Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

– What happens when you make
a stress ball out of chili? And more importantly, how
fun is that to destroy? – I don’t know but we’re
gonna create and destroy all sorts of unusual stress balls. – We’re gonna do that
using this vacuum chamber, which will create a low
pressure environment that allows the balloon inside to expand. That’ll let us put anything
we want inside of them. – Seems legit, let’s get started. – So we’ve got Insta-Snow here. – Alright, now this is fake snow – It’s a little powder that you
add a little bit of water to and it just fluffs up into this cool, fluffy, snow-like powder. We’re gonna put it in the vacuum chamber. Stretch it around the lip,
vacuum chamber commencing. (whooshing) Alright – It’s the snow going in – Oo, that’s flowing down nicely. – Yes, alright I think that a stress ball full of Insta-Snow is
gonna be pretty nice. – We’ll relieve the pressure now. The pressure is equalized. – We ballin’? Yeah! – Oh yeah, that’s a good one. – Incredible! – Oh it feels a lot
like a stress (mumbles). – Let me try that. – Get in there – Oh yeah. – Got some good squish. – Oh that’s a great stress ball. – It’s got a lot of give. – I think we should destroy this. – I think that needs to happen. – Let’s do it. (electronic dance music) – Let’s make some slime. – Let’s do it. Alright, so you’re gonna
take some of the glue here, and you’re gonna be
really precise about it. – Yep. – Equal parts water. – Looks like a big, soupy mess right now. Okay now we’re gonna add some foam balls. – Yeah! – This looks like some really
awesome cereal, starchin’! – Oh yeah, starchin’! Oh yeah. – There’s something strangely satisfying about how nice this is sliding in there. So weird, slime ropes. – Holy moly – I think we made the best one. – This is a lot like a water balloon. – Just, it’s got more squish. Oh, it’s hard to pick up
’cause it just wants to like ooze out of your hands, it’s heavy. – It’s so heavy. Look at how much jiggle it’s got. – Yeah, slap that. (upbeat music) – It’s chili! – Uh, it’s chili, that’s weird. – Let’s fill a stress
ball with it, why not? Oh, gross. – That’s not gonna work at all. – That clogged up our funnel instantly. – We’re just gonna have
to dump that in there. – That’s gonna be a straight dump job. – Get real sloppy. Ah, there it is, just chili on the hands. – What are we doing? – This feels so weird. – I can’t tell what’s your
finger and what’s a bean. – Sorry! – You just got chili everywhere. – I’m sorry, it was coming
out slowly at first. – Oh my gosh. – What’s happening? It went
(makes noise with mouth). – It slipped and it spit some out. – I think we’re pretty much done. – I think this is much chili
as we can get in there. – Yes, chili stress ball. – It feels like an organ, it’s strange. – Look at that. – That is strange. It’s a little bit too
soft to be a stress ball. There’s not enough, like, resistance, to be fully stress ball. – There’s too many beans
to be a stress ball. – Let’s cut it open and see what’s inside. – Let’s do it! – Yeah! (symphony music) – Spitballs, these are just, you know, squishy little balls
of water, essentially. Down the hatch. – Hey, yeah there we go. – Hey, funnel. – They’re very bouncy. – I think this is gonna make
a fantastic stress ball. – Equalizing pressure. – Equalize! Oh, this is kind of
strange-looking to my eyes. – Oh. – The spitballs aren’t
moving inside but that latex around them is gliding around them. – Get in there, it’s so
satisfying and weird! – Oh yeah – That’s a two-person lifter. – It’s so weird that the
spitballs don’t move. – I know what we can do with it though. – We can destroy it. – Oh yeah, we can. (upbeat music) – We’ll just get right into this. – Yeah, they taste about right. – I think this is gonna be
really satisfying, actually. I’m a little concerned that the coarseness of the Crispies might damage
the thin layer of balloon. – Yeah – But I’m optimistic that, ’cause I think this one would feel really cool. It’s okay if you spill a little. – Alright, that’s weird, yeah. When should I be stopping? – That’s probably enough. Oh, this sound. Oo, did you hear it crunching in there? – Yeah Yes, yes. That’s nice. Give it a toss. – Oh yeah, that is light, it’s mostly air. – Does it have a good mash factor? – Yeah (both yelling) Easy to destroy. (rock music) – Up next is gelatin. – It’s pre-set Jello, just in liquid form, it’s gonna set inside the
balloon and then we’re gonna have, hopefully, a
squishable Jello stress ball. – More Jello, please! – More Jello to the king’s castle! There we go. We got a balloon full
of really sugary juice. – It’s like a warm
water balloon right now, but through the magic of production, we’ve already set some of
these aside to get solid, so we’ll see what those feel like now. Alright, so we have a
fully-set Jello stress ball, how does it feel? – Awesome. – This one has a little
bit of an air bubble in it, and I don’t know if you
can see that on the camera, but it’s not moving as you move it around, so clearly it’s a solid piece in there. – That’s Jello, man. (calm music) – Yes! – Alright, these are the
orange cream gummy bears, well, we better make sure. – You’re sure they’re gummy bears? – That one was a gummy bear. – Mhmm. – That one’s a gummy bear too. I think they’re probably all gummy bears. – I mean, better get a second opinion. – Yeah, okay. – Are these gummy bears? – Yeah you better, Drew’s gonna check and make sure they’re gummy bears. – No, those are gummy bears. – Good. – You can’t put those in,
’cause they fell on the outside. – Yeah, the ones that
fell out are- oh, yeah. – Are these gummy bears? – Make sure they’re gummy bears. – They’re gummy bears. – [Both] They are? Good. – This is gonna be the smallest one because we ate them all. – That was approximately
800,000 gummy bears. So we are full, equalize the pressure. That’s the best smelling stress ball. – Smells like gummy bears and balloons. – Oh wow, that’s real tiny. It got compressed! – There’s no way we ate that many. – It’s squishy, but it
doesn’t like hold its squish. – Yeah, and you can’t really squish too much because it’s kind of dense. This looks a lot like an
avocado in my opinion. Just give you like a, it’s
like a little massage. – Oh yeah, that’s kind of, oh yeah. Dude, this is nice, dude. Orange cream gummy bear stress ball. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Alright, we have
crunchy snow stress balls, they’re stress balls that
when you crunch them, they kind of sound and feel like- – There’s like snow in there. – Snow crunching. – You walk, I’ll be your foley artist. – Okay. – Danny (mumbles) walked
through the snowy mountain. This is kinda like stress
ball-ception because we’re putting stress balls inside of a balloon to make another stress ball. I think that’s gonna be
maximum stress relief. Hey, Dan. You guys making stress balls? – It’s not that big,
but it’s got some good- – It’s got good bounce. – There’s something wrong
about this (mumbles) – It’s unsettling. – It’s got a good bounce. – I like the weird,
awkward-like wobbly bounce. – It’s got a random jiggler effect. – Let’s break it! (upbeat music) – Moving on to Mad Matter. – Mad Matter. This is a Vat 19 product
that is, on it’s own, just fun to play with. Is it better in a stress ball? – We’re gonna find out. – Drop us a deuce! Oh, the sound. – You know what, you’re
a little slow here, I’m just gonna get in there. – Alright, you’ve got your
method, I’ve got mine. – Release pressure. – Wow, that is, it’s got some heft. – It definitely feels
really stress ball-y. – Oh yeah, that’s very relaxing. – Put your hands on it and just like let yourself sink down into it. – Feels like I’m getting a massage. – I’ll massage you- – You’ll massage me while ah- – Okay, yeah. (upbeat music) – Play dirt. – Let’s get dirty. – Interesting trivia, places that don’t have dirt don’t get dirty. – That’s, I guess, technically true. Hmm, it’s got a- – It’s got a scent. – I’m not gonna call it a funk, but it’s- It’s heavy? – I think we can press this one a lot. – Really? – Because like think about
it, it came from five of those buckets and look how small it is. – Yeah, let me see. – It’s heavy. – Oh, dang, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s how heavy that is. That’s a scientific measurement
of how heavy that is. – How heavy is this? – That heavy. – That heavy. – Yep. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Find our whole
collection of curiously awesome gifts at – It made a little fart sound
when it finished that time – Oh, jeez, that did not rip well. – They’re like little bouncy balls. – Oh my gosh! Oh, gosh. – You scared the bejeezus out of me.


  1. What other creative ways are there to destroy stress balls that we haven't thought of?
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  2. Like if you agree when Danny and John were doing the jello one when they take out the stress ball it looks like a heart

  3. 3:34
    * pulls chilli stress ball out*
    Jon: “eWw It FeElS lIKe An OrGaN”

    How does he know what an organ feels like?!?

  4. They should fill a stress ball whith snow stress balls then put more of those stress balls into a massive stress ball…

  5. Person number 1:-eats gummy bear- Person number 2:-eats gummy bear-person number 3:-eats gummy bear-ME:MY POOR BABY'S!!!!!!!

  6. 3:34, How does Joey know what an organ feels like?

    Just something to think about…
    Edit: Just realized that that was Jon, not Joey, lol

  7. 8:59 that enough, hey what are you doing? STOP I SAOD ENOUGH, NOW GREAT AND NOW ITS DESTROYED AND DON'T NE HAPPY BC IM ANGRY

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