Daz Watches MISHKA teen pregnancy

Daz Watches MISHKA teen pregnancy

How’s it going dazzlers? Welcome back to Daz Games And another Daz Watches Guys, before we get into today’s video Which is a short film. I’m very excited to watch it with you guys. YouTube have made some more “changes” Changes that have affected the views on this channel People, believe it or not, are asking If I can react to BTS’s new song Which I did yesterday That was yesterday’s video. And the reason people are asking for it is not because, you know, they haven’t checked my channel. It’s because they can’t see I’ve posted! YouTube have been playing around with the subscription box. You may have seen H3H3, Phillip DeFranco Or other different YouTubers Commenting on this. What YouTube are doing So you may not see my videos in your subscription feed, where they should be. Also, the notification bell, that’s been changed. Apparently. When you go to my notifications and you want to be notified when I post. Make sure that it’s selected to always And not like, half the time because that’s just stupid That’s YouTube for you. Thanks YouTube! For making it harder for everyone. You guys have been screaming at me for the past few days, (makes weird noises because he messed up the words but that’s not important) to react to a short film by the name of “Mishka” I think that’s how it’s pronounced. MISHKAAH (laughs) A short film about teen pregnancy. Closing in on 10 million views and it’s quite new It was released in April Apparently it’s shocking. It’s, erm, very well made. Now since it’s nearly 20 minuets long I, myself, I’m going to watch all of it. But I’m not going to put all of it in this video. I’m going to put a link in the description below so you can go and see the full thing. Okay Let’s watch the video! Wait, I thought this was about teen pregnancy. She’s like 5, isn’t she She does not look like a teenager She looks 10, 9 even! Maybe 8 [Mishka’s Friend] What are you reading? [Mishka’s other friend] An article about The Beatles [Mishka’s friend] God, you’re like my dad! (laughs) [Mishka’s other friend] So, did you decide who you’re inviting to your birthday party? [Mishka’s friend] I don’t know yet. My mom said I can invite anyone I want Ugh, aren’t you lucky! I remember when I had my 10th birthday. No one came on my birthday. They all came 2 days later (laughs) My mum wrote my date down wrong! They all turned up 2 days late to my birthday party! But better late than never, am I right? [Mishka] (sounds of throwing up) [Mishka’s other friend] Mishka, are you okay? Well get up then! Come on, she’s throwing up, go see if she’s okay! Sat there doing your nails like “bless her” (laughs) Go, do something. Oh my god. Terrible friends! And obviously, Mishka is pregnant. I think this is morning sickness Oh my god, is she running away: she just stole some money? What’s she doing with it? Pregnancy test. It must be terrifying, you know? To, to be that young and then be pregnant. Like, sex, on a serious note it has to be treated with respect. Even condoms, ect. They break. And if you become pregnant at such a young age. It can ruin your young years! It can take so much away from you! Just, the most respect that you can. Otherwise you’ll end up stealing your dad’s money and you won’t have a chair. You won’t have a chair! (crunching noises) Sorry. It’s a film, alright! It’s a film! Okay, so she’s bought the pregnancy test. I guess she’s going to go and try it now and it’ll confirm what I think we all know. Where this film is heading… (knocks at door) Wait, is she pregnant, is she not? What? What, we didn’t see it! I want to see it! I hate that! (laughs) Sorry, I know this is a serious video. I just hate when parents just come into the room. You know, and they don’t say anything! They just walk around and move stuff and they just watch what you do. It’s like, “what you doing?” Get out! (laughs) (music playing in background) [Boy] Hey. [Mishka] Hey. [Boy] Why aren’t you inside? [Mishka] I don’t know, I guess I just feel like being alone. [Boy] Really? [Mishka] I have to be back home in 10 minuets anyway. [Boy] Erm, I’m not really having fun either. Want me to walk home with you? Oh god, is that the dad? Well at least the baby will have a fine head of hair. Oh, they’re so young! Stupid, stupid kids! That’s great, go get pregnant again. Oh, they don’t learn, do they? They don’t learn. Pregnant and all that and now she’s doing it again! [Boy] Good night. [Mishka] Yeah, good night. The dad knows there’s something wrong. You can tell when there’s something wrong with your kids. Why isn’t he talking to her though? Why isn’t he asking her, “what’s up?” I don’t get that. [Mishka’s dad] You look tired. [Mishka’s dad] So, how was Kelly’s 13th birthday. [Mishka] It was fun. [Mishka’s dad] Okay [Mishka] Dad? [Mishka’s dad] Yes honey. [Mishka] Why are you taking those pills [Mishka’s dad] It’s for my arthritis. He has arthritis? Too young and fit to have arthritis but okay. At least he’s talking to her now. No! “Do not take this drug when pregnant.” No! Is she going to take them? Oh dear. Oh no. (music playing in the background) Oh damn! This is so sad, oh my god! Okay, I’m laughing and joking and shit but I can’t make jokes about this! Why didn’t she just talk to her dad? Tell him that she messed around with a boy from school, you know? It’s going to damage you. [Mishka] (crying) First of all, an incredible young actress. Really, really good actress. It’s just that, it’s just a tough situation to go through, like I say. Like, there’s all this safe sex out there it’s just… Having sex young is never really a good idea. Even though when you’re young you have a lot of urges. They do come along early. If you’re inexperienced ect. It can lead to so many problems. music some more music quite good music ugh too much sad music I killed our baby? the realization kicks in… Wha? Er? Wha? Oh? Wh? E? A? Bu? Wha? Bu? Ho? Wha? Ha? What, no? No, no! What? No! No! No! Tha-that’s the dad! Right? Noo! Eugh! Eww! Ew! Oh, that’s! Oh damn it! Oh no! Oh! Oh my god! No! No! No! Really? Really? What? Really? So the dad… Eww! Oh god! Oh my god! No! That’s not nice! (awkward laughter) I didn’t, I didn’t see that coming! I didn’t see that happening at all! That was never an issue in my head… WHAT? What? Is there any more to this? I hope not! No there isn’t It ended on that. On that massive m-night shell TWIST. So her dad was sleeping with her? He’s, he’s abusive and she killed the baby. And I don’t think she told…. Did she tell him? I don’t think he knew. That’s not the point though, is it? SLEEPING WITH HER DAD! He’s an, oh god! I didn’t see that one coming. That, that one, woah! (uncomfortable laughter) That one caught me by surprise! So, it starts off as a typical, well made short film. About a young girl struggling with a teenage pregnancy. But then, it just does a 180 and it turns into an abuse story. Wow! So what was the purpose of this film. But that’s for everyone else to decide. It was a great video and it really did take me by surprise. Alright guys, so if you enjoyed the video leave a like. The merch, link in description below. Merch, merch! Like, love, caress my channel and I will see you in the next video! I’m not going to forget this… (awkward laughter) Stay dazzling! Ha! (music in background)


  1. I guess the reason of the video is so confusing cause itโ€™s like Daz seen teen pregnancy and instantly assume itโ€™s because sheโ€™s slept with a boy from school when really sheโ€™s having problems at home ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ itโ€™s not always because teens get stupid and get urges it could be that sheโ€™s had traumatic experiences at home you donโ€™t know her story maybe itโ€™s cut young mums some slack ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ tell you how it is or isnโ€™t give you both perspectives of having sex young and that stuff ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

  2. "I killed our baby." I was processing the scene the exact same way DAZ was. That's one ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ of a twist! ๐Ÿคข

  3. I've seen videos of stories of Old Male Relatives having (forced) sexual relations with their Female Relatives which end up in unwanted Incest Pregnancy. I'm honestly not surprised by this sudden message of "I killed our baby"

    This shit isnt unheard of, it's probably uncommon. But not unheard of

  4. I think he missed the part where yes he is young and fit…he doesn't actually have arthritis, he got the pills so she can kill the baby.

  5. Me at the beginning of the video:

    Ok this is normal teen getting pregnant by a boy happens all the time


  6. I KNEW IT! Like the first thing I thought when I saw the father was like YUP, He's having sex with her. Something about the way they portrayed him just gave it away.

  7. I love how when Daz is watching anything with young actors and they cry he immediately goes โ€œvery good actress by the wayโ€๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Moral at first: Teen pregnancy can cause a lot of heartships for both families and friends.

    Me at first: Ok, I see. A lot of people can learn from thi-

    New moral: Itโ€™s bad with incest!

    Me now: Y-you shouldโ€™ve known that already…

  9. Film: I killed our baby

    Daz: spazes out

    Me: jumps all over my phone

    My bro: Iโ€™m telling mum

    Me:she had sexxxxxx with HER FUCKING DAD

  10. Principle calls teacher and asks for me and my friends

    We all head down to the office where the principle then proceeds to scream at us for doing something wrong though we did nothing

    Us: 8:51

  11. I killed our baby
    Daz reaction: ho hollo hu no wat no no no thats the dad no whwheheh hdhdhdg no noooooo omg omg no no realy really so the dad wat no noooo thats not nice ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Honestly wasn't expecting that ending, when i caught wind of it, i just had a flash of shock, shock punched me in the face. Wtf.

  13. That was like the perfect reveal honestly. It didn't really have to spell it out to you. That one line revealed the whole thing. Well done.

  14. Maybe the lights were off she went into the bedroom thought it was her boyfriend but it was actually her dad then she got pregnant

  15. 3:25 i wouldn't use ruined in teenage pregnancy im teen pregnant and my life actually is way Better then it was But thats just me.

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