Silvestre’s, Jeannette Bernal, who had breast augmentation surgery that was
botched so badly that she was permanently disfigured. When law enforcement found out about these
surgeries Silvestre was arrested, but then escaped to Belize. What the police uncovered was that Silvestre
was not a doctor at all and had no license or background in surgery. Though only a few patients came forward, it
is suspected that there are many other people that had similar terrifying procedures such
as Baez and Bernal’s. Known as the Butcher of South Beach, Silvestre
was eventually caught years later in Belize, where he was working at a school of medicine,
and extradited to the United States. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison and
sued for millions of dollars by his victims. #5. “Double Booked”-A 67 year old woman who
in medical journals and the media is called by the pseudonym Joan Morris, went into a
teaching hospital for a cerebral angiography in order to have the aneurysm in her head
studied. The series of mistakes and unfortunate events
that followed could have cost Mrs. Morris her life. Due to an inexcusable mishap involving the
fact that she had a similar name to another patient Mrs. Morris had her heart operated
on for an hour. The cardiologist was well into the complex
procedure called an electrophysiology, which involves stimulating the heart with electricity
to test it’s rhythm, before he realized he had the wrong patient. This was only found out when the doctor who
was to perform the angiography went looking for her. The procedure was so far along that the cardiologist
had already punctured an artery and inserted a tube into her heart. Though they were lucky to catch it when they
did, what they already had done had put Mrs. Morris in unnecessary danger of complication
such as infection, having a stroke and internal bleeding. Mrs. Morris didn’t suffer any of these in
the end and surprisingly decided not to sue the hospital–perhaps being too altruistic,
stating that at least she found out that her heart was healthy. #4. “More For Me”- Ex-Nurse Sarah May Casareto
was a real-life Nurse Ratched. When Larry V. King went in for surgery to
have kidney stones removed he unfortunately received the drug-fiending Casareto as his
nurse and suffered greatly at her expense. Nervously awaiting his operation his suspicions
were slightly aroused when, though it was supposed to be a painless procedure, Casareto
told him to man up and take the pain because there wasn’t enough time for more medication. King was confused, but not enough to stop
her as she wheeled him to the operating room. So, the surgeon began to operate and King
instantly felt the intense pain of a tube being inserted into his kidney. He tried to leap off the table but was held
down by a technician while Casareto tried to hush him up. The doctor and assisting techs soon assessed
that Casareto was herself anesthetized. Upon searching her, they found that she had
taken a large amount of the pain-killer Fentanyl, which was meant for Mr. King, and was extremely
inebriated. Casareto refused to take a drug-test, quitting
on the spot. She was arrested at a later date for felony
theft of a controlled substance and struck a plea deal resulting in a meager three years
probation, to the understandable chagrin of King. #3. “Evil Injection”- Dr. Stephen Pack, was
a married father of two, who was having an affair with his co-worker, pediatric nurse
Joy Schepis, and decided to take drastic measures in order for his tryst to remain a secret. When Schepis became pregnant, Dr. Pack tried
to convince her to have an abortion, but Schepis refused as she was vehemently pro-life and
even told Pack that she would provide for the baby herself. But Dr. Pack, who Schepis said had been acting
strangely even before the pregnancy, was afraid that he would be forced to pay for the raising
of the child and that his wife would divorce him if she found out. So, Pack took matters into his own hands and
stole two syringes full of the drug methotrexate. Methotrexate is a drug commonly used to induce
labor and that Pack knew could promote a miscarriage. One night Pack waited for Schepis to leave
the hospital and followed her into a parking garage across the street. He then proceeded to rush her stabbing her
six times in her buttocks and legs with one of the syringes. He screamed “I’m giving you an abortion”
and called her expletives. Pack fled but was eventually caught and detained
by hospital security. The police took him into custody and charged
him with weapons possession, assault, and the attempt to commit an unwilled abortion
act. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two
years in prison. At the time of the attack Schepis was over
two-months pregnant and despite the chance of the baby being irreparably harmed, she
decided to go forward with the pregnancy and the baby boy was born, fortunately, without
any dysfunctions other than having a psychotic father. #2. “Accidental Amputation”- Mr. Willie King,
a long-time sufferer of diabetes whose condition was so bad that his doctor recommended amputation
of his leg, had finally reconciled his fears and agreed to the procedure. His doctor, Dr. Rolando Sanchez was a highly
regarded surgeon and had performed amputations like this many times before, but on this day
a simple mix-up severely damaged his career and cost Willie King both of his legs. Because of a mistake on the blackboard in
the operating room, the wrong leg was prepped for amputation and Dr. Sanchez, who failed
to double-check the leg, amputated the wrong one. Though it was ultimately his responsibility,
several factors played into this equal parts ridiculous and horrifying scenario. First off, other than the blackboard being
incorrect the room schedule and the computer in the operating room also had the wrong leg. Second, both of Mr. King’s legs were so
severely afflicted with gangrene that several other doctors testified it would’ve been
only a matter of time before the other one would’ve had to been removed. But without a doubt it was Dr. Sanchez’
medical duty to make sure the right leg was removed. Mr. King eventually had the correct leg amputated
and learned to walk using metal prosthetic legs. Dr. Sanchez was fined $10,000, barred from
practicing medicine for six months and given two years probation. Because of this frightening flaw in procedure
and other similar cases, several laws passed that require doctors to take a timeout and
triple-check everything before even touching a scalpel. #1. “Invisible Cancer”- Kim Tutt was 34 years
old when her dentist found a lump in her jaw. Her doctors concluded that the lump was cancerous
and told her that she had six months to live. They also told her that if she tried a radical
surgery that they would probably give her a few more months to live, so of course she
opted in. The surgery, that involved removing the entire
left side of her jaw and replacing it with her fibula, was considered successful. It was three months later when Tutt found
out the the horrifying truth about her cancer. She received a call from her surgeon who revealed
that she never had cancer in the first place. Apparently, her biopsy was contaminated with
another from the lab resulting in her having a permanently disfiguring surgery without
cause. Tutt was elated that she didn’t have cancer
but mortified that her life had been ruined because of a mix-up. She has undergone several facial reconstructive
surgeries but will never look the same as she did before the unnecessary operation. Kim Tutt sued Robert B. Wells and Pathology
Associates, who were in charge of the diagnosis, and was awarded $250,000.

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