Depression: A Student’s Perspective

Depression: A Student’s Perspective

This is Todd. Todd wakes up at 7:00 a.m.
to go to the gym it’s his favorite part of the day. Todd then goes to class. He
never skips classes and is an excellent student.
Todd catches up with some friends after class before going home to eat dinner
with his housemates. Todd loves to eat. Lately Todd hasn’t been feeling like himself. He has trouble sleeping at night. He
doesn’t feel motivated to workout in the gym in the morning like he used to.
He’s been having trouble concentrating in class and is losing his appetite.
Todd’s friends are worried about him and encourage him to go see a doctor. The
doctor asks Todd to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. The doctor analyzes Todd’s symptoms and diagnoses him with major depressive disorder. Todd does not want
to tell anybody about his depression worried about what his friends might
think if they found out. Don’t worry Todd, I will explain all
there is to know about depression and clear up any misconceptions. To start off
what exactly is depression? Major depressive disorder is a mental health
disorder characterized by persistently low mood. The average length of a
depressive episode is seen to be six to eight months. According to a study done
by Raw and colleagues nearly 20% of people will experience a major
depressive episode at some point in their lives. Some of the major emotional
symptoms include deep feelings of sadness, reduced interest in previously
enjoyed activities, low sexual desire, restlessness, feelings of worthlessness,
constant irritability, social withdrawal, and recurrent thoughts of suicide. There
are also many physiological symptoms associated with depression. Some of the
most prevalent include unintentional weight loss, insomnia, loss of energy and
even slowed movement or speech. Depression can really affect you in the
long run. Behavior caused by depression can cause a downfall in a student’s
academic abilities, disrupt meaningful relationships with loved ones and lead
to malnutrition. Therefore it is very important to seek treatment.
Major depressive disorder can result from a number of things especially for a
student. It is likely due to a complex
combination of factors including genetics: people who have first-degree
relatives who also undergo depression are at a higher risk themselves. Personal
life events: tragic events such as the death of a family member,
loss of a job, divorce, or any other type of stressful occurrence, can increase
chances of depression. Traumatic childhood, sexual or psychological abuse,
neglect, poverty, and an unhealthy lifestyle or a predisposition to
developing depression later on in life. Drugs and medication: prescribed
medication such as corticosteroids can cause side effects resulting in
depression. The abuse of recreational drugs including amphetamines can
increase chances of depression too. There are different ways to treat depression depending on the severity of the disorder and other circumstances. First
off, there are several antidepressant medications that act upon different
neurotransmitters in the body. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI is
an example of a drug that increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which
is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Although there are many drugs
that can be obtained to eliminate depressive symptoms it is not a
long-term solution. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal
psychotherapy are the two main types of therapies used
to treat depression. They help individuals focus on the present and
encourage the regaining of control over mood and functioning. However, the best
solution is to have support from loved ones to help alleviate feelings of
depression. For example, having a sit-down talk with family members to discuss
practical solutions to ongoing problems can reduce symptoms of depression. There
are many facilities here at the McMaster campus to help students deal with
depression. One of them includes the McMaster Wellness Center where students
are able to talk to counselors, receive advice, and join therapeutic groups with
individuals experiencing similar problems.
Additionally, the peer support line at McMaster allows any student to call and talk to volunteers about what they are feeling.
Unfortunately, in this time and age, there is still stigmatization associated with
depression. However, both education and spreading awareness are key to ending
the stigma that occurs in society. This negative stereotype of disgrace or
discredit towards individuals experiencing mental illness sets them
apart from others. Not only does it hurt the feelings of individuals experiencing
depression, but it also causes them to feel like they are not good enough. This
must stop. The results of a study done by Stangler,
Wensky, and colleagues displays that 45% of people surveyed reported concrete
instances of stigmatization after receiving treatment for depression.
However, through treatment education and understanding we can suppress the
effects of major depressive disorder. Our goal is to put an end to stigmatization
and to create a comfortable environment for everyone by coming together and
understanding depression is common and perfectly acceptable in our society. For
more information, please visit


  1. I have low Iron but like I feel like I have depression because I really started to do a Narrative I really loved, but I lost interest in it a lot. Idk whuts wrong wit meh 🙁

  2. I’m in middle school and I have depression but I smile ?

    Now I’m mentally insane, cry at nothing, want to die, etc

  3. i will spend the rest of my life wondering and seeking for something to live for, that is why m alive i think, just to wonder

  4. I remember as I child I helped charity, helped save a person's life and someone said something rude about me. It wasn't much. But it was by my mom. I always loved my dad more, my mom was alright.. I guess. But it affected me. I was crying in the bathroom for ten minutes, they may not seem depressed, but when you're not there they may be struggling.
    One thing can change everything.

  5. The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you dont Arthur Fleck aka Joker

  6. Her: 12-65 years old and 6-8 months

    Me:depressed when she was 10 years old its been more than 2 years

    Moral of this comment: this video is a lie

  7. I don’t know how to tell my mum I feel like this. I feel every symptom of this and I want to get help or see a doctor. But i need to tell my mum.

  8. There was a period in my life where I could see no happiness in my future. Im sure everyone here can relate when I say it was during high school. Halfway through my sophomore year I went through a major downward spiral in my life. I was struggling with feelings of self loathing and disappointment in myself.

    I kept looking in the mirror and that little voice that's always in your head was saying

    "Look at you, you're pathetic. No wonder you've never had a girlfriend, who would want to be with someone like you? Why don't you go hang out with your friends? Oh wait, you have almost no friends, and even the ones you do have never want to hang out. Not that you ever ask.

    What about that one girl in chemistry class? You seem to relate to her alot, share many interests, and she actually talks to you. Too bad shes also going through a rough time in her life. Her feelings of self worth are gone considering her grades are so bad. Not to mention shes trapped in an abusive relationship she regretted getting herself into, with an overly clingy man child who only wanted sex out of their relationship. She also gets little support at home from parents who want her to get good grades but don't have enough time to get involved considering how many other kids they have. Shes a good artist though, she showed you some of her art. You pretend not to notice but you can see that her art was a reflection of her feelings. Being trapped with seemingly no way out. Being on display as some sort of prize to be had. She even showed you how she was digging her nails into the back of her neck. You didn't notice before because she had kept it covered up by her hair. Despite how horrifying this is to you you try to help her feel better. Get her to talk about her problems. And it does help, her. Not you. While shes letting her emotions out your keeping yours bottled up inside, silently. You put on a fake facade of happiness. Why? Because now you no that she has enough problems to deal with without you pushing your problems onto her. You've made her care about you now, idiot. So instead just be a sponge for all of her sadness, ok. Just hide your sadness.

    Mom and Dad are noticing your grades are going down? They keep yelling at you for it. You try your best but you keep struggling with quizzes and deadlines. Not to mention you have some of the worst teachers you've ever seen. A PE teacher who wont stop yelling even when were not doing anything. Shes nothing like last years. There's also that creepy chemistry teacher. He never teaches the material well and makes his quizzes way harder than they should be. He also sent you to the office that one time just for throwing a pencil across the room. Haven't you realized that there's no fun allowed here? Then there's that history teacher. She piles on a crippling amount of work that you can barely manage to get done. With all this and much more im surprised you've managed to keep your grades where they are, even if they're a shell of what you had freshman year.

    Nobody really likes you. They're just putting up with you. None ever wants you on a team. Everyone turns away from you when its time to practice in French. None of your friends from freshman year seem to even remember you. And they're right, aren't they? Your always so quiet. And whenever you do talk its always something stupid. Your the slowest runner in gym class cause of that cerebral palsy you were unlucky enough to be born with. Even if its a minor case its still very noticeable. You try so hard to make them like you but they just won't. And they are right not to."

    There are many more things that the voice said to me but I think you get the just of it. In truth, I have no idea if this was a period of depression or just teenage angst. Im not going to be one of those people who "self diagnoses" themselves. All I know is that I was not happy. But here's the thing. All the pain that I have described to you was temporary. If you yourself are reading this and have depression, or am going through some sort of sad period in life than know this.

    Pain is temporary.

    Im not going to tell you how to feel better, you should see a doctor for that. I just want you to know that pain doesn't last forever. It will fade eventually. I know it sucks right now, but please just give it time. I guarantee there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be patient. I know it sounds like im just telling you to tough it out, im not. Go get help if you need it.

    If you've read up to this point, thank you. It means alot to me. And good luck out there 🙂

  9. You know what I hate? The fact that I don't even want help, I just want someone to sit with me and talk. Like once a week, just sit and talk about your feelings. I had this a while ago and it helped immensely. Unfortunately I am alone again. I know I can survive because I have, but I hate the thoughts going through my mind. The thoughts stay there now. They never come out. And it builds up.

  10. Message SilencedVictims on Instagram he helps people get through depression, anxiety and other feelings like them. He offers therapy for 10 times cheaper than a Therapist that you would have to go to and speak to face to face(£25/$35). He helps you through text because many people may not feel confident going out and seeing a therapist. This also gives you time to think and really express yourself, he is there to listen and assist.

  11. I’m to scared to talk about it.
    I don’t want my family to think about me as if I am a totally different person, if I tell them that I have depression.

  12. The worst is when depression comes from childhood trauma. It adds resentment because it started at no fault of your own. I hope and pray all people suffering from depression heal

  13. I asked my parents to take me to the doctor because I really haven't feelt well mentally since I remember. But they refused. They don't even want to talk about my problems. My mum yells at me anytime she sees me crying and she tells me that I'm weak. She doesn't want to listen to me. She even took away my phone when I told her that I don't want to practice on PE because it's really stressful to me. She said it's all because I spend too much time on my phone. But the problem is, I can't even talk to people. Something separates me from them, I'm scared of them. And also I don't want to be alone… Sounds like something you really want to feel in your life, doesn't it?

  14. When you only have 2 true friends, both have moves away and one of the friendships are fading quickly, my sister and I were so close but shes moved away now too everyone I was close to is gone and I feel so alone and empty

  15. Everytime my heart feel heavy I want to broke it in pieces, no one understand these feelings people think I'm the happiest person in the world.
    Do you know that my soul is gone and only my body is reacting ?

  16. Um actually I don't know why I am sad.I have understanding friends,good family and I am a medical student. My friends listen to me (somewhat)and I can talk to them,but still….ugh I don't know?I am so happy one time but it quickly fades away and I just want everyone to leave me alone but at the same time I want them near.I suddenly lost my interest in studies.I lost interest in all the things I loved.Idk I cant genuinely feel happy now.I Know I have to read but I just can't concentrate as I used to and it just stresses me out.Anyone feeling the same?pls help

  17. The hardest thing is waking up in the morning. I wake up everyday and everyone in my class thinks I’m the happiest person alive, when I actually have extreme anxiety and I have depression. Nothing seems right, even though everyone wonders why I’m even sad. I have big problems with myself, and my body image, and sometimes have the thought of hurting myself. I find it so hard to concentrate in school, and teachers are now starting to call my name to make sure I’m paying attention. I try so hard to be positive everyday, but it’s my biggest struggle. I have a crush, and it’s really obvious he likes me back, but it really crushes me, because I always doubt myself and wonder why he even likes me. Is there any way I can not be so depressed all the time, and have the strength to tell others? Multiple people I have told this to, they have told me to get over it… but they have never struggled with anything like depression, so they don’t know how hard it really is to. I feel like no one cares. And just overall don’t like me. The main reason is school. It’s so soul crushing, and it every day I become more and more anxious and depressed because of it. School is such a depressing place to be at. It feels like a prison when your there. Every day feels like a nightmare I can never wake up from.

  18. I don't know why I'm saying this on you tube but I just want to get it out. My cousin who is the same age as me and goes to the same school as me is the main problem. She just has this way of making me feel sad. You may think I'm overreacting but she has done this to me since we were little but I was too naive to notice. When we were little we would play pretend and be different characters I would want to be a character but she would always want to be the same one as me. From then she started to manipulate me into making it her way. However I only noticed this a month ago. In the present now, we both have the same friendship group. I noticed that whenever she had no one to hangout with she would come to me but when there was someone around she would try all possible ways to exclude me. I don't know if it's just a coincidence and I'm just over thinking things but it made me feel bad about myself. Now I don't think I have depression but I have been feeling really down and just gave up on trying to hang out with my friends without being excluded. I don't really care much about friendship anymore but again I'm not self diagnosing myself with depression. This whole thing is still going on and I don't know what to do about it.

  19. I have depression cuz mine family wants me to take their job we have restaurant and I really don't want to do that I want start mine own business and now I feel so worthless and start to don't give a fuck abaout anything I lost mine fire for job and life now I just want to be left alone for ever

  20. I’ve showed very strong signs of depression since I was 8 or so and that’s also when I started cutting but no one takes me seriously I feel useless and I feel like my blades are my only things I have control over i like to replace my mental pain with my physical pain but it’s just so hard. It’s hard to be happy it’s hard to hide. It’s hard to be alive.

  21. i can't figure out if i'm just very sad or depressed
    i just can't feel like myself anymore, like i'm not the one that lives the moment

  22. I think that people should, instead if just saying 'are you OK?' should actually try and find out the source if depression, try and cure it and be the best support they can. I am currently in a phase of depression and I know what it's like. All you want is someone to say that they're there for you, to support you and cheer you up.
    Depression isn't recognised enough

  23. If you're depressed in college, you're hopeless in the real world. College is legitimately 100x easier and more fun than the post college world. So if you're depressed then, you're fucked in life

  24. is it bad that i actually trust the internet more about my mental health than my friends or my parents who im supposed to know will always be there for me???

    i guess its cuz i keep thinking that they will think im lying about it or (for my parents) will think its just a phase as i am still a teenager :c

    like i keep telling myself to talk to others but my mind keeps restraining me from it so i have to deal with it myself

  25. Sometimes I'm sitting on the floor of the balcony, looking up at the sky, praying to God to help. I don't think god listens to everyone of us. Sometimes I feel that I am selfish. I always think about myself. I always think about why I'm feeling sad and why I can't be normal. Sometimes I feel that the world is a better place to live without me.

  26. Wake in a sweat again
    Another day's been laid to waste
    In my disgrace
    Stuck in my head again
    Feels like I'll never leave this place
    There's no escape

    I'm my own worst enemy

    I've given up
    I'm sick of feeling
    Is there nothing you can say?
    Take this all away
    I'm suffocating
    Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me?

    I don't know what to take
    Thought I was focused but I'm scared
    I'm not prepared
    I hyperventilate
    Looking for help somehow somewhere
    And no one cares

    I'm my own worst enemy

    I've given up
    I'm sick of feeling
    Is there nothing you can say?
    Take this all away
    I'm suffocating
    Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me?


    Put me out of my misery
    Put me out of my misery
    Put me out of my—
    Put me out of my fucking misery

    I've given up
    I'm sick of feeling
    Is there nothing you can say?
    Take this all away
    I'm suffocating
    Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me?

  27. to anybody who needs a helping hand, whether you think so or not, i'm here for you to talk to. please do. i want to help.

  28. the wost parts of depression:
    1. Pretendin to be happ
    2. Goin tru ut alone
    3. That feeling when u think ur sad but ur just empty

  29. No sleep no rest no positive thinking no love no passion no meeting with people no proper food no proper talk nothing suitable depression depression is real death and death have mercy from #depression

  30. Me: Has a major type of depression
    Literally every brain cell in my body: Ok so we pretend to be happy but we aren't
    Me: Yeah i guess
    Me 2 seconds later: Cries for no freaking reason at nothing for hours

  31. I wish they can see my pain but they can't, I'll be in class even when we got free time and I'll just put my head down from the overthinking and sad thoughts that cloud my head. I had friends lots of em but I've slowly started to convince myself they all hate me and from this I feel even more unloved. Things are a mess at home and at this point I dont know what to do. I used to play sports (Football, wrestling) but now I've lost all motivation to do anything I'm on Thanksgiving break right now and all I want to do is stay in my bed away from everyone. It's not that I dont want to socialize I do I really do but I just stare at the ground I lose hope in everything I once said that were viewed as jokes and get a sense of numbness. I cant help the thought of losing all my emotions it's almost as I only feel 2 emotions (sadness, anger, and very small brief moments in the day were I'll feel happy for the slightest bit of time). I just want to be happy again but I've slowly convinced myself that happiness isn't alive anymore and I dont know what to do.

  32. "Having a sitdown talk with family members…"

    The last time i tried to talk about my feelings my mom made fun of me told me stop being a loser and an attention seeker.

  33. Hey um I’m doing pretty bad right now for the past 5 months I’ve been going through a lot parents divorce, not having enough money, failing classes, and my mind has been telling me I’m stupid and pathetic and even if I did try I wouldn’t succeed I’ve been paranoid of my friends finding me annoying I’m scared to talk about them about my personal life because I’m scared I’ll be labeled as “weak” or a “attention seeker” and my mom has tried to get me into a therapist but she never did we don’t have enough money and I’m feeling useless I can’t do anything to help my family I’ve been getting outbursts my temper is getting shorter it’s getting worse but I’m trying my best to smile and move on but I can’t understand why I can’t move on

  34. My dad had depression for 20 fucking years in college. He got better but now it's back. I wish I can say it gets better but now I'm not so sure.

  35. I see a Lot of comments related to "i'm depressed" and most of the reasons are related to school, hmmmmmm, it's time to change something

  36. I moved in The UK. Everything is different.I have friemds to ait at lunch with but.They wont undsrstand.Saying random comments that shows that im depresses to my mom she will just say "wow atop acfing like this ur doing it to urself "

  37. It's horrible when you're usually the top student but now your grades are getting lower because of a mental illness..

  38. My Daily activity
    Wake up, Prepare to school, School, Back to the home Then sleep and that like a cycle
    And I fell life is worthless and just tired

  39. Dumbasses (I don’t really want to include our parents but whatever) : School is what starts your dream!

    Also students : commits suicide

    All though I just feel like it but no, I’m not gonna kill myself

  40. as soon as i enter the school building, i just feel constantly uncomfortable, like I can never relax and be myself and it's utterly exhausting emotionally. it started in middle school: i never felt good enough, like no matter how hard i tried i just wasn’t like everyone else. i would get so upset or so mad so quickly and without reason. i never understood why all of the other children were so happy and carefree. my grades dropped from straight As to Cs, and i didn’t feel the excitement of doing anything anymore. i no longer cared what happened to me. my family never suspected a thing, and they still don't. i had no desire to be around my parents or friends. i would stay in my room and play games or watch youtube to avoid being around people. i never bothered to seek help. my teachers would celebrate when i would crack a smile and laugh since it was something that i would rarely do.

    long story short: school is a horrid system. learning is great and all, but our current school system is so fucked that instead it literally gives us all clinical depression. of course everyone has a different experience, but that's just my part of the whole.

  41. The thing is that my problem just cant be solved, at least not in the near future, and i can literly not talk about it with anyone.

  42. I’ve been going through so much shit lately. I’ve been depressed for the past couple years but not as bad until now. I’ve lost the majority of my friends, my parents tell me how much of a disappointment I am, and me and my girlfriend broke up. She gave me so much happiness now I can’t get any of it. I’m failing school cause I can’t concentrate and I’m losing hope on my future

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