On the occasion of the twenty years of Victoire de
Castellane’s creation at the head of Dior’s jewelry… A documentary abut twenty years of
creative madness! A diorcumentary. LOIC: Hello Victoire Hello Loic. Open your eyes, for this video we have collected
the jackpot: 50 million euros in jewelry! Sapphires, emeralds, kunzites, diamonds,
a storm of opals, rivers of rubies! I will show you all my treasures! Indeed, La Maison Dior has
exceptionally, and for the first time, opened its fine jewelry archives to us. And as that was not enough,
we also emptied and repatriated the safes of Dior Fine Jewelry
collectors from all continents! An unprecedented filming, and one that
we will never be able to reproduce! All that to try to feel, to go around the unbridled,
fascinating and intriguing spirit of Victoire de Castellane. Welcome and subscribe to the channel! 1999 is the year of Jennifer Lopez,
Matrix, of the economic bubble. Mobile phones look like this. Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter do not exist. Britney Spears is dating Justin Timberlake. LOIC: So it’s 1999. Yes. LOIC: And what happened in 1999? So in 1999 I arrived at Dior to create
the Dior jewelry that did not exist. I meet Bernard Arnault.
And There you go! By magic it begins. LOIC: It’s a start-up.
It is a start-up yes! LOIC: it’s daring because in 1997 when
he met you, you never did jewelry. Yes it’s true,
but I was making fine jewelry at Chanel. LOIC: So what do we have as a
testimony of this first collection? There you have the
Incroyable et Merveilleuse. LOIC: so it’s like the
crinoline of the rings! Yes, there is a large volume.
It is made with 80 carat stones. These stones were also forgotten
Place Vendôme because people did not use them.
Place Vendome had only 4 precious stones: Ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond. And I found it interesting
to give a chance again to stones that were widely used in the 50s or 40s and
which had been set aside. Loic: This is a slightly cognac color. This is a citrine. LOIC: Is that a citrine? Or maybe it’s an orange beryl.
I have a doubt. Well… We used both! LOIC: And you have another, right? And
I have another! There I have an amethyst which is with a paving
of tourmaline paraiba and diamonds and you have little seahorses. This is the theme of the sea,
they hold the stone like caryatids. LOIC: Is it set with seahorses? Yes here it is, small seahorses which are set
in paraiba with pink sapphires and diamonds. And fashion immediately loved it.
That was great. LOIC: We are in the year 2000.
What is this collection called? Isn’t it Bagatelle? LOIC: Yes! Well done!
The Dior triffle rose good memory! LOIC: Why Bagatelle? Bagatelle, because there is Bagatelle park. LOIC: Which is close to Paris? Yes, quite close to Paris.
It’s in the Bois de Boulogne. When I read the book on Dior and in his
archives he also named a trifle dress. I thought it was a nice name
for a collection of roses. LOIC: So there are only roses in this
collection? Yes, roses in diamonds especially. You have double roses with
pink sapphire and diamonds and small emeralds and
cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds and the flower with
different heights with the petals. And then we have the
necklace with the beginning of the idea of rosewood which
goes around the neck suddenly. Because I found it very nice to make the
whole rose an identity with its stem. There are small subtleties
with pastel colors of stones. Pale pink, or pale green… LOIC: Why? To look pretty. LOIC: Do you feel like you
calm down a bit visually? No I would say it is a classic
collection, you need some. And the rose is perfect in this spirit. LOIC: How long have you been
working on this necklace? It’s always more or less a year. LOIC: It’s been a year of work? Yes of course to develop. We have to
take the time to do things by hand. Anyway, everything is done by hand,
we have no choice but to wait. So Mimi Oui! I wanted each girl to
be able to afford a small diamond. Nice to imagine it with a little chain, something very delicate that was
the opposite of the incredibles. That’s what I like,
playing with the volumes. And I thought it was almost
like lingerie jewelry. A ring that could disappear under another.
And it cost around 490 euros. I thought it was good. I said to myself people can save
and afford a diamond and that all the girls on the planet
could have a MIMI YES diamond. It is good to dream but if you can
never afford it, I find it depressing. It does not interest me to work like that. So here, MIMI OUI exists in white gold
and yellow gold and a full collection. Of bracelets, rings,
earrings and there are even necklaces. But well… it’s out of stock. Sold out! LOIC: Can you tell us about the earrings?
Yes, small chains with two diamonds. Simple, discreet. I know very well that not everyone
wants to wear big jewelry. And it’s made like fine
jewelry, that’s what I love. This is what is important, it is done
with quality, made in Paris or in France. All this is on the territory. LOIC: It’s respected.
Yes it is respected. LOIC: I think it was a success?
It was very successful indeed. LOIC: Were you happy about it? Well yes it’s great.
I think it’s sad when it does not sell. It’s like I failed my thing! 2002, The iPod, Nolwenn Leroy wins
Star Academy. Cameras on phones. Britney and Justin split. Victoire de Castellane
launches a collection of narrative jewelry, The Vampire’s fiancée, each piece of jewelry
is the chapter of a morbid love story. The story of a young girl who
wears a cross and meets a vampire. He falls in love with her and as she
wears a cross he can’t approach her. He offers her jewelry so
that she leaves her cross. And so she will suddenly be vulnerable
and he will bite her on the neck. She became a vampire. And they can
live their love story completely. And I forgot to say that before he
had offered her a skull to tell her “If you stay with your cross, you’re going to
die but if I bite you you won’t die anymore”. You get the idea? LOIC: It seems to me that at the time
skulls were not at all fashionable and once you launched them there was a
furious madness of skulls in jewelry? Codognato who is a Venetian
jeweler has always made skulls. So it’s not as if I invented it … It’s just that in traditional
jewelry, the skull was not done. But then after it’s true that
I saw the skull on everything. Like on t-shirts…
The skull was very fashionable in 2000’s. LOIC: Weren’t you afraid that
it becomes too morbid or bloody? No because it’s a happy ending.
It’s eternal love. LOIC: Love wins in the end. LOIC: So Victoire we are in 2003! Yes in 2003 there is the NOUGAT family. So the idea is molten gold. I think it’s super beautiful to
imagine like a melting gold ingot. LOIC: How did you find this name? Well precisely!
The caramel dipped in melted gold. The caramel melts and the
gold followed that shape. It reminded me of Winnie
the Pooh with flowing honey. LOIC: So we are really in a
vocabulary of the delicious? LOIC: You tell us something
quite autobiographical… So as a child my mother had made me
a small bracelet with charms which she had hung with love,
that’s what she told me. And I had found pliers in my grandparents. And as I loved to tinker
and to transform things. I destroyed this jewelry
and I made earrings of it. LOIC: But it seemed to me that you completely
melted them? – Yes I did that at 12 years old. I had religious medals, I thought it was… And I didn’t want to wear this
so I melted them in a ring. I was very proud of my project. LOIC: Can you tell me about the earrings? I said to myself “Well, it would not
be bad to make creole in nougat”. And it’s this side a bit like
that random and asymmetrical. I love the asymmetry in jewelry. And I love the imperfect
side I find that interesting. LOIC: Like the rings you wear today? Yes, these are a little baroque.
This is Australian opals. LOIC: And which are also asymmetrical.
It’s the asymmetry of nature there. Yes exactly, I find it beautiful. To take things
as they come and ultimately sublimate them. LOIC: So it’s 2004. It was my love for opal that
made me draw a collection where we find animals that
are a little scary usually. I wanted to sublimate things and I
thought of making jellyfish with opals. What is wonderful in jewelry: you can make strange
unfriendly animals, but they will never hurt you. These are earrings.
– LOIC: Are these earrings? Blue opal, white opal, different
sapphires, in roses, in greens, in blues. And also with garnets,
pink sapphires and blue sapphires. And there you have a gradient and you
also have drops in different sapphires. LOIC: It’s amazing because we really see
an upward movement. – Yes they float. LOIC: How do you get this effect? Drops like that?
We sculpt them. In the gems. In sapphires yes. 2005, It’s the launch of Youtube. The phones
look like that. Brad Pitt meets Angelina Jolie. Destiny’s child split up. The DVDs.
Prison Break. Grey’s Anatomy. Victoire de Castellane launches “Oui”, the perfect word
to smile for camera. A collection still on sale today. LOIC: 2005?
– 2005 Yes! LOIC: Yes? Yes!
LOIC: Yes? Yes Yes! LOIC: Is it the game on the
syllables that interests you? Not at all. The idea was an wedding ring. When people say “yes” for marriage, I imagine
there was written “Yes” in place of the ring. LOIC: Is there a language barrier,
because it’s a French word? We could have said “Yes” but “Oui” makes
you smile and we are a French house. Loic: Is that your writting? Yes! LOIC: Is there a diamond on it? Yes there is a diamond! LOIC: Are these low prices?
– Yes! LOIC: Really?
– Yes! The idea was writing. As if we had drawn in a childish
way, writing “oui”. As we are in a fashion house
it can relate to the thread. LOIC: So here we are on a referendum
“yes yes yes”, three times. Yes you have it in pink gold, yellow
gold, white gold. We have it in a ring. We have it in an earring and
we have it in a bracelet. LOIC: So are we in 2006? The Diorette collection is really Milly-La-Forêt,
the garden of Christian Dior, its flowers. I had even seen a menu he had
designed with fairly naive flowers. There were daisies, an iris. I found it very pretty. It was lovely. I liked this very naive and very
simple side of a garden with the flowers that we find or imagine when we are
kids “what will we find in these gardens”. So there is an amethyst in the center but they existed
with morganites and aquamarines and citrines. Each decoration of lacquered flowers is
different depending on the center stone. LOIC: What is the
material of small daisies? It’s lacquered gold.
– LOIC: Lacquered gold? It’s lacquered by hand, painted by
hand and then it goes into the oven. And then we mount the ring. Each small element
is mounted, screwed around the stone. LOIC: I remember at the time it was
shocking that is almost seemed fake. It looks like it’s plastic or resin.
We cannot say that it is a precious stone. No, well it is! LOIC: And you play with
real to make it look fake? In fact I like the different readings. I often find that what’s extraordinary is to
make the real as fake or looks like fake. Because I find that it
has a more perverse side. LOIC: Yes it’s a bit perverse
– Possible LOIC: On a scale from 0 to10 how much
fun did you have on this collection? 10.5! LOIC: How do you present your
collections to Mr. Arnault for example? I usually show him when
the jewelry is finished. He sees the collection but obviously he has
heard of the collection before and its theme. But usually I show him when
all the pieces are there. LOIC: And he has fun when he sees that?
What is his reaction? Generally all the men who
come to see them try them. LOIC: Really? – They put it on
their fingers! It’s pretty funny! LOIC: So even Mr. Arnault does like me! – He
takes the ring, puts it on his little finger. LOIC: So we all do the same thing? Everyone does the same. LOIC: It’s irresistible.
– It’s irresistible. Jewelry is made to be worn! LOIC: So here we are in 2007? Yes 2007, BELLADONE. LOIC: But it was created in 2005? Absolutely. 2 years of work for
each collection of fine jewelry. It’s very long. LOIC: Can it be frustrating? It is, but fortunately there is a turnover. LOIC: These are the originals? These are the originals.
The first BELLADONE gouaches in fact. The idea of ​​BELLADONE was flowers that would
have been found on an island, carnivorous flowers. I have always been obsessed about nature
and the idea that nature can be dangerous. Strange flowers. When you’re a children you
think can a carnivorous flower eat me?”. I found it interesting to use the theme of the carnivorous
flower. And to to put a system to open the piece. It reminds me of movies. There were films like that in the 50s where there are
islands with Amazons or women who live together. Z movies are fun and it’s part of my creative
process. Hollywood movies, musicals, Hammer movies. I love all of that. The queen mother of flowers.
The one who controls the island. LOIC: You play more than the doll!
You play jewelry! These are free-cut, random-cut
diamonds, which are called cut diamonds. I find beautiful that these
diamonds look like water. They are rather flat and I think
it gives a mirror, aquatic effect. This flower was set with its diamonds of different sizes.
It’s bordered with lacquer. It comes from frustration. There are only three colors of gold and it’s frustrating.
Yellow, pink and white. Colors were missing. This is how I came up with the idea of ​​painting
gold and associating colored stones with it. The idea was to have blood drops
since it is a carnivorous flower. Small drops of red spinel and the plant stems
and leaves are lacquered with different greens. And small diamonds as if
there had been dew on it. LOIC: Did people think
you were crazy back then? I don’t know.
Is this madness or is it creation? There is the butterfly. The system opens and
closes. This collection lent itself very well. LOIC: The tips of the two antennas are? Small rubies. LOIC: How cut? Little drops. LOIC: Casual. And the rods are yellow gold? Yes. It’s the butterfly as a chameleon.
I like this idea. LOIC: On the hand, how big was it? Like that.
LOIC: On the hand, how big was it? Like that. LOIC: Quite an important piece? Yes it is an important one. LOIC: How much is the price? It’s price on request. LOIC: Should I worry when
you say price on demand? Yes. LOIC: Is it worth several cars? Yes.
– LOIC: Is it worth a boat? It depends if your car is new! That was a slightly mean ring. The diamonds are set in the stones directly,
it is the virtuosity of the ateliers. And there it is open.
With the sharp claws, a little scary. LOIC: It’s agressive. Dracula vibes! All that scares me in life, I want to
master it in jewelry. To sublimate it. 2008, the year of 3G.
Obama is elected to the White House. Twitter is two years old. Phones look like
this. Lady Gaga releases her first album. Victoire de Castellane is inspired by the flowers of
Milly La Forêt, the country house of Christian Dior. But flowers under the influence. LOIC: We are in 2008.
– Yes. LOIC: Fatal year. Economic crisis. There is MILLY CARNIVORA.
These are the babies of BELLADONE. LOIC: The little island where
Mr. Dior has is holiday home… Under a radioactive cloud! LOIC: Oops! The rings went crazy. Let’s say the
rings are a little more subversive. With slightly extreme
colors and different shapes. LOIC: Does that correspond to something
in your life? Did you take drugs? No. I never touched drugs. No need. It matches a desire for poison.
The poisonous flowers are a great theme. LOIC: Tell me about the
blue cord of the necklace? In jewelry there is not so much cord.
It is rather chains or necklaces in gold. I found it nice to imagine
a cord that you can change. It’s a contrast to the
green and red of the stones. It’s a little shaky
because we put briolettes. The jiggling gives shine and light. Almost an animal flower. A mixture
between the insect and the flower. LOIC: A chandelier exploded? Yes. There is a dark navy blue
lacquer inside the leaves. The details are extremely refined,
the wizardry of workshops. LOIC: 2009
– Kings and queens. LOIC: Pirates of the Caribbean
just came out, what happened? This is the sequel to
the Vampire’s fiancée. There is this crypt in Vienna. I went to visit
the Capuchin crypt and I found it extraordinary. I imaginated that into jewelry. There is this crypt in Vienna. I
went to visit the Capuchin crypt and I found it extraordinary. I imaginated that into jewelry. LOIC: Can you show us the couples? Each couple has their different crowns
with their clothes, a cape or a ruff. It’s like dolls dressed with precious
clothes. They had their own jewelry. I love to play with miniatures.
A jewel that it has its own jewelry. The ring wears a crown. LOIC: These are unique piece? – Yes,
all of these are absolutely unique pieces. LOIC: What’s the name of the stone?
– CHRYSOPRASE. LOIC: What was the reception
of this collection? Pretty good because we sold
them all to collectors. LOIC: How did we manage to
get this piece back today? It was loaned by a collector. LOIC: Everything was sold
out all over the world LOIC: We are in 2010.
– Rosewood. LOIC: Is it a fine jewelry collection? No it’s a collection of medium jewelry. LOIC: Medium jewelry. And smaller jewelry too. Rosewood, the stem of the rose. A good
alternative when you don’t like flowers. The rod. Daytime jewelry
or evening jewelry. The paved jewels are pretty at night as the frame
disappears and we only see the shining stones. The best light is the candle. LOIC: Bring your own candle. 2011, phones look like that. Steve Jobs disappears,
and also Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse. Rihanna’s We Found Love is played
at least six times every night. It’s the year of Bal des Roses. Dior is
the designer of glitzy balls after the war. I thought of roses going to the ball.
And these roses need dresses. They all have different dresses. Each rose has a hard carved stone color. Precious stones are added around. I was thinking of the Leopard the famous scene of
Claudia Cardinale, dancing with Burt Lancaster. All his women with incredible
crinolines, like flowers. LOIC: Is there a technical challenge here? Yes, because the idea was dancing rings.
The petals have movement. There are petals that stay
flatter, others shaped with curves. They’re in motion. Some are half opened. Others are languid, like women at the ball,
dozing off, sitting down, running away. It’s a picture in my head… There was a blue chalcedony
that made me think of the storm. Mixtures of color stones with
sapphires, it’s a pretty stormy ring! 2012. My Dior. The cannage. LOIC: Is it the first English title? Yes. A wordplay.
“My” and “Maille”, which means mesh. What is canage? The canage is a braiding of straw. Like the Napoleon
III chairs of the early Dior fashion shows. What I found beautiful was to
treat it first degree like straw. LOIC: Where else is it found in the house? We find it on the bags! LOIC: The quilted bags?
– Exactly. LOIC: 2013 and the
collection is called what? Dear Dior. LOIC: What does that mean? I’m writing to Mr Dior.
He still hasn’t answered me! LOIC: A dialogue with him? I like the idea of ​​never forgetting
the person who founded the house. Whose house bears the name. If he comes back, would
he like what I do, would he find it consistent? LOIC: Do you have anything
in common with him? I don’t know. But I like to imagine that he was
someone discreet, sensitive, well-mannered. LOIC: Very much like you? I don’t know. LOIC: He worked too much. Maybe. LOIC: And you too? I don’t know if I work too
much, I like to create. Maybe I create too much. As a child I was captivated
by technicolor movies. And the real that looks fake.
We think this is not possible! This color isn’t real, it does not exist? LOIC: But everything is real? – Yes
everything is real! And natural above all. An emerald in the center with diamonds. You have pink sapphires, yellow sapphires,
small paraiba tourmalines. Blue sapphires. And then, pink sapphire, pears. Blue sapphires,
spessartite garnets. Yellow sapphires, emeralds, rubies. And then, instead of surrounding them only with
diamonds I surrounded the emerald by paraiba. I surrounded the pink sapphire with spessartite garnets.
I put yellow sapphires around the garnet tsavorite. That’s it. LOIC: There is another paradox: absolute
gems looking like the jewelry of a doll. You think so? LOIC: Something childish and playful. But
this is over the top preciousness I guess? It’s true. I work as if I was 5 years old.
That’s true. Always. Even with my teams. LOIC: What do you mean? I work spontaneously, I couldn’t work
otherwise. I only work with spontaneity. I’m like “it’s nice to put green, green and yellow
it’s great together! Red and pink is great!” I work as if I had stickers. I totally forget
the value and it allows me an easier approach. LOIC: It’s intriguing that here we are in 2013 and you talk
to Dior. And it’s been longer than him that you work at Dior. It’s true, I didn’t realize. Crazy!
Do I have to go for a retreat then? LOIC: No please don’t! LOIC: We are in 2014. “Archi Dior”? Archi Dior. LOIC: What does “Archi Dior” mean?
– Dior architect. LOIC: And archi, like “very much”. Exactly, as if exaggerated. These are the dolls of the little fashion theater
made in the couture ateliers. Original Dior dresses. LOIC: What is the starting
point of the collection? I heard that he had this dream of being an
architect. And I found flounces, pleats… Interesting shapes that I had never done.
A theme without flowers, nature or plants… This is a ring from the
“ARCHI DIOR” collection. It’s the game of ribbon, flounce and pleat. It is the game of perspective. It’s fun to do. Fluorescent colors with silver. With white,
with black. Dior’s color range is fascinating. LOIC: We are in 2015.
– This collection is called “Silk Dior” Sewing. Playing with the moving ribbon. I love that. If you take a ribbon and move it
like this, it will never have the same movement. The lining. The verso with different
crimps with baguettes. The lining that turns around, the lapel. With settings like in a stained
glass window and I love that. A stained glass window of stones. LOIC: Is the necklace articulated?
– Yes it’s articulated like a chain. LOIC: So it lays on the collarbone? It has to be a little flexible
so that it fits different necks. Depending on the woman, or the man. Oh yes! LOIC: For real? Even necklaces?
– Yes it happens. LOIC: They must be nice.
They must be exciting people to meet! I find it great men wearing jewelry.
It always has been a traditon. LOIC: We are still in 2015 and there
is another collection. – Compass! The idea of the creative journey.
The creator looking to go further. Looking for inspiration without limits.
The idea of exploring one’s mind. I saw a compass rose in Granville on
the floor of Christian Dior’s house. This idea was pretty. It was a Dior
theme that I could imagine in jewelry. The other side of the necklace
has all the hard stones. You have lapis lazuli, mother of pearl. Turquoise,
tiger eye. Onyx, diamond. Pink opal, malachite. That’s it. LOIC: Are there diamonds too?
– Yes there are diamond circles. 2016! Bob Dylan wins the litterature Nobel Prize. Tinder
is the most profitable application in the App Store. Victoire de Castellane begins a cycle of
creations around the Palace of Versailles. For several collections she will be inspired by its
lights, glares, gardens, furniture, architecture. Glory and decadence. LOIC: We are in 2016.
– Dior at Versailles. This jewelry was created as
if it had been candlelit. I mixed eras. In the 18th century all
jewelry were mounted on silver. The silver oxidized and disappeared and with
the candlelight, you only saw diamonds. Beautiful and delicate. I wanted to
recreate it by mixing Versailles eras. The furniture, the Hall of Mirrors, the chandeliers.
I tried to recreate that with diamonds. It’s a collection that
is essentially diamonds. LOIC: What is this knot on the bracelet? The knot is a silver ribbon
chiseled like moire and oxidized. There is the fontange
knot, a classic Dior code. It’s a dramatic knot, with square
shaped and diamonds and baguettes. The other one is covered
with acanthus leaves. LOIC: 2017! Versaille 2. Second part. LOIC: Was the sequel planned from the
start or is it because it inspired you? It was planned from the start as Versaille is
so rich. We couldn’t do just one collection. It was the outdoor collection. With
gardens, ponds, flowers, groves, fountains. This bracelet with carved rock crystal
that evokes the foam of the pools. LOIC: Did you use a lot
of carved rock crystal? Not much, but rock crystal felt right. LOIC: Is it fragile?
– Very fragile! Don’t drop it from the first floor. LOIC: This is an important opal, right? Yes, a fairly large opal. It comes from Australia.
With all the green, orange, blue lights. On the ring, the rock crystal is carved and polished.
The ring is fun, it’s a double finger ring. Under the hand,
you have the detail of the arabesques. There are two stories on the same
ring, nothing is symmetrical. That’s what I love. When you turn the
rings and it tells two different stories. LOIC: 2018! What’s the collection? DIOR DIOR DIOR. BAM! In the archives!
We look at the lace, the sketches… Great designs we want to recreate
on another scale for jewelry. So we do plastiline work. So this is super beautiful. LOIC: It looks like ivory. Yes! It’s like a lace,
or a fishnet with embroidered elements. On the embroidery you have sequins
and here it’s diamond sequins. Sewn on the fishnet! LOIC: DIOR DIOR DIOR. 2019, Dior has changed in twenty years, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Kim Jones are now at
the helm of the female and male collections. A productive year for Victoire de Castellane
with the release of three collections: Mimi Rose, Gem Dior, and now Rose Dior pop. LOIC: I don’t understand the material? It’s lacquer. It’s lacquered gold
roses and translucent lacquer. The centers are the color of the rose. It’s a game of trompe l’oeil
or discoveries, of surprises. Red is ruby, paraiba
tourmaline and purple sapphire. The petals are bordered with diamonds. The body of the “rosewood”
ring is the stem of the rose. The thorns are part of the Dior
identity and its iconic roses. LOIC: 2019 are we having
fun at Dior joaillerie? Yes we have a lot of fun. Always! LOIC: Is this small jewelry?
– Yes, small jewelry. LOIC: What is it called? They are the cousins of
“MIMI OUI”: “MIMI ROSE”. They go by one or three. LOIC: Not two?
– Never two. LOIC: Two is wrong?
– No. It would look like glasses! LOIC: We are still in 2019
and this is fine jewelry. High jewelry. And it’s “GEM DIOR”. G-E-M. The idea is: after 20 years of
jewelry, what do I do? Figurative? I have already done enough
figurative, narrative things… What amuses me is to look at
the 20 years of creations. I zoom in the jewels. We look at stones and it’s pixelated. As if I had put all 20 years of jewelry in a
shaker. Everything lays on the table like that. There are piles with several colors or there are
piles with two or three colors or unicolor. We remove the vegetal
and we are only mineral. LOIC: How many pieces are in a
fine jewelry collection in 2019? 99 pieces in this collection. LOIC: And you started from?
– Starting with 15 for “BELLADONE” in 2007. LOIC: Multiplication… Congratulations! The mounting of stones has reliefs,
and tilted. The setting is barely visible. The body is more geometric
with faceted and angular parts. It’s polychrome and below you
have diamonds between the crimps. Here we are in the Maria Grazia years. I love that the collection was presented
in Venice with dresses designed by Maria Grazia especially
for this jewelry show. I love this collection! LOIC: Why? Because I imagine I could put on a
different color of stones every day. 2020 for Victoire de Castellane begins with the Dior & Moi collection,
the title of the excellent autobiography by Christian Dior. At the time of filming this Dior & Me collection
had not yet been presented or offered for sale. Exceptionally,
almost the whole collection is here! Put on sunglasses, it dazzles.
And for the first time, there are pearls. LOIC: We are in 2020, total preview. Yes! Dior And me. LOIC: And working with pearls? Pearls, first time. LOIC: First time?
– Yes. LOIC: What took you? I thought it was fun to put on the
pearl, which has another effect. The closed settings are lacquered
and it highlights the stones. It speaks for itself. LOIC: What is at the bottom of the
necklace? – An opal! A reversible opal. On the other side, the opal has another
effect. A glitter effect on the back. It is a double sided opal. It’s quite rare. The
other side has larger flashes and less glitter. LOIC: Can we talk about the pink bracelet? It is an opelite cabochon. It has this raspberry pink color. Surrounded by diamond on chiseled gold.
It’s very silky. We can’t describe it.
That’s what I like about it. It could be pomegranate jelly. And up there you have a kunzite. LOIC: What is a kunzite? – This pink stone with
purple accents. It’s a game of roses and purple. LOIC: So all of this hasn’t been
purchased yet? It’s available for sale? Not all. LOIC: Why so? The collections are shown, but loyal
customers can buy them before it’s shown. LOIC: At what time could we wear it? Let’s say 8 a.m. LOIC: But not having slept?
– A good awakening! Well happy new year 2020! Thank you Loic! LOIC: Thank you Victoire for having
patiently shown us all your treasures! Thank you so much. That was 20 years of Dior jewelry
by Victoire De Castellane. Goodbye and don’t forget to
subscribe to Loic Prigent’s channel! Subscribe to the channel tap on
the notification bell and comment! Great! Thank you, Bravo Loic! 200 jewels!


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    2001- why am I finding out about the MIMI OUI collection now 🤦‍♀️ simple but elegant
    2002-the whole vampire concept is genius the shapes, colours, Made me look up Antillio Codognato very fast.
    2003-when I think of Dior I think gold or should I say NOUGAT
    2004- a new take on jewellery wild, unique, colourful
    2005-Brad Pitt meets Angelina Jolie, Victoire de Castellane launches Oui, Do I need them= Oui!
    2006-Imagine a bouquet on your finger….thats it Image. im in awe. Irresistible
    2007-Pure art, dedication, perseverance,colour= serving all these
    2008-That necklace is on a trip, I find the concept new and groundbreaking
    2009- Crypte de Capucins embodied, a later generation of 2002 vampire concert, eerie but shiny.
    2010-Bois de Rose, a collection of elegant medium jewellery
    2011-Imagine going to a ball and your roses are not dressed Dior cannot relate! 💁‍♀️
    2012-Napoleon III chairs but make it fashion!
    2013-Cher Dior = a dialogue with Dior like a storge love story
    2014-Archi Dior=Architecture but make it fashion
    2015-Personally didn't pay attention to jewellery at the time but I do recall Soie Dior. It's just mesmerising
    2015 part 2-Patterns from Maison de Christian Dior to peoples necks I think im in love with this line. Victoire de Castellane your mind is brilliant!
    2016-BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT, SHINY, SPECTACULAR, AHHHHHH all the adjectives im at loss for words. I thought it couldn't get better than this
    2017-Versailles collection part 2 because I agree with Victoire de Castellane this was just unmissable.
    2018- I never even knew jewellery could become lace! SHOOK ..indeed DIOR DIOR DIOR
    2019-The first roses made me think of beauty and the beast but make it 50 million Euros and the second part of the collection everybody meet MIMIOUI's cousin MIMI ROSE. Elegant+wearable on daily.
    2020-The ocean's pearls but make it DIOR

    IN CONCLUSION… Firstly loved everything, of course, its Dior
    Victoire de Castellane Is
    That B*tch always will be that B*tch
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