Dear Planned Parenthood: Prioritize women’s health.

Dear Planned Parenthood: Prioritize women’s health.

One argument I consistently hear from proponents
of Planned Parenthood is that by cutting funding, we are slashing vital women’s healthcare.
As both a medical student and a woman, women’s health is very important to me,
so I decided to look into what exactly these “vital health services” are… but I ran into some
trouble. You see, according to their very own website,
Planned Parenthood only offers these six services: pelvic exams, pap smears,
STD tests, UTI inspections, manual breast exams, and birth control. However, as a woman, my
health needs comprise much more than this. states that my top health
concerns as a woman are breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, menopause, weight management,
diabetes, and strokes. You’ll notice that this list doesn’t include pregnancy or childbirth. How is Planned Parenthood going to prevent me from
getting diabetes with an IUD? Plus, it’s worth noting that some of these
services that Planned Parenthood offers can actually increase my risk for some of these diseases. For example, you are more likely to acquire heart disease, breast cancer, and strokes, and to become overweight when using oral contraceptives. The pill has even been classified as a group
1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. And before you point out to me that Planned
Parenthood at least offers manual breast exams to detect breast cancer — a review of controlled
trials and case-control studies estimated that these types of breast exams only have a sensitivity
of 54 percent. That means that manual breast exams will only
catch one out of every two instances of breast cancer. So while this method can be useful, it is
no substitute for a much more sensitive mammogram, which Planned Parenthod doesn’t offer. Federally Qualified Health Centers, on the
other hand, are required to offer mammograms, in addition to cholesterol screenings, bone
mass measurements, cardiovascular blood tests, and diabetes screenings — as well as many other important health services which
do cater to my needs as a female patient. On top of that, they offer all of the same services that Planned
Parenthood offers, minus the violent procedure of abortion. These FQHCs outnumber Planned Parenthoods
nationally 13 to 1, and serve 22.8 million people per year, compared
to Planned Parenthood’s 2.8 million. To minimize my needs as a female patient to
just six sexual health services is, quite frankly, insulting. It’s arguable that by NOT redirecting funding
to FQHCs, we are actually preventing women’s health services from being as good
as they could be. So, Planned Parenthood, this is what I have
to say to you: Go fund yourself.


  1. Honestly, these "Dear Planned Parenthood" videos are what made me subscribe to y'all's channel–you should really continue this as a regular video series. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  2. It's like all Planned Parenthood cares about services related to sexual health. I mean we are more than just sexual objects.

  3. Dude I don't know where I'd be without PP. My primary care provider can't place an IUD and the one PP fitted me with literally changed my life!

  4. If this girl in this video does NOT like Planned Parenthood, she should choose NOT visit any of their facilities or use any of its services. But, let people decide whether they support Planned Parenthood or not. Plus, this woman needs to understand that abortion might be okay with some people.

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