Democratic Presidential Debate – June 27 (Full) | NBC News

Democratic Presidential Debate – June 27 (Full) | NBC News


  1. The audience is annoying. I don't subscribe to the 2 party illusion. Presidents are selected not elected. They're all bad actors in my opinion. Stop lobbyists. All candidates are bought puppets.

  2. I am a single mother of two, with only one income. I dont get government assistance. I'm one paycheck away from being homeless. People that don't work get free health insurance through Medicaid and the people that do work are the ones suffering. We pay so much into health insurance but then can't afford to get actual healthcare. People are going without their medications, not following up with their doctors all because they can't afford prescriptions and out of pocket expenses. I'm one of those people. It's very overwhelming. My student loans are past due and in default. It's like trying to swim on quicksand. I just can't keep up. Something needs to change.

  3. i recommend everyone that has watched this to go watch some more of ANDREW YANG on h3h3's podcast or joe rogan's podcast to get the full picture of what he is talking about it will blow you away i grantee it

  4. League of Women Voters needs to start running debates again. So far, with few exceptions, the 2019 Dem debates have proven to be a shitshow.


  6. Lmao, just watch, some other-country is gonna interfere the election and show some greater percentage bias for a male-majority candidate.

  7. did they seriously say "one or two words whats the first thing youd do in office" im so triggered corporate media needs to die

  8. "Trump is a phony, a liar, and a racist" I'm tired of hearing opinions of former candidates in presidential debates and I'm ready for some FACTS. I don't care if you think Trump is a racist or liar.

  9. I'm not enrolled in a Politicall Party.I try to do what's right,Personally & Nationaly.I respect America & our people.I am not an idealist-but the divisions between The two major political parties is Vast..and growing.Opinions getting stronger,tempers flaring…insults& sarcasm turn into arguments so ugly..that people lose sight of the big picture.It's not political parties that make a Nation Great..Its the People.Why cant we ditzz the whole party idea & focus on Issues that need to be addressed? It would save alot of time,energy& people's feelings.

  10. This was legitimately painful to watch. Like what the crap was even happening at 18:30 I understand everyone wants to share their ideologies but please have some respect towards each other. No one wants a repeat of the 2016 election debates

  11. If that Author lady doesn't believe that most Americans are racist, then she doesn't understand what systemic racism is. If you are reading this and are upset, I'm begging you to listen to brown people when we talk about racism. It's great that you don't want to lynch us. But we're not talking about random bad individuals. What we're talking about is a societal issue, how people are nervous around us, use stereotypes to justify our murder and poverty, job discrimination, and so on. These occurrences are not caused by bad individuals. These reactions happen towards us systematically, because we grew up in a culture that thinks worse of brown people. We need to talk about this. Please, I'm not trying to attack you, please listen to brown people when they talk about the pain we experience societally.

  12. OMG! From where on God's earth did the lefties manage to lure these stooges for pres candidates?: Did you know that Barney the purple dinosaur has a brother? His name is Bernie Sanders the pink socialist nearly extinct dinosaur…. With one foot in the grave, and another on a banana peel….

  13. Yang is the only candidate that has logic. by giving people $1000 a month that will create small buissness in poverty areas to grow because of the fact that people will be more willing to spend there money. also it will stop a lot of crimes like home invasions from happening because people will have money and if they stay out of jail they won’t collect that money. right there yang just boosted the economy more then trump and any of these candidates did and plus it stops a lot of crime, it’s a good idea. Plus then I can afford to buy clothing for myself, better insurance, more food. Just that is a huge stresser and the 1000$ a month would solve that and a lot of problems for me and Americans.

  14. I Finally got around to Watch these Debates. As an Independent who Votes either Party (Democrats or Republicans), I am Fiscally a Conservative and Socially a Liberal. I am for Less Gov't. Even though I am still Questioning Who I Will Vote for (Democrat or Republican) in this 2020 Election, I am Liking Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg from this Debate. I feel that they're more Moderate, but Realistic from the Rest.

  15. I’m confused…. if I get busted with meth and I have my child with me… what does the officer do???? Hm. What MSM won’t tell you is that undocumented immigrants are largely arrested because of CRIME COMMITTED. Meaning they committed a crime(besides the CRIME of crossing the border illegally) and they get detained by ICE because of it. I have sympathy for these people but at the same time, it’s not fair to the people that immigrate the LEGAL way.

  16. Whenever any of these clowns preface their answer or a statement with "the reality is" or "the fact is" or "the truth of the matter is", whilst at the same time contradicting each other, it's utterly cringeworthy. Not one of them is in touch with anything remotely resembling reality. A platitude-fest of vacuousness. The only interesting individual up there is Andrew Yang. At least he's choosing to run on some sort of personal philosophy, rather than moronic race-baiting and TDS

  17. When u look at your f media! Even a Child can see the they are bought!😬 And are against Bernie!😬😤 What the f kind of question was that made to Bernie!?😬🤨 “Are u gonna raise taxes on the middle class?” They f know that they will pay overall less then they are doing now!😡 Because healthcare will be free! If u pay tax 700$ and pay 2000$ for healthcare, then when u get Universal Healthcare pay 800$ tax and 0$ in Healthcare! Would u not want Universal Healthcare!?🤨 So asking about higher taxes is so f misleading!😬😤

    Get a grip NBC, f misleading!😡🤬

  18. As long as these people still treat Black and White as races, there'll always be racism. THEY ARE COLOR FOR FK SAKE, IT'S THE HUMAN RACE, NOT THE BLACK RACE OR THE WHITE RACE.

  19. Yang got less time but he won this debate by being more realistic, smarter and a serious plan that makes sense is reasonable or shows good judgment. ( and his good at math)

  20. These political debates are fundamentally biased. They have control over the questions asked and which candidate can speak. That along with the audience, schew the perception of the viewer.


  21. So funny to watch this theatrical performance. Only normal one i noticed was andrew yang. The rest just wanted to score points especially Kamala.

  22. Pass the torch guy is applying for a position in which he has 'the torch' and power to make change but is wanting to pass it off lol

  23. Every one of these Democrats are anti-gun, some even want to go so far as to confiscate them, If they do that I think we will have a civil war! So what happened to America being the land of the free? People die in car accidents, are we going to take cars away? People die from cigarettes, even if you don’t smoke them, do we take everyone’s cigarettes away? These politicians are selective in what they want to take away, they think if you take there weapons away then they can have better control of the people, and that is what they want, total control!

  24. I think it is sad that most people from the Democratic Party running are white males… whatever happened to everyone chanting white male privilege? I guess it does exist thanks to the Democratic Party.

  25. If you don’t have enough self control to not interrupt and talk over each other how can you lead the United States of America?!

  26. wakeup my brother6amd sisters these fakes only use us for votes and we get nothing back it's fake and there day will come

  27. why is it that the women and the one Asian guy on the panel are not given time to speak ? SOUNDS ABOUT WHITE.

  28. 39:01 😅 that camera man tried so hard to keep the shot only to realize she's shorter then her counterpart! Then the director takes the next camera! 😂

  29. They'll each make great presidents of Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua….etc….

  30. Want to see more Andrew Yang? Watch the JRE experience, elaboration on automation problems, support for federal legalization of Marajuana and pardons for non violent offendors with a guaranteed handshake to the pardonees;

  31. Of course the person who we all wanted to hear- Andrew Yang- was completely ignored most of the time in favor of the same old crooked corporate Democrat cronies decades.

  32. It's common sense who the logical person the people want for president. It's ironic how Andrew Yang can manage to get acceptance from both Republicans and Democrats. It's obvious Andrew Yang should be our next president.

  33. It’s like they picked all the kids on the playground who are mad and angry and all they do is cry when they don’t get the toy they want to play with. Democrats are really stupid. Trump 2020

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