Dads Try Wearing Skinny Jeans | Cosmopolitan

Dads Try Wearing Skinny Jeans | Cosmopolitan

I just wear the most boring jeans that I can find. I want to be comfortable. Generally if you have like a really nice pair of jeans then your dad jeans are the other ones. You need to stick like a paintbrush in the pocket, you don’t care. Wouldn’t make sense skinny jeans, and they make me look really hot so I try to stay away from hot things. [rock ‘n roll music] I DEFINITELY would wear these jeans. I feel kind of alive in these. And it shows off my calves pretty nice. I don’t know… they’re kind of growing on me. They feel like a combination of sexy and superhero. I feel kind of free. [more rock ‘n roll music] Daddy’s got it going on a little bit with these jeans on.


  1. A nice pair of well fitting, slender (not skinny) jeans can be flattering. Even this dad avoids dad jeans.

  2. These dads are thin as dads go so their skinny jeans are okay in the leg, but even on these thin dad's, their butts are generally too big. The "I feel alive" guy with long butt hiding top had the right idea. The two skinny grey haired dads are probably dad-models.

  3. Holes in jeans are a sign of distress and other things associated with words like cool, dood, awethsome and other bleached hair Illuminutty indigo lingo…except on women. I just bought $30 GAP skinny jeans b/ c I am, b/ c they were on sale and b/ c I refuse to pay JCrew $120 or even $75.

  4. I am 49 and have been wearing skinny jeans and super skinny jeans since they came out for men in 2009. I would never ever buy a pair of baggy jeans. Style is about ME, not what others think or want me to be.

  5. When I grew up tight jeans were only for women…. to show their curves if they weren't fat… now men.. I mean kids try to dress like women. lmao.. we live in disgusting times.

  6. 1:02 he look great. Skinny jeans are good but very complicated to be correctly combinated with shoes, t-shirt etc.

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