Deep Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, and Instant Calm (Science-Based)

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, and Instant Calm (Science-Based)

Hi, I’m Michael Norman and welcome to this
YouTube version of the Instant Calm and Automatic Change series. Since this is a very deep relaxation experience
that’s comfortably different from meditation, comfortably different from old forms of hypnosis,
or anything else you’ve tried, before we begin we want to quickly take a moment to
make sure you’re completely ready to enjoy an incredible experience. So first, since this is about you’re moving
past any stress or anxiety you may have been having, since this is about you’re becoming
blissfully immersed in a positively deep state of calm, to make sure you’ll be surrounded
in comfort, this session use state-of-the-art 3D audio technology, which has been especially
optimised, for your listening with stereo headphones. Also, to make sure you’ll always look back
on this as one of the best experiences you’ve had, given that this is the very first session
in this series, and given that you’re about to relax more deeply than you might currently
know, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to slowly ease into you’re relaxing,
so that we can maximise your comfort, so that we can maximise your calm. So make sure you’re in a place it’s comfortably
safe to close your eyes, knowing that as you do, you’re honestly ready inside, to slow
down to enjoy, really enjoy, this peacefully unique, peacefully calming, peacefully magical
deep relaxation experience, that’s this gift from me, to you.


  1. Please note: Lifelong freedom from panic attacks requires more than just calm. For my fast, free help ending panic attacks, please watch my free "Panic Free TV Foundation Series" at https://www.PanicFree.TV

  2. At first I wasn't sure if this was going to work for me, I have tried alot of different meditation music's in the past. And I have only found a handful that helped me. That being said, I am happy to report. That I will most definitely be adding this to my meditation playlist. It worked great and I feel much better thank you.

  3. I had so much stress, i didn't know what to do. I was disappointed and then i found out about this video. It was great. Thank you

  4. I have tried other meditations in hopes of relieving stress and anxiety with minimal success. I am a pessimist by nature but found this video had an immediate and profound affect on me. Thank You for this video. I plan to follow more of your work. Thanks again!

  5. I was at a very high level of stress when I came across this. I've used different hypnosis vids and had a lot of success with certain hypnotherapists, lower levels of anxiety and greater clarity despite my circumstances.
    A little background before I get to my point…

    I'm in the process of separating from my ex partner, we have lived together for over 4 years. He's moving out in just over 4 weeks and although he is abusive, manipulative and a financial leech, it's still a big change. That alone would be enough, but I also started a new job in May and plan to sell my house once the ex finally goes and I have my freedom back Oh well, why not get it all done at the same time, eh? ? alongside all of this is a major shift in my thinking, identifying unhealthy patterns and trying to get to the root of the abuse i endured in childhood and the subsequent abusive relationships I've had which have just repeated that cycle. Co dependence, cptsd… yikes. It's a lot and that's not even everything.

    Anyways, my point: particularly stressful today, I've had to stand up to my ex in ways that are really fear provoking for me, thanks to the abuse I've 'enjoyed' in my life. So my stress has been ramping up over the course of the last few days and this evening, after work, I could feel my heart racing and my mind and emotions going into a freefall. I tried my usual hypno vids which barely took the edge off, a hurried search for comforting hypnosis and I found this. With nothing to lose, I dove in.

    Oh my! Oh my oh my! A few mins in, I tried to move my leg and it just flopped back. I felt pinned down, but not in an unpleasant way. It was like I was being swaddled and I was able to properly let go. My heart rate came right down, the horrible fluttering in pit of my stomach has gone, my mind is clear and feels uncluttered

    What a relief! I did not think it would work, I thought the best I could hope for was a slight reduction in anxiety.

    This session totally stopped the panicky feelings in their tracks

    Incredible, awe inspiring, bloody brilliant. Just… . damn bloody brilliant.

    Thank you, from bottom of my heart. This is going on my main play list. Bloody brilliant. Thank you ?

  6. I'm not sure what I expected when I listened to your recording this morning…I lay in bed listening to your voice..its so relaxing.
    I have a job interview this afternoon and I've been awake since silly o'clock with worry.
    I'm still a bit nervous but I feel a lot more chilled about my day.
    Is the recording ok to listen to at bedtime as well x

  7. What kind of sorcery is this?!?!? I swear I never feel like this things work for me at all I'm always skeptic but my God this really works!!

  8. I've hit a few rough patches in the past year where I just can't seem to knock off the edge on my anxiety. I go sit and try to take a nap and normally wake up fine. Well not recently.. so was looking for an escape. Nothing else worked. Didnt think this would eough.. BUT I WAS WRONG. SEEMED LIKE 5 MINUTES PASSED AND WHEN I GOT UP IT SEEMED LIKE I HAD TAKEN A POWER NAP. THE EDGE WAS GONE. THANK YOU

  9. Thank you for sharing this video. It saved me a emergency room visit. I’m going through menopause and these panic attacks makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack. I’ve had 2 Cardiologist say I am perfectly fine. I always need help calming myself down and this helped me today.

  10. I just listened to this after having a horrible day and was having major anxiety and I almost fell asleep it was so peaceful. Thank you so much this really helped me ❤️

  11. I’ve always felt insecure about myself and my lifestyle. After listening to the soothing voice of yours, I felt like God made me to do something more than worry, For he has already planned my tomorrow.

  12. This is magic ❤ I got into a hot bath last night and put this on after having an extremely rough couple wks, and I felt like putty after this was done. Thank you for putting this out there for people like me that are desperate to calm the anxiety within.

  13. Thanks you soo much this is so good I’m a young girl how has anxiety and this really helped I just hitted the subscribe button

  14. Hi Michael! This is the only video that works for me… will you be uploading any more long videos for relaxation, calm and sleep? Thanks! ?

  15. I came across this video and decided to look up your program. I have tried EVERYTHING naturally. Different programs, herbs, therapy. I was on medicine which did help but i had to get off it for breastfeeding issues. It’s been over a year and i’ve been having horrible anxiety. Debilitating. I tried medicine again and it did not have the same effect on me. As i’m sitting here trying to do everything I possibly can the natural way i came across your program. I’m only in the first stage of it and already have HOPE AND HAPPINESS of overcoming my panic disorder and anxiety naturally and finding the root of my problem and fixing it MYSELF. Thanks so much Michael! I’m exciting for my progress!

  16. My anxiety makes me super nauseas and my anxiety is based around being physically ill, do you have any tips on how to take control of it?

    Thank you so much Michael ❤️

  17. Have listened to this countless times. I enjoy it all but I particularly enjoy your introduction, it’s sumptuous. Michael, have you got more videos in the pipeline?

  18. I have a driving phobia. I fear driving on the free way and high bridges. Could you please make a video to help me conquer my phobia?
    Thanks in advance ❤

  19. I have a hospital procedure in 2 hours I'm hoping this gets me through the day. 7 mins in and I'm feeling calmer already thank you

  20. Thank you, Michael. I didn't have high expectations but I'm either very suggestible or this is really well crafted (bizarrely, both times I've listened to this I kept getting tickles on my face). How many of these types of thing do you have? I could listen to them all day. Do you do any that are about being more dynamic? Getting past procrastination? Being enthusiastic? All whilst, simultaneously, evading the anxiety?

    I particularly enjoyed the repetitive use of the word 'spreading'. I felt like I was like a drop of oil on water – getting bigger and bigger and moving further and further away from my physical core.

    Very sophisticated stuff. Well done!

  21. Hello Michael
    This is utterly genius
    How can get hold of instant calm 2 please
    I'm having extreme stress and this really helps
    Thank you and never underestimate your awesomeness ?

  22. Thank you ever so much for this. I've tried numerous meditation videos and audios but none have given me the experience this session offered. Transcendental, surreal, calming and unforgettable. This has been a terribly stressful and scary year and you've helped me to feel hope and relaxation for the days and months ahead. I look forward to experiencing more. Again, thank you for your wonderful help.

  23. This made me super relaxed… but also slightly dizzy. I was not listening with earbuds, though. Would that make a difference?

  24. Made a big difference, but will have to do this session over and over again to fully impact I think when I can fully relax instead of hurried on the way to work.

  25. Hello Michael , I would like to sincerely appreciate your work from the bottom of my heart , I have been struggling with severe anxiety that almost made me quit school and stop my passion for music . But all I can say is that now , things are going much better , and I would like to thank you for this free course of instant calm , it helped me relax when having panic attacks at school or even in an social environment and helped me focus on greater things .
    P.S.: are you going to release another InstantCalm course ? Or this is just an 1-video course ?

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