Cure all the vaginal problems by this simple home remedy – women’s health – feminine hygiene

Cure all the vaginal problems by this simple home remedy – women’s health – feminine hygiene

Genes in the intimate parts are very common
in women. They can be in the form of itching, inflammation
or redness accompanied by bad smells. In addition, this part of the body is sensitive
enough and vulnerable to bacteria and fungi, hence the importance of treating it with care
and as naturally as possible. In this article, you will discover the number
1 natural ingredient that can cure all your vaginal problems in record time! The main cause of the occurrence of vaginal
problems is an imbalance of the vaginal flora. In other words, the balance of the vagina
is disrupted either by reducing the number of good bacteria or by the proliferation of
bad bacteria. Note that the reduction of good bacteria and
the proliferation of harmful microbes are often correlated. What is a healthy vaginal flora? A healthy vagina is mostly populated with
good bacteria. These bacteria are considered protective barriers
to the vagina because they can inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and
yeasts, producing lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, and preventing bad bacteria from
attaching to the vaginal wall. Lactic acid helps maintain the acidic environment
of the vagina, while hydrogen peroxide helps kill bad bacteria. There are many factors that can upset the
delicate balance that exists inside the vagina. Some of these include tissue damage caused
by childbirth, illness, hormonal changes, stress , certain medications, as well as tight
clothing or synthetic underwear, an inappropriate hygiene method, irritants present in lotions
and other cosmetic products or a lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse. The natural cure for a healthy intimate part:
A lot of women are, at least once in their life, the target of fungal and vaginal bacteria. These cause discomfort and a persistent bad
odor but the good news is that there is a natural remedy that can kill them quickly
without affecting the natural pH of your intimate area. It is chamomile that helps fight mycosis and
acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory. In addition, it is very refreshing and has
soothing virtues effective in case of itching and irritation of the mucous membranes. How to use it ?
Mix the equivalent of two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers with one liter of water
in a saucepan and let it boil over low heat. Remove the pan from the heat after boiling
and let stand for five to ten minutes then drain the mixture. Once the cold chamomile lotion, wash your
private parts with it, about twice a day. In addition, sitz baths in a chamomile infusion
can also act as a natural tranquilizer against vaginal irritation. Chamomile can also be used once a week in
prevention, to preserve your intimate health if you do not have fungi or bacteria. However, take care to respect the recommended
doses to obtain maximum positive effects, without any risk. Indeed, in case of excessive use, it is possible
to suffer rashes. In addition, chamomile is not recommended
for people with asthma, allergies to pollen and pregnant women. For better vaginal health, we also recommend:
1. Wear clean underwear every day and opt for
a cotton lingerie rather than synthetic fabric or silk. 2. Avoid wearing tight clothing. 3. Wash intimate areas at most twice a day, morning
and evening. Higher frequency may cause irritation. 4. Thoroughly dry the intimate part after each
wash. 5. Avoid harsh cleaners that can damage the protective
film that covers the vaginal walls. 6. Ensure perfect personal hygiene before and
after intercourse. 7. Avoid douching. 8. Use your hands instead of bathing gloves that
are teeming with bacteria. 9. Change the sanitary napkins every two hours
during the menstrual period. 10. Have a healthy and balanced diet .
11. Practice regular physical activity. 12. Drink enough water daily. 13. Finally, remember that if itching, bad smells,
redness and irritation persist even after using this remedy, consult your doctor.


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