Did New Type of Snoring Strip Help This Sleepless Couple?

He was screaming. Yeah, like really pain, excruciatingly painful. I mean like, like you take like ripping off a band-aid and like do it like times like a hundred. Everybody out there, the whole idea is that this strips are opening up the middle third of the nose so called nasal valve area, which is the most narrow part of your nose. It’s sort of like a little stay, but for this to work as you see you’ve gotta pull pretty hard meaning that the stick them on this product has to be
Yeah… Pretty adhesive. It’s very, it’s really adhesive. And, and I think that if there was a way to make a little bit less adhesive, I’d be on board like I… Oh yeah! You know, she would be on board for sure. They do work. I think that’s probably part of the trade off, is that you need such a strong adhesive to hold you positionally in place so you don’t snore,
Yeah. That it is going to stick to your skin that top layer and peal it of when you take it off. Yeah. I think that also adhesives can commonly cause something called an (mumbles), and we see that where even the material in something maybe hypoallergenic like these strips are supposed to be, but then over time the adhesive it self causes a reaction in the body, that’s when people come back and they have those red lines and (mumbles) for their band-aids.
Yeah. As well, so I suspect that maybe a component of both (mumbles) plus synthetic adhesive is just so strong it’s going to tear anything off with it. Yeah. Maybe, maybe if you were to consider using these again, you can use something like acetone to help loosen it and get rid of the adhesive, at least so that even if it’s a little irritated doesn’t actually tear off your skin with it. Yeah.
We did have another couple that we tested, Loran and (mumbles), they also tested the product but I’m sorry to report their experience was so bad they didn’t even want to come on the show and talk about it. (laughter) So, so you know I think it’s probably some of the, the problems you had with application and getting it off Yeah.
That didn’t work. Yeah but there are other things you can try, cause I, I see a little bit of sadness in your eyes girl. Like a little something, we gotta get them some help. No sleep. (laughter) I mean snoring affects almost 90 million Americans, you’re not alone. I snore and I didn’t know it either. You don’t look like you snore. Cause I know I don’t look like, but my husband, my husband, not so graciously has pointed this out on numerous occasions that I snore really badly, but make sure you don’t have sleep (mumbles) because this is absolutely not gonna help you at all. It isn’t safe if you have sleep (mumbles). But then to definitely be careful about the way, the way you choose to address it. Maybe with some help for the adhesive, maybe this is the reasonable option for you. Honestly, I felt really good the next day which I wasn’t expecting. If it did (mumbles) off the skin I’ll probably use it.
Yeah, as long as you don’t need your skin it works. (laughter) We all need our skin. (mumbles) Hailey and Chris, thank you for coming, you’re a delightful couple and… (applause) Snoring or no snoring it’s working for you two.

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