Do Antidepressants Cure Depression? Are Psych Drugs Safe? Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

Do Antidepressants Cure Depression? Are Psych Drugs Safe? Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

Life Wisdom. I’m Psychetruth corespondent, Corrina Rachel and I’m joined today by doctor Colin Ross. An author and practicing psychiatrist in Dallas, TX. Thank you so much for joining me today.
Well thank you for having me. So today I wanna ask a burning question, do anti-depressants really work? For somebody who is experiencing
depression, what would you want them to know about anti-depressants before they
started them. Well that’s an excellent and an important question and the scientific facts are very
different from what you often hear from your
doctor and from what’s generally known in the culture. We’re taught, we psychiatrist that anti-
depressants are powerful and effective and that it’s really a life-saving intervention
and that you’re not doing your job as a psychiatrist if you don’t offer a depressed person a medication. That’s the basic teaching and on the side we’re taught that depression is probably some kind of brain disease and is due to low serotonin levels or maybe another brain chemical called noradrenaline and that’s just kind of accepted in our culture.
That the doctors and scientists know that
it’s a low serotonin problem. It’s just a disease. It doesn’t have that
much to do with your personality or what you’ve been through in life. And you take a medication. It’s just like taking an antibiotic. It’s gonna work, not 100%, but a big percentage of the time. But that whole picture is not scientifically true. In fact that
whole picture is completely disproven by the existing science. So you wouldn’t recommend then that somebody start?
Well the
question’s a little bit more complicated because your in the world of practical
reality. So for instance when I worked in an
anxiety disorders clinic in Canada, it was mostly people with panic attacks coming in.
So I’d do an assessment and the two options we have here are we have
certain medications or we have cognitive therapy, which has got a whole evidence-based
showing that it works for panic attacks, not all the time but reasonably well. One person would go “I’m not crazy. I don’t need
medication.” Then the next person would say there’s nothing
wrong with me I don’t need therapy, I’ll take the medication. So people would
have completely opposite viewpoints on medication versus therapy and the bottom line is some people are just not going to do
therapy. They’re not interested, there’s no way or
they can afford it or they don’t have time…there’s a million different reasons.
So if the person is not going to do any kind of therapy, it’s either nothing or
medication. In an ideal situation when you’ve got time,
when you’ve got insurance or you could afford to pay for therapy, I’d say
the number one way to go is therapy and there is actually data supporting that. That
long-term if you’re depressed and you take antidepressants you’re gonna do better
with cognitive therapy and on one analysis in terms of cost it looks like of course just to take a
prescription is cheaper than seeing a therapist week after week after week, but
once you get out to about nine months the cognitive therapy is usually ten or twenty
sessions for depression but the antidepressant you keep taking taking
taking taking. Around about nine months the cost of the
antidepressant catches up with the cost of therapy and then it keeps getting
greater and greater and greater. So from an insurance company point of view it’s not true that drugs are cheaper. When we look at the evidence on how well
do these medications work… So we’ve got the old antidepressants and the new
anti-depressants and the main group of new ones is the SSRIs, which is selective serotonin re-uptake
inhibitors, so they’re called SSRIs. that’s prozac, zoloft, and things like
that. When you look at all the studies that are
done by the drug companies including the ones they’ve suppressed and not
published, when you get those all together the basic scientific fact is there’s virtually no difference between
drug and placebo. People with depression, on average their
depression scores dropped the same amount. The difference is tiny and you wouldn’t be able to tell the
difference yourself if you were on placebo and you were on antidepressant and you had the average drop in depression score or the average drop in score for placebo there’s no way you
could internally subjectively tell the difference. So does that mean drugs don’t work? No
because there’s another group in the research, which is called the
waiting list control. That’s where you don’t get drug or placebo or anything
and you just wait until we call you in a few months when a slot opens up. Now those
people do worse than the placebo and drug groups. So both drug and placebo are
clearly better than doing nothing. Both in fact work but the drug doesn’t work better than
the placebo. Those are the scientific facts, but
the way things are set up right now you can’t go to a doctor and tell the doctor i’d like
to get a placebo please because nobody ever asks that question
plus the doctors have all these ethical problems about how it’s deceptive to give
somebody a placebo without telling them, so they won’t do it
in secret. And if they did and the person found out
they could probably sue them. There is actually research where people are told well what we’re going to do is give you a placebo, the dummy pill, a sugar pill that has
nothing and but we found that this is quite helpful and that the placebo response stays the same. There’s also studies where you’ll see TV ads for Abilify
which can be added to an antidepressant to kind of boost the effect of the anti-depressant and those are on TV quite regularly. There’s also research showing that if you’re depressed and you’re given a placebo, you respond a certain percentage of
the time. When you add on another placebo that the person thinks is the second drug, it
basically bumps the depression down as much as Abilify bumps
down your depression when you’re taking an SSRI. There’s no question scientifically that
these drugs are indistinguishable from placebo and from each other in terms of how
well they work, but since you can’t go get placebo in our culture, and you can go get anti-depressants they will work some of the time for
some people and for some people they won’t work at all. The kicker is then what about the side
effects? There’s a lot of side effects which includes your sex
drive just goes to zero, nightmares, agitation, feeling restless,
keyed up, and when you stop these anti-deprssants you can get a noticeable
withdrawal syndrome. Not all the time that a lot of time. Since psychiatrists really don’t want to
recognize that these drugs are addictive and cause withdrawal they call this
discontinuation syndrome to make it sound kinda softer and nicer but it’s
clear that a lot of people have serious withdrawal
from these drugs. So are the side-effects really worth it? Well maybe if you’re one of the people
who is a very good placebo responder you take the antidepressant, you feel
better and you’re one of the people that has minimal side effects. Your insurance company
pays for it. In a way you could live with that, but the whole culture is kind of kidding
itself. These drugs in fact do not work better than placebo and in fact they have alot of side effects, which could include being aggitated suicidal, homicidal, delirious, more than a
placebo will cause. That is also proven scientifically. In terms of the chemical imbalance idea
where you have a chemical imbalances, you have low serotonin. These drugs boost up your serotonin. Doctors say this over and over and over. It’s in the drug ads. There’s
actually an antidepressant that’s on the market in europe that was first developed in france that’s called
a selective serotonin re-uptake enhancer, So it’s an SSRE. Instead of boosting serotonin it actually boosts the re-uptake. So it sucks the serotonin out of the synapses back into the nerve so
it reduces the serotonin level but it’s equally as effective as the
ones that boost the serotonin level. And we have lots and lots and lots of research
showing psychiatrists can’t find any consistent
problem in the serotonin system at all. It’s just a marketing method and that’s not surprising because why would
we think the antidepressants are working through serotonin if they don’t work
any better than placebo? We don’t really need the serotonin
effect at all and that’s proven by if you have a drug thatboosts up serotonin,
it doesn’t work any better than one that blocks serotonin down. So you’re saying that the message that’s
conveyed in TV commercials that’s conveyed to people and then even their
doctor may tell them is actually not backed by the scientific evidence? Well let’s look at another class of TV
commercial. That is what I’m saying. So I’ve learned from watching tv ads that
depression is a medical disease that has certain symptoms that is thought to be due to
imbalance of serotonin and you should talk your doctor about these
effective medications. That’s what i’ve learned from TV ads,
but is not scientifically true. Here’s something else I have learned from
tv ads, if you’re a guy and you really really really wanna date supermodels,
the number one thing you gotta do is drink beer ’cause supermodels just love guys that drink
beer, clearly proven by beer ads on TV. It’s all proposterous. We know
that first of all the super models that are drinking the beer are not drinking a whole lot of beer because they are so thin and they’re not impressed by guys who are
throwing up at the beer party. It’s complete nonsense. It’s not any more objectively
scientifically true what you see in a anti-depressant ad. Very interesting. So we can take with a grain of salt just about anything we see in a tv commercial and obviously when we see a Dorito’s commercial or whatever we
kind of know that you know that isn’t really true, but
it’s interesting that you know even in what is often kind of purported to be
very medical and very scientific is really not so much. This is just their
marketing. Right instead of some good looking guy driving a car fast down the
road it’s a guy who’s got a lab coat on and seems like some sort of professional
or doctor. It’s all marketing. So you spoke a minute ago about
side-effects and you mentioned the sexual health side-effects in a
previous video that we did awhile back. We kind of touched on that subject and one
of the comments that was left on that video was that this is completely true. I
was on anti-depressants for all these years and actually even now that i’ve
been off of anti-depressants for several years he was still experiencing the same
negative sexual health side-effects. Now that’s something that I’ve heard of
and I was actually on a radio show with a guy who’s kind of an expert in that who
has seen dozens and dozens and dozens of people. So the idea is first of all these drugs
don’t have that many side effects. Don’t worry about it. Well it turns out they do have a lot of side-effects. Especially the SSRIs, dropping your sex drive down to nothing. But as soon as you stop you know pretty
soon the side effects will go away and you’ll be back to
normal as far as your sex life is concerned. Now we’re starting to see there’s people where it doesn’t come
back for months and months and months and
months and then of course the psychiatrist will say that’s ’cause they’re depressed. Low sex drive is a symptom of depression but I’ll bet you a lot of times
it’s a side effect of the drug. Just like when we go back twenty years
with the anti-psychotics there’s a lot of people with tardive dyskinesia which is these twitching, grimacing kinda
movements just caused by anti-psychotic medications
and when you stop the meds the side-effect gets worse and it last for years, the rest of your life. So we know within my professional practice lifetime
that’s there are psych meds that have severe side effects that can last your
whole life. That’s not unheard of. That’s admitted to and recognized by
everybody. Now we’re starting to see maybe some of
these SSRIs have long long long lasting sexual side effects. Of course drug companies don’t want to hear about that. Psychiatrists are by and large not wanting to hear about that. It’s absolutely realistically possible. So what would you suggest to somebody who has received a mental health diagnosis or who’s feeling
depressed or maybe they’re watching those commercials and thinking, man I need to ask my
doctor. What would you recommend? First of all depression is a very real
problem. We haven’t proven that it’s a medical disease. We know anti-depressants don’t work that well but it is a very real and serious problem. And we know a number of things that can
be helpful, exercise. It’s hard to get to sleep in your so depressed you can’t sleep,
but good exercise, good diet, good social relationships, and good support,
all those normal things that are good in life, good nutrition, good diet. In terms of treatment I, number one would say cognitive therapy is well proven to be effective. There’s several other schools of therapy. So basically therapy . To take a look at what’s happened
in your life that’s making you feel this way and what’s happened in your life that’s
making you think this way about yourself and you can work your way out of that. Antidepressants you know they’re just here to stay in
our culture for at least awhile. People are going to get them from their doctors.
Their doctors are going to tell them this is the way to go. I just wouldn’t invest all my time and energy in meds. I’d look into healthy lifestyle emotionally, personally,
psychologically, and psychotherapy. Interesting and it’s neat that you point out you know and
looking at someone who’s depressed you really do have to look at their history
and look at what they’ve been through and we’ve talked in several videos about
trauma especially childhood trauma even sexual abuse and how those things play in. So that’s definitely an important
consideration for anybody in that situation. Right now lots of people have been
depressed and never been sexually abused but if you have been sexually abused it
clearly at least doubles your risk of depression. So it’s interesting that you would
recommend those things because Psychetruth’s channel is kind of
founded on trying to give people alternatives of ways that they can improve their lives
or handle depression and that’s exactly what you’ll find on
our channel information about exercise workout videos nutrition all of these
different things. So it’s actually very helpful to hear
from your perspective that those things really can be helpful for
people. Right and I think that’s why you and I are doing these interviews together ’cause what my view of the world fits
with the Psychetruth view. Well thank you so much for joining me
today I really appreciate it! And thank you for joining me. I appreciate you coming and watching! If you liked this video I hope that you will click on the like button and give me a thumbs up! Be sure to leave your comments,
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  1. Why does MDMA, a potent serotonin releaser cause immediate obliteration of depression if boosting serotonin levels doesn't relieve depression? Also why do some people report prolonged periods of depression following the use of MDMA? Serotonin has a LOT to do with depression. 

  2. I need some assurance.
    I've been on Zoloft for 6 weeks now and I am feeling GREAT. I feel fine. Happy. I can enjoy daily activities and actually get out of bed. But, you see, it's like my creativity was sapped. I don't have motivation to write anymore and it doesn't feel the same. Writing means so much to me and it's a big part of who I am. Does this… feeling, go away once I am finished with medication?

  3. Never ingest anti depressants, they destroy your liver. I would know i've been on them for roughly 7 years. Psychiatry is a fraud. They don't help with anything, a chemical imbalance is a scam. Drugs i've been put on during childhood up until my mid twenties has caused me only pain and suffering

  4. I am amazed at how many people, like drug addicts, defend them in the face of science.  This is a little video on a small youtube channel.   But the investigative powerhouse 60 minutes, stated all of this a few years back.  It is obvious (and no I won't argue with you.  I saw these drugs change somebody over a very short period of time.  I lost everything I had worked for as a result of mania induced by them.)  The problem with the psyche is that we can neither see it being damaged or see it being healed.  We have a very abusive culture to the psyche in the West. These are just one more way in a culture that spend 3 trillion per year on alcohol.  another 400 billion and cigarettes.  Then there is caffeine, sugar, and placebos such as vitamins. Now we are legalizing pot. Pills, coke, meph, and heroine are all on the rise.  When we are not raising our dopamine levels with drugs, we are doing it with sex, violence, or food. You want to get a better understanding of the roots of this epidemic? Read a book called "I hate you, don't leave me: Understanding the borderline personality".  If you read only one chapter, read "The borderline society".  All of this was predicted during the first release of this book in 1989.  CBT, works and does it without ruining your relationships and creating more borderlines out of  your family.  

  5. Question: I know technology and knowledge enables a skilled individual to analyses cells for cancers, use radiation to destroy them. Use a microscopes to analyses strands etc for flues and viruses… heck apparently the bonds of atoms are visible under some big machine.
    But what physical test on the brain is used to determine an individuals chemical balance is in chaos and is the direct result of needing anti depressants to combat the disease that they have?
    I can only assume that like all drugs, legal, and illegal, are taken to achieve a desired effect, or undesired depending on the perspective. But whether that effect actually treats the core of the individuals "disease"/problem seems like playing darts in the dark… or atleast thats what my lack of knowledge leads me to think.

  6. People that post these videos need to start linking us to the evidence that they discuss to support their arguments. I have no doubt that what Colin is saying here is true, but I'd really like some links to his references so I can see for myself.

  7. Before you take what this guy says at face value, I think you should know:

    "In 2008, Dr. Ross applied for the James Randi Educational Foundation's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge with the claim that energy from his eyes could cause a speaker, receiving no other input, to sound a tone."

  8. I took only 3 tablets of 10mg Paxil, and now my personality is blunted.  That was 2 weeks ago.  I am starting to fear these changes might be permanent.  Do NOT take SSRIs.  They are dangerous!  Find another source for help.  Remember your friends and family love you.  Stay away from drugs!

  9. thank you for the video. I am one depressed person. Been through a lot in my life, various abuses. My psychotherapist has been urging me to take antidepressants. I feel really depressed but i know its not all about chemicals. I have a lot to reflect upon from all the things that I have been through, initially this is what I wanted to achieve from my counselling, to heal from the wounds, but my therapist doesnt seem to understand this, and keeps making it seem like its the chemicals in my head and I need to take antidepressants. So often, I end up believing what he think is right, but deep inside i feel there is more to human lives than just some mere chemicals. Experiences play a huge part on who we are today. A little love in one's life could have change a lot. I have lived a painful and a traumatic life. But when they emphasize more on antidepressants than healing, I feel more hopeless and helpless and don't see any solutions to my misery. Coming across this video has reaffirmed my vague knowledge. 

  10. I experienced a severe adverse reaction to one SSRI pill and now have permanent brain damage from it. This is a great video. People cannot give informed consent to be treated when they haven't had proper education about the risks. I was told by my doctor that this new SSRI was 50 times safer than previous antidepressants but it ended up being the harshest, most horrible experience in my life. I'm sure Big Pharma's drug reps were responsible for my doctor's view of the drug. And I had just watched a commercial praising this new wonder-drug on TV.

  11. There is no alternative therapy of antidepressant who has depression. Anti depression really works but it always should takes with the help of Psychiatrist. Company have many sort of medicine some is low quality but some is high quality. Low quality medicine does not even the same formula so never take low quality medicine. If you really have depression so without wasting time need to visit  Psychiatrist and he can really help. If someone need some my opinion regarding depression or have question so they can frankly send me email on my gmail id [email protected] I am not Psychiatrist but i can give good suggestion about mental illness ..

  12. When I take antidepressants I sleep all the time. And when I'm awake I can lie still for hours without moving as much as a finger. Like being in a bubble without emotions or desires. But very relaxing.

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  14. Don't trust medical advice that you find on the internet like this. If you have questions about drugs discuss it with your doctor or mental healthcare professional – don't trust some random video on youtube. Doctors exist for a reason.

  15. I agree with much Colin is saying. Being someone who has taken anti-depressants and has experienced withdrawal, I can honestly say I will never take psych drugs again. I have found therapy works, but finding happiness within myself has made my life all around better. I feel much better now than I did while taking any of those drugs, and the worst part was that I was convinced I needed this stuff in order to live a "normal" life. Not until I experienced the horrible effects of withdrawal and the bliss of overcoming that, did I realize I didn't need any of it. Of course this is just my experience, everyone is different. My psychiatrist was very inexperienced (I later found out) and basically tried pushing drugs on me with no sight of any other options, that would work.

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  20. hey dr .. i felt in the syciatry trap and toook olanzapine…. how long will it take for me to recover my normal weigth?

  21. I think that everyone has had a friend or relative who has taken anti-depressants & committed suicide. These drugs cause a chemical imbalance in the brain & cause people to react in ways they normally wouldn't. Stay away from these 'synthetic' imbalancers.

  22. The man is quoting the studies wrong ! According to Kirsch's meta analysis from 2008 which is very critical, antidepressants don't work better than the placebo for mild or medium depression. For severe depression however antidepressants work almost 30% better than the placebo ! That's from a meta analysis done by a psychologist who is not in the least interested in selling drugs ! Drugs shouldn't just be prescribed to just anybody who feels a little sad, but the scientific data actually dictates that people with severe depression need that kind of medication. Saying that antidepressants don't work at all is just wrong. Of course a person with depression should also have psychotherapy and exercise, but at some point people DO need medication. If you really want to help people you should do your homework !

  23. even if it was a chemical imbalance how would your doctor know that you suffer from it? you pretty much just talk 10 minutes with your doctor and you get a prescription, this is bullshit

  24. Many videos claiming that medication is no better than placebo when on trial….this is quite a killer statement for anyone who is praying an anti depressent will work. It is somewhat misleading as well, as most people wont respond to the first second or even third drug they try. How would a placebo compare against a trial in which a number of drugs were tried in succession over a longer period? I think then you might find that drugs have a significant efficacy

  25. The most effective current available antidepressants are the MAOI's – Nardil and Parnate. They work extremely well over long periods of time. They are not dangerous, contrary to popular opinion (but no one wants to put any money into them thanks to the SSRI cash cows) And the SSRI's ARE weak medications.

    There is no conclusive evidence that a person with a bona-fide mental illness will do better with any kind of therapy. In fact it can often make their symptoms worse.

  26. Psychiatrist are no better then the drug dealer on the street corner. The only difference is they wear a long white coat and have a licence so they can say they are Doctors.

  27. Fluoxetine saved me from my depression and I only experienced side effects during the first 2-3 weeks. I'm completely healthy now and I'm very glad that anti-depressants exist.
    P.S. I've never watched an anti-depressant commercial, I don't watch TV nor do I live in the U.S. I'm also a medical student.

  28. Dr.Ross I am a biologist and have bipolar. My problem is body pain over-sensitivity. What I am to do I suffer so much pain, I take untibipolar meds but pain never goes away.

  29. Here's the thing that interests me about the "It's all marketing" phenomenon. When this is pointed out to people, they will claim that they are well aware of this, and that what drug companies do is "fair game" in a free market and economy. (It is this defense of a fundamentally deceptive and fraudulent system that really staggers me).

    Doctors will do the same, and claim they are not influenced by the marketing of pharmaceutical companies because they "are doctors." Apparently we live in a society of monumental self-delusion that helps protect and perpetuate the status quo for big industries.

    At the same time, this mental attitude will often criticize individuals who write a book as being someone "who just wants to make a profit." (rather than actually trying to help people). The world is topsy turvy.

  30. All these tablets do for me at the moment is completely knock me out cold lol. I'm literally falling asleep all the time. Only been taking them for 5 days.

  31. Antidepressants would cure depression if it's pathology was absolute and if the brain didn't have mechanisms that basically go "hey, where have all these monoamines been coming from? better gradually shut off a few of these valves".

    I'm guessing people that go into long-term remission get the right "push-start" they need to get going and keep going.

  32. I was put on Cymbalta for pain and I only took it for 4 weeks and that short time was a complete nightmare for my wife and myself. I will never take anything like this again. It is horrible. DO NOT take these drugs.

  33. Anti depressants do work. There is really no doubt about this. By persuading people to not take them you are putting their lives at risk.

  34. The most powerful healing methods is silence/meditation (stop going from distraction to distraction, sit with the trauma, go into it and cry it it out), psychedelics under guidance, and MDMA therapy.

  35. Thanks for this video! I needed to watch this today due to my current mental health. I have been considering taking Prozac, actually making an appointment with my physician. However, now I am kind of persuaded to try other options because I don't want to exacerbate what I'm already feeling, to me it's not really worth the risk of taking a pill and then the pill creating more issues within my psyche. I know I do need some help but I don't think the pill is where it's going to be at…yet I do…my mind is conflicted right now.

  36. Maybe it's not the healthiest way to cope with depression in your eyes but it works for me and I don't know where I would be or if I would even be here if I didn't take Zoloft. It increases my serotonin levels and makes me happy so yes tf it does work.

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  38. So, one of my many questions is what do we do to change this culture of untruths that are imbedded daily by advertisement media and reinforced by the professional medical community?  Your topic on this public site is a start but, can we begin with the way we train young doctors in medical school?  How do we fix the way we train professionals in psych pharmaceutical cultures existing today?

  39. people can become depressed because of a lack of nutrients from a poor diet or going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep and not taking naps during the day, then they go on these medications and fill up the wallets of huge corporate companies who give political donations. plus these drugs are damaging your synapsis. people with trauma should not take these drugs at high doses or for very long.

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  47. His eyes at 8:27 when she crosses her legs ?. The "scientific" evidence is skewed from the simple fact that antidepressants are WAY overprescribed which would throw off the data on placebo effects. I have personally experienced depression and I have done countless things to overcome holistically and naturally without a positive outcome. I have experienced the opposite of placebo effects due to countless failures after trying different pharmaceutical approaches and I believe that others that have experienced the same process I went through and have had success with an antidepressant are living proof that certain drugs do work for certain people.

  48. Doctors and the antidepressants made me more sick and depressed I have dysthymia depression severe at times a great cloud follows me everywhere they poisoned me there seems to be other things that can help but they don’t let you have this is cruelty dishonest simplifying life a lot of exercise and good diet and sleep and decrease stressors task deadlines simple life thanks for sharing.

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