Do People Choose to Be Depressed #UnplugWithSadhguru

Do People Choose to Be Depressed #UnplugWithSadhguru

so psychology and psychiatry has been
held infamously held by the neck because of pills is something that you know has
been like a raising concern in everybody’s mind because at least that
that stigma of going to counselors have fortunately come down a little but the
fact that people go to psychiatrists and the fact that they are prescribed pills
is is somehow still there telling me I am NOT I’m not reducing the science I
said if things are going wrong with your life
it’s bad enough if you get depressed you’re only multiplying the problem for
this the activists have been you also you also ok ok I’ll explain that I much
understand I’m closely associated with various
people who are in the profession and there are many people because every day
are meeting thousands of people not everybody is perfectly saying a lot of
them go off then in doctors help everything it’s not we’re discounting
that but if you do not bring the fundamental responsibility in every
human being that their physical and mental health is their business if you
do not bring this from an early age you will see a lot more people will go off
don’t think everybody is pathologically ill know those who are pathologically
ill without medication for periods of time they may not be able to come out at
all some of them will never come out that is also there that’s a different
matter but we are talking about all the fringe kind of madness which all of us
have something goes wrong I can also drive myself into depression
I can also drive to have myself into depression something that I want doesn’t
happen everybody can capable of driving
themselves into depression isn’t it so is it possible or not what you think
you think the passion is a choice please understand there are some who
pathologically ill it gets them in spite of themselves but many of them pushed
themselves into it suppose you get very angry what is the
expression you use I married you so consciously willingly you getting mad
because you get some results in the society if you keep trying it because
the line between sanity and insanity is so thin if you push push one day you
will cross there are many many many people in the world who need not be ill
both physically and mentally not just mental illness I’m talking both
physically and mentally they need not be ill see right now for last 50 years some
millions of cardiac surgeries have been done today surgeons are clearly telling
you if you go of red made you eat the right food you’ve exercised you will not
comfort the surgery table is that against your cardio cardiology why is
psychology such an insecure profession absolutely certain diagnostic criteria
for so I might be sad I might be extremely sad but that does not mean
that I am depressed I am entitled to my sadness the police
who doesn’t know this do I look so simplistic that I don’t understand
somebody is sad and somebody is depressed but is it possible that many
people pushed themselves into depressive States at certain times in their life
and the same people also came out in a determined way is it there thousands of
them is it there or not many of them so if I say it is open everybody need not
end up with chemicals maybe it’s against a particular
profession but we’re talking for humanity
Thank You sadguru although I don’t think actually is fully convinced of the
answers that question how do you get fully convinced or not convinced on a
fact if it’s our opinion you can be convinced or not convinced is it a fact
that many of you I’m saying most of you are young you are not seen much life but
even in this little life that you have seen there were moments when you crossed
your sadness and became depressed for a few days has it happened to you and most
of you have come out of it without anybody’s help or maybe with a friend or
somebody who mentor you a little bit have you
these are facts these are not opinions you


  1. Another person who wrote in depth into the aspects of ego, pain and depression is Eckhart Tolle. We're fortunate that we get all this understanding so easily now. The mind incessantly thinks thousands of thoughts and emotions a day, most of it repetitive and negative. That itself is in fact a disease, because thinking is using us rather than the other way around. The mind cannot be at ease. Just asking people to simply sit and do nothing except eat, exercise, sleep and stay silent for just 2 days is enough to make most people crazy – that lack of ease is indeed disease. I know, I'm trying.

    That girl, by saying that "I'm entitled to my sadness", is investing too much into her emotion – and that's the very mistake Sadhguru talks about. It is only this when it goes so deep that it actually imprints on your brain and genetic structure that it becomes pathological. They differ only in degree.

    Many people who are clinically depressed have had a history of negative thought patterns for many years before their minds make it permanent. In fact most of our insanity is simply hidden by the dense physical body even in apparently 'normal' people.

    As Sri Yukteshwar Giri put it "Observe you thoughts unremittingly for a period of 24 hours, and then wonder no longer at the absence of God".

  2. Soo True sadhguru..!!! That "our physical and mental health is our fundamental responsibility. We have to take charge of both at an early age." If this one thing sinks in our heads…most of them will Never choose to be depressed.
    They will use that situation as a fuel to grow in Life.

    Thank you Sadhguru for guiding us in every aspect of life?

  3. I think bi polar people in particular do not choose depression…but a lot of people drive themselves to unhappiness if not depression…not sure if i did or not and what the reasoning was

  4. I think rich people are busy dying and being sick yet
    Poor people are busy living
    That being said there is the omnipresent the omnipotent ALLAH so forget not fellow human

  5. yes it is we who allow this state of mind to exist. through understanding all manner of things subside. as a child is sad to see the parent go, but an adult maybe sad the parent went, but now knows why the parent went, and in that the sadness subsides. understanding frees us from all the madness of this world.

  6. The last part proves that if you are not convinced, don't let it pass. Sadhguru will elaborate. Until then he assumes we are not sooo dumb.

  7. Reason why some people choose to be depressed is cuz it’s felt at the moment, not only dat you want the feeling that something good will come while depressed but fooling to know it will not. The body react crazy on its own.

  8. We should be determined to be happy and joyful come what may. It is difficult to practice unless we are aware of the situation. Physical health plays a major role. That's where yoga lends a helping hand. Or Simply follow Sadhguru and be joyful.

  9. The lady who said she is entitled to her sadness is at the verge of pushing herself into depression. Keep at it and you'll get there. That is EXACTLY what Kyabje was talking about. But she wouldn't just listen. Your life, lady.

  10. Yes you can and do have a right to be sad, but it is entirely your responsibility for your well-being and your growth to not identify with the sadness and to do whatever you know, have learned, or can do to ease yourself out of it and to feel good and relaxed afterwards.

  11. I can honestly admit that I drove myself into depression, and it took courage to admit that, but it was my first step in getting out of depression, and learning how to live happily. Thank you Sadhguru! I, and solely I, can direct and am responsible for what happens inside of me.

  12. ,many people are use to do,what they dont ,they don't like ,dont know to understand about innerself of it.
    But they know only to maintain it .
    Taking the stress ,and make an issues of yourself .
    Listen to Gurujv ,and do inner engiaring .
    Its means every person gets peace within you, yourself .
    The Gawthama budhdda showed the sadana ,
    Do it and go beyond you .
    Its mistik ,Spirituality .
    This is only, bean a human and gets the sucses within you .its we call pirinivima .
    Pranamji ,pranam to all around the world .

  13. I absolutely agree! You are in control of how you think and also how you respond to thoughts. If you choose to be depressed it’s because you are trying to force something your way! The natural flow of life does not require force therefore depression would not even be a issue

  14. In Hindu/Yog concept body is a one continuum,sthul,sukshm and karan.Dysfunction of sthul and sukshm sharir (bodies)cause illnesses and are amenable to corrections.

  15. Hey hey,​ where are you taking this young people ! since you are older than other audience you have to know an opinion is an opinion, never a fact especially if it comes to psychology.

  16. Yeah i accept that i chose to be depressed but now i am just scared at the very thought of it. Even if something unwanted happens i train my mind to look at it differently and i sail smoother.

  17. I agree with what he is saying. He's not saying what's happened to you to make you depressed is your fault, but he is saying if you don't wake up and realize you're in a mess, then you can't fix it…. totally agree with that

  18. Girl is a bit bit tupid, she's so firm with her opinions. Such strong emotions bring depression cause she wanna hear what he believes in and nothing else.

    That's not how Universe works

  19. No, The point should be "everyone has a responsibility to take care of their mental and physical health at the best of their abilities" not "depression is a choice"

  20. I had depression because –
    -Bullies In my school and they caling me fat and punching me
    -And in my house my parents are always asking me if I bullied my little sister but really I didn't, and they always blame me for nothing,and my brother is very boastful he thinks he is the most important child of the family, but really he is just playing games and calling me useless,and sometimes he's cussing at meq.

  21. Namaskaram Sadhguru,
    I completely agree and realise your words.
    But I don't agree that depression is a choice for people in their childhood. This is because a child neither understand spirituality(which they have without any vocabulary) nor can ignore the pain to acquire materialisitic things around them either by themselves or emotionally. So depression does not become a choice for them. I have been suffering from it unknowingly from my childhood and the stigma, financial pressure, conceptual skill development and age timeline made it more worse day by day.

  22. He is probably asking people not to ‘normalize’ depression. Most depression is because people are unable to handle the situations they find themselves in.

  23. Depression , sadness , happiness its all happen with your choice .
    Wisdomic people never get , its only foolish who never worked on intellect will get depressed.

  24. Thats what happens when you ask a question but already strongly filled with ur opinions about it and you can't understand what the other person is saying no matter how clear and logical it is…

  25. Sadhguru, its sad to see how the sheep dont understand the message and just complicate a answer they are searching for …. Conditioning, is hard to crack in those that are blind.. I was too there once.. Thank you sooo much for your guidance and, sharing these videos with those who cannot attend to such event you appear on. Much love, light and respect to you sir ✌??

  26. Very VERY few people have legitimate chemical imbalances that require medication to fix. Things like bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline, etc. are extremely rare. And for those people Sadhguru and the rest of us truly feel for and hope they get the treatment they need. But the rest of us, going down this road of medicating every little problem or every distressing thought we have will result in the decline of society.
    Just like our bodies, our minds need to be exercised to become stronger and healthier. If we don't eat well and don't exercise, we get fat and develop numerous health complications because of it. If we don't brush our teeth we get cavities. The same is true for our minds. If we don't exercise our minds, eat well, or get our mental floss, our minds will become unhelathy, out of shape, and full of cavities. Sadhguru talks about this in many of his presentations. More and more young people aren't taught how to exercise their minds and as a result their minds become more and more unhealthy as they get older.

  27. A lot of people don't want to hear that depression is a choice because it robs them away from the excuse of being depressed, and puts responsibility on them. There might be those rare people in which depression started congenitally and it's way out of their control now, but just like fat people, it's like 1% of their population. Most fat people aren't genetically predisposed to being fat just like most depressed people aren't genetically predisposed to being depressed. A lot of people hang on to their depression thinking they're special. It becomes their identity, and also their excuse. They don't want to hear they're partly at fault for their depression because it destroys their reality.

  28. Depression is a Virtual Labyrinth with (good and bad doors and signposts).
    One must know and above all accept mental things which are "yin and yang" good bad.

    If you do not accept the right way Mental runs 1000 times past it in the depression = self-flagellation

  29. If things are going wrong with your life it is bad enough… being in depression you are only multiplying the problem.

  30. Depression is a choice. Sadness is a choice. Everything we feel is a choice. If happiness is a choice, sadness is a choice. Yes people have the power to control their own feelings. That is the only thing we control, how we respond.

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