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  2. Listened to the above lecture. Leave your philosophy at the door. By this I mean people who do not believe in gay marriage may not be prejudiced as you imply. Perhaps their religious, social and culture attitudes has been strengthened by traditional thinking along to road to maturation. With 98% of Americans married to the opposite sex are you implying they are all prejudiced?

  3. Why don't psychiatrist explain this? I literally have had multiple labels but no diagnosis until about a year ago, but right before my Dr. Moved he tells me he does not think I I have what he diagnosed me with. However they put me on medicine that I feel I should have a diagnosis for or don't prescribe me the medicine at all! I get why some people don't know they have a mental illness,but it's not true for every single illness. Someone with depression knows it and completely understands something isn't right. I am frustrated with mental health doctors.

  4. I've had all these symptoms, some more than others but it's been for years not for a short while.

  5. Has your vagina ever been rubbed raw by a penis? The anus isn't meant for intercourse, especially given the presence of fecal material and bacteria such as ecoli. Certain social stigmas have been confirmed by social bias, and peer review over a large sample of culturally diverse subjects in the wild and are well deserved. Homosexuality is indeed an unhealthy path for a human to take…

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  8. I experience all these symptoms and even had severe anxiety i was diagnosed about a week ago with both severe depression and anxiety as much as i see happiness and love i dont feel it its like almost incapable it seems

  9. Recent evidence revealed that antidepressant pills increase suicide risks by 2-5 times. [a][b][c][d][e][h]
    Cognitive behavioural therapy halves the risk of repeated suicide attempts. [k]
    Furthermore, antidepressants increased all cause mortality by 33%! [i][j]
    Another meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychiatry has found that even patients with the most severe depression can expect to get as much benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as those with less severe symptoms. [f]
    Even Behavioural Activation effectively decreases depressive symptoms. [g]
    Trained grandmothers are better than psychiatrists.
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  10. i couldnt finish watching your video bc its inaccurate. i have major depressive disorder. it is very different from depression. educate yourself before wasting time with false facts. your mdd info is the decription for depression.

  11. Guys I recently shared my story of my depression and how to overcome it. Check it out on my channel. Please check it out and let me know if you've felt the same way and if it helps. The same way it's helped me.

  12. "What does the Bible say about depression? How can a Christian overcome depression?"

    Answer: Depression is a widespread condition, affecting millions of people, Christians and non-Christians alike. Those suffering from depression can experience intense feelings of sadness, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms. They may begin to feel useless and even suicidal, losing interest in things and people that they once enjoyed. Depression is often triggered by life circumstances, such as a loss of job, death of a loved one, divorce, or psychological problems such as abuse or low self-esteem.

    The Bible tells us to be filled with joy and praise (Philippians 4:4; Romans 15:11), so God apparently intends for us all to live joyful lives. This is not easy for someone suffering from situational depression, but it can be remedied through God's gifts of prayer, Bible study and application, support groups, fellowship among believers, confession, forgiveness, and counseling. We must make the conscious effort to not be absorbed in ourselves, but to turn our efforts outward. Feelings of depression can often be solved when those suffering with depression move the focus from themselves to Christ and others.

    Clinical depression is a physical condition that must be diagnosed by a physician. It may not be caused by unfortunate life circumstances, nor can the symptoms be alleviated by one's own will. Contrary to what some in the Christian community believe, clinical depression is not always caused by sin. Depression can sometimes be caused by a physical disorder that needs to be treated with medication and/or counseling. Of course, God is able to cure any disease or disorder. However, in some cases, seeing a doctor for depression is no different than seeing a doctor for an injury.

    There are some things that those who suffer from depression can do to alleviate their anxiety. They should make sure that they are staying in the Word, even when they do not feel like it. Emotions can lead us astray, but God's Word stands firm and unchanging. We must maintain strong faith in God and hold even more tightly to Him when we undergo trials and temptations. The Bible tells us that God will never allow temptations into our lives that are too much for us to handle (1 Corinthians 10:13). Although being depressed is not a sin, one is still accountable for the response to the affliction, including getting the professional help that is needed. “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name” (Hebrews 13:15).

  13. You will read a great deal of fact ideas on this therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also clear and understandable. I now volunteer at a shelter and the joy I get from assisting other individuals. I really had no directions in life before I read this book. I never wanted to go out and speak with individuals for many years and been consuming antidepressants to heal depression..

  14. Depression , hopeless , UPSET , and darkness . My brother and sister they all the SAME . Borrow MY item like borrowing it FOREVER . ITS THE SAME . I Have lost SO MANY THINGS IN THE PAST . What they scared so much was their secrets . I keep their secret in my head . IF my sister PASS THE LINE WAY FURTHER . I gotta tell my MOM AND DAD THEIR FUCKING SECRET . I CANT KEEP IT . THEY STOLE MY EARPHONE . MY 100$ MOUSE . MY POWER BANK . WHAT THEY RETURN . MY SISTER : FUCKING ABSOULTELY NOTHING . MY BROTHER : FUCKING 20$ MOUSE THAT WONT EVEN WORK . OH LASTLY WHEN I TRIED TO ASK MY BROTHER MY MOUSE BACK . THIS IS WHAT HE SAID . "You dont even have a computer" . I feel like my hand want to stab them so hard .

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