Do You Re-evaluate Your Friendships?

Do You Re-evaluate Your Friendships?

hey good afternoon this is the star
report I’m your host star broadcasting out of hot-ass Atlanta GA folks it’s hot
today a heat wave of sorts I was at the gym this morning working on my upper
body and my pecs and then I found myself at some type of health store I was
talking to Ronnie on the phone and she suggested that I get some of this stuff
can somebody tell me if Ronnie knows what the hell she’s talking about or am
I gonna you know have a stroke fuckin around a black seed oil what is that
shit anyway I picked that up and then I went and picked up some uh you know some
some food because I’m I’m eating better since I’ve been down here you know
eating better drink a lot of water on the treadmill I’m doing the treadmill
twice a day now I don’t want to do too much in the treadmill because you know
respectfully I don’t wanna die on the treadmill like like an old friend Isaac
Hayes that’s how he went out you know on the treadmill don’t put them anyway I
got some other food gays you should hear what was that broccoli cauliflower
carrots now I’m sure I’ll fall off at some point like most people do you know
why nepeta crystals getting number one is who shit like that but right now I’m
feeling good anyway hey um good afternoon welcome welcome how you guys
doing in live chat was poppin huh Boss Hogg putting up a deli content I
want to do a research show this afternoon about a few things
floow2 the homie Schad moss that’s my guy nothin sideways to say about him uh
he’s showing me respect over the years and his fine mama
how’s his mom doing is she on that show with him is it Wii TV I gotta do it some
researcher as I said this afternoon growing up hip hop in Atlanta and
according to uh Erica Mena who I’ve never met but I did speak to her on the
phone she was very very nice me she claims that rapper Bow Wow broke
Sierra’s finger years ago I’m not laughing at that but you know it does
Bow Wow need an intervention is he owned that girl a pimp shit is he just
regulating and we did see her most of us saw uh is it Kutty surname hang on a
second I got to figure all this out today que yo meme
alright I would assume that’s his ex-girlfriend she was on the show with
him as well he gave her a speed not police were called his face was
scratched up maybe he’s just you know serving these girls with that you know
some good tool and shit and shit gets out of hand I’m not hating on him again
that’s my guy most of you or not most of you some of you should know that I have
a family member but I’m not gonna say his name I love him dearly he’s locked
up now but when he drinks a double shot of Jack Daniels he it’s like dr. Jekyll
and mr. Hyde he’s tough he starts giving out Tyson blows – you know his
significant others you know allegedly wheel kicks and shit like that and
you’re trying talk to him calm him down and he just he takes it there so I’m
gonna be respectful to bow out but that’s one of my topics this afternoon
with regards to research does he need an intervention and other things as well
also on the screen as part of my life coach you know a direction that I am
going down and I’ve only done a few shows about this over the years but I do
want to try and approach another topic today on the screen you should see do
you really ate your friendships I’m in the process now of re-evaluating two
friendships that are people that I’ve known for a lot of years and I suggest
if you haven’t those of you of a certain age or even if you’re younger sometimes
you have to re-evaluate the friendship don’t allow someone to just you know
reach out or to classify you as a friend if they are not proving themself to be a
friend yes a friend is different from an associate a friend is different from an
acquaintance a friend has to keep the friendship you know they they have to do
things that continue to prove that they are a friend and don’t get too fucked up
it’s not so much about you know being selfish or you know um you not returning returning returning the the energy I’ll
use that word for right now the energy of being a friend but you know sometimes
you have to re-evaluate friendships and I’ll get into that little bit more today
but again I’m gonna focus on Bow Wow and also a bunch of uh notes here hold on a
second Colin Kapernick what’s going on with him
did he take the bag and just disappear well what is it some I’m looking at on
TMZ something about Colin Kaepernick a convinces Mike to yank Betsy Ross flag
shoe so so what is his thing now he’s just a an IKE representative he he got a
big-ass bag and he just said he’s a suit now he’s a corporate guy no more NFL no
more um he never wanted to go to the CFL that’s the Canadian Football League he
just he’s out of the game please educate me bring me up to speed all right see
what’s going on with Colin Kaepernick and other stories as well I will um talk
about this afternoon hey and now if you’re just now getting up to speed on
them the young lady again she’s from Atlanta
Coco not Florida please get it right some of you try to hit me a ena ah she
from Florida no born and raised in Atlanta her father and mother I guess
what mother I’m not sure I didn’t see your mother here poor me
the family moved to Florida to continue her training in tennis this is the 15
year hold that mopped the floor with Venus Williams her nickname is Coco her
last name is GA uff grew up admiring the Williams sisters picked up a tennis
racket as a little girl because of them and on Monday at Wimbledon just 15 years
of age she beat Venus huh and we went over this yesterday but I just wanted to
reiterate she’s from Atlanta get it right
her father Cory a former guard on Georgia State’s basketball team from
1990 to 1993 yeah we saw him jump up and down he was very excited salute you sir
salute to you okay so they moved to Delray Beach Florida but she’s from
Atlanta get it right all right all right phone lines I’m coming to shortly and
let me turn this phone down because somebody tried me last night during last
night’s show folks do not text me when I’m doing a show this is work this is
not play play time turn that down okay and if you want to chime in on one of
the topics the phone lines are open cash at super chat I really really want to
explore that the the subtopic do you read your friendships a lot of people
got it fucked up but I’m not gonna get you know to a personal during the show
heads I don’t like you to hurt anybody’s feelings but you know if I’ve known you
from once upon a time the friendship has to continue to grow I don’t wanna sit
around a 12-2 talk to old people about old shit fuck out of here let’s go to
area code six one four good afternoon doing a little research six one Corey
they’re gonna pick it up pick it up okay they’re called robbed outs good area
code eight four five folks if you’re on a headset or a speakerphone I can’t you
know just hold and hold and hold area code eight four five good afternoon
talking about revaluate guardstar and bow-wow yes sir how are you I’m well I
can’t complain anymore exactly okay Oh young nigga yes sir
hey how you man you’re not working in the daytime I’m trying to figure out
your schedule you calling me I’m working I’m on I’m gonna figure it burton-cox
yeah I’m at work right now okay hey man I’m just asking the question does
bow-wow need an intervention he’s a good guy he’s always showing me a respect but
it looks like he’s you know he’s giving out Tyson blows – somebody’s broke
according to Erika main and others we think he’s been an entertainment
business just some fun you know I mean so I feel like you got a right to see
you know eels answer announcer on voting reference of the other titles that’s all
one should find on well hang on a second stay with me on bow one he’s according
to Wikipedia he’s 31 years of age might be older I don’t know her do you ever
watch that show he’s on no I’m not at all but I respecting work ethic so you
know I mean you got longevity growing up in Atlanta growing up hip hop a pardon
me Atlanta you’ve never even gave a fuck about watching it well you don’t have
cable it’s not I have Verizon watching those I have a login but I don’t I don’t
watch it okay so you said you respect him in the
business but but now you saw the the news about him and you know the
scratches of scratches in the face now Erica Mane is saying I’ve seen I’ve seen
when it went viral I mean I didn’t look into it I just saw there’s a headline
and I just scrolled past it on a few you didn’t give me shit getting to be shit okay all right so you want to chime in
on my question do you really eat your friendships we won’t seem at that yeah
you gotta you gotta you gotta knows people’s worth you not I mean especially
when you talk box of stuff and just money is you know people are on you up
for less than $1,000 you not I mean so there’s me personally being like 20 for
me personally a lot of my older a lot of my homey quotes in a circle homies are
older than me by like 10 years you know I mean people vying are caught up in
just just the essence of the worldly possessions if you get what I’m saying
you know I mean everything’s a show and I’m not trying to show you not I mean
I’m trying to mind my business and stay above ground okay
and you’re 23 again after you 23 or 24 24 24 okay well I see you’ve got a ways
to go if you make it and who knows you might fuck around and catch a slug in a
mug and you know go out on some dumb shit
I don’t know but if I can say to you based upon my experience my my position
which is lived a great life and I don’t say that
to sound overly arrogant or cocky just you know life has always been fuckin
great for me um you you have to put people to the test as you get older to
make sure that they are still a friends and of course that you guys are of like
mind of course you know share experiences share hardships and things
of that nature but you know sometimes people get older and they get Aggie and
they become jealous tell me yeah negative shit you know it’s not just
niggers it’s it’s black white Hispanic Asian Malaysian it’s people I don’t want
to just you know just use the n-word as if I’m only talking about people of
color talk them out you know all types all right talk to you okay – y’all need
on the check in cigarette break huh how about that in America they’re still
doing cigarette breaks companies still allow that hey guys I forgot to read a
super chatham last night or I think this came in after we finished up last
night’s show Lisette catch this when she says I’m Puerto Rican and I also wear
hair pieces even though my hair is long black men are so stupid I hate when they
try to talk to me yuck okay that was with respect to the
topic last night we were talking about Chris Brown you know does he owe his
supporters or black women an apology all right Thank You Lisette if you watch
this particular broadcast you will see that I did read your super chat I’m
coming back to the phone lines let me also just point out with regards to Bow
Wow he’s denied these allegations I’ve been
putting his hands on Sierra I anybody remember that track of course you do
like you with Bow Wow and Sierra one of my favorites from him and from her you
know okay bow was actually 32 what did I say 31 little while ago
who’s 32 no and KO me I’m singing her name right I watched a couple
besides in online when I got back from the gym is that show popping was it just
hanging on you know growing up hip hop Atlanta I don’t know all right let’s go
back to the phone lines beaten Tuesday afternoon good afternoon
area code six four six bow-wow does he need an intervention do you give a shit well then yo you get pop alone then okay I’m talking about our friends okay
you got to come closer to the phone I can’t hear you where you worker what are
you doing okay sounds a little crazy I’ll give you a second to make the
adjustments nice get you out of here will you standing over the stove making
stir-fried rice the fuck you doing plate me folks I’m doing research in the
afternoons bow-wow being accused of breaking
fingers I’m not laughing at you know breaking fingers but you know does he
have the out he call that thing Vietnamese you know you just just say
the wrong thing and bow just he snaps it’s mr. 106 & Park you know good
afternoon area code 83 – we’re talking about
really valuating friendships and bow-wows what do you want to chime in I
think that bat allowed has been tripping for a very long time honestly okay he’s
been doing this for a while so like you kind of just kind of covered it up and
his mom really enabled him when you’re the child could if you look back Efren
shows like that show balla house is his home with his mom
he really didn’t have that much respect for women he nonsense but I feel like
there’s some type of where what I should wear
I don’t know she neighbor him to do this because that girl so girls and he got in
a fight was recently she was explaining that his mom Ben knew called her and
everything acted like she was surprised but like try to get her not to say
nothing about it you know you’re talking about Kiyomi am I saying
her name right yeah Kiyomi yeah all right so you watch
this show you want some show I’ve seen I’ve seen
it maybe about like two or three times on YouTube has popped up like those
episodes you know watch it I’ve seen it and I was like okay they’re dynamic it’s
kind of weird it’s kind of like in the public she like she’s more aggressive
than him but you can tell that Bow Wow has like this like they’re meaner about
him like you know you decide to do the part because it’s always the quiet frail
ones it’s always the quiet friend ones turn up turn up huh he probably gets
Anjali in Korea more than likely easy we don’t know can I put that on on JD we
don’t know if he’s out there you know chin checking bitches we don’t know that
okay so hang on a sec okay all right so now you said that based upon this show
Bow Wow’s mother she’s playing stupid yeah I could think about it the girl
Erica Mena she came out too and said that it happens to her and then we’re
hearing the rumors we’re having to confirm her than I have this year so we
can’t really say I deny that you know I mean but like there’s a funnel pattern
would grow that he’s dated you know I’m saying and nobody ever seems the one
that really speak guys this is like you met him saying like as if it’s happening
before and they know that they don’t want to like get involved in this only
person who’s speaking out there come in a room and then the key on the girl I
have to say I believe Erica Mena Amy only spoke to once a never met her in
person but she seems like a genuine person she has spoken about her own
inner turmoil her hurt her pain she’s even made reference to being damaged at
some point and I think she was just looking looking for love and you bow wow
we just saw some some other shit I think he may have given her a to pieces
you know yes yes he offered her some something at some pencil chicken yeah
I’m Dave an uppercut you know hold that bow fuck as long as you
I believe I appreciate the call darling thank you so much I’m just doing
research thank you thank you okay bring me up to speed on this you know folks I
haven’t eaten this in years what is this is this called cauliflower take some
rubber with the texture that there’s no fucking taste to it I’ll come back to
that and also I’m dead-ass about this black seed oil was like 26 26 dollars
for this shit does it do anything I already take b12 shots so it’s not like
I need more energy but I was at the gym I got exhausted real fast called an old
associate of mine he says I should start injecting winstrol I’m a Googler I
should only sick isn’t that that shit that people die from hold on winstrol
hold on I heard about that years ago okay WI an ST rol Commons common side
effects what the fuck it’s a steroid I mean look at the life jacket anybody
heard heard about wind straw and any uh bodybuilders and somebody said the best hey I see someone named Angelique in the
live chat Angelique were you one of the people claiming that Coco’s from Florida
I went through the comments this morning the YouTube comments and I said there’s
like four people claiming she was from Florida no she’s from Atlanta do your
research she moved to Florida born and raised in
ATL don’t try and claim her Oh somebody say don’t do it that should o kill you
all right keep me posted via email either way I’m in the gym all right
let’s go to area code two eight nine poking doing research
Bow Wow doesn’t need an intervention area code two eight nine are you there –
eight nine good afternoon good afternoon yes no maybe I’ll get you up out of
there go to area code eight three two I’m grafting room talking about Bow Wow
and do you really ate your friendships everything Cody three two if you do it
retail pick it up pick it up okay give these folks adding you folks I’m
zooming good afternoon good afternoon hello yes good afternoon hello every two
three four seven talk to you know wow man but yeah Bow Wow man he actually
does need help man because all the stories about these women they had
enough the that loss of control the way he can’t get things right away on happy
wearing career mm-hm somehow somebody someone has to do
something about that man and somebody to talk to Sierra they’re getting outta
hand well hang on a second sir to my
knowledge Sierra has not responded only Erica Mena
is talking about Bow Wow broke her finger yeah
Sierra’s living her best life she’s married you know she’s a kid she’s on
tour oh I think she’s on Toya level up and all that fly shit so she probably
doesn’t give a fuck with Erica manners talk about I’m for that yeah what
manners kind of ratchet Manning I can tell Bob all that type of doomed man the
quiet he’s always trying to be polite in like trying to act like he he’s a real
well for him dude I could tell you that type of guard man you think we should
change the title of the show to is Bow Wow and misunderstood him I know I would
without the pimp word but I would change it to misunderstood because I think you
just had too much like I think he had too much success you know
so too much success at birth and then Easter dwindled and he still feels like
a major celebrity but you not okay I’m gonna say yeah yeah that’s what I’ll
call to say now I love your show I listen everything I’m about to drop
the donation right now I thank you man thank you salute thank you
okay okay what are we change the title to is Bow Wow misunderstood folks I’m
doing research very loose show this afternoon I don’t respect ratchet let’s
just get it let’s get it yeah Bow Wow misunderstood how about we do that
rather than the intervention I don’t know put that on him you know like he’s
just some loose cannon howdy give me odds uppercuts you know unless he’s
really really been like you know caught doing that thing you know sorta area
code six one six good afternoon I’m doing
research is Bow Wow misunderstood area code six one six sorry there yes sir
mentor noon try was good yeah I don’t think misunderstood but that dudes been
on some weird stuff for a while now because you know nowadays artists
nothing they got to do this we’re all this crazy viral stuff just to be
relevant you’re not selling products like they used to there now they’re not
moving numbers like they used to do you remember back in what was this like a
year or two ago work job it was up on the gram fooling around talking about he
was flying first-class he wasn’t getting scratched and all this and now I’m like
bro but as far as reevaluating friends I absolutely do because you know as you
get older people just change everybody changes and then you know sometimes you
get a little bit of success or whatever or you’re doing things that you know
your old friends wish they could be doing that they’re not yeah and then
they get mad at you you know and then it’s just kind of like everything’s it’s
awkward and you know more they get mad at themselves
ah listen mad themselves right why did you Madison’s yeah good we want their
lives it became failures you know I think you man yeah they just become
failures or they just well they just need to basically stay stagnant in life
you don’t a plan they don’t actually get to where they want to you know and it’s
just I I don’t know man I keep my circle small because of that because people
just get real weird as yelled and they start changing it and you know they
start to expose themselves as a person you know how they’ve always been that
you just don’t know it’s you know you start to see something become more whoa
but you know so but it’s worth ah well yeah maybe you need to spit out man he
just needs to sit down man just take your feet go make some more music or
something like that you know the fam but yeah for sure man I appreciate the call
man Thank You Man thank you sue okay let me go a little deeper with regards to
re-evaluating friendships I cut a friend off meanest guy were friends going back
to high school well high school when I moved to New York because my high school
I went to in Scotch Plains New Jersey I left it my last year and moved to New
York was friends with a guy in uptown Manhattan George Washington High School
class of 82 I held this guy down we held each other down you know we were
sniffing coke chasing whores Yatta Yatta Yatta
some guys jumped him I wasn’t with him when they jumped and they took his gun
from him are the things over the years he even pointed me he pointed me out one
time to the cops cops ran down on the both of us I’m gonna get to detail but
you and I’ll just say Midtown Manhattan he pointed me out to the cops and the
reason why I’m mentioning that is because I was a friend to him I didn’t
hold that against him the fact that he pointed me out to the cops which you
know which is something some people wouldn’t fuck with you
over that you know but we remain friends and somewhere around in 2005 he used to
get drunk and call my Starbuck wild voicemail you know just and say crazy
shit and you know a drunk person speaks at sober mind and he was just talking
reckless finally I had to just call him one day when he was sober I said hey man
meet me at such-and-such a place so I can punch in your mouth he said what’s
going on me I said oh no meet me sunset place I can punch you in your
fucking mouth you know you’ve been you’ve been harboring a lot of shit
inside of you over the years and when you get drunk you get on my fucking
voicemail and then you apologize fuck that I’m gonna punch you in your mouth
now long story short he didn’t he don’t want to meet and I just stopped fucking
with him and we haven’t been friends since 2005 and I had no interest in
being his friend again I mean there’s more stories that can take but I just
want to put that one on the table sometimes you have to just really wait
what people bring to the table if anything at all he’ll so the area code
eight three two good afternoon talking about Bow Wow and
other topics oh you there every curly three – ain’t no yes connected answer
yeah follow me I hate what we eat okay I thought you was to be what’s this you
know I I think that um you know as time goes on you know most artists or people
that that have you know a music career you know I think that the hits they fade
because your generation changes or your generation gets older for me and it
doesn’t become a or it should not become a thing of you always needing you know
admiration from the crowd you should be able to look at your
body of work and say hey you know I’m cool with what I did and I don’t I don’t
need another quote-unquote hit song to feel good about myself or to treat
people get around me we think about that I mean I agree well obviously you don’t
feel the same way I mean because his history is repeating itself over and
over any any woman that comes into the whole this is got some strange story
different woman same story okay I don’t know how do you the wrong 32 okay
don’t you guys at the same age you grew up with them yeah yeah I grew up with
him in oh I don’t know maybe he had a clue that that that’s a possibility
maybe he had so much at such a young age to the point where he’s bored now he
finds no real satisfaction in relationships with females because you
know when you when you travel from state to state or worldwide you have all of
this Fame notoriety success you then look at women or some guys do as just
objects and they’re you know I I know deep I know deep down inside you’re just
a slut in a groupie therefore I’m gonna pound on you huh that’s not how I think
that’s how some of these guys think niggas don’t wanna you say the accurate
question yesterday he’s doing what he’s doing
because he grew up so fast or if he were to build a Neverland Ranch say that
again say that again is it better that he’s doing what he’s doing because he
had to grow up so fast or would it be better if you built a
Neverland trip that’s a hard question that that is a hard question we know
it’s a hard question obligation of the right yeah no I’m gonna leave that alone
but I thank you for a call thank you sir only there alone all right nice did you catch what he was saying
build a Neverland Ranch I guess he’s talking about you’re having sleepovers
with you know kids and going that direction or uh stick to what he’s doing
we don’t know we don’t know what he’s doing doing you notice we just have the
reports and again Eric Amanda she says yeah sniggers loose and at one point I
saw her say that he’s more fucked up in the head than I am anybody catch that no
commander said that a couple years ago hold on a second I’m also scrolling for
some other topics that I wanted to address again guys I do research in the
afternoons so the pace is a little different okay one of these stories I
already saw these yesterday so I’m not gonna harp on them hold a second let me
go to hotnewhiphop comm and then go to the phone lines but first let me
acknowledge I don’t want to die ninety five says they allow sig breaks when you
make money boss nigga okay what I haven’t smoked cigarettes on the job
since the 80s you know back when I needed a fucking cigarette break you do
don’t blow all week all night coming to the job using the nicotine to stay awake
you know it was hectic back then but thank you for your cash yep sir
mccrawley sends in a cash ab fu star your shoulders look like a four-year-old
hahaha thank you sir yeah I was in the gym you know working out listen I’m
fortunate to even still be alive I had a liver transplant you may or may
not know that I was out of here the circulation of my body wasn’t even
working right the specialist said hey you might want to make your your last
will and testament ready yadda yadda yadda but thank you
sir Michael Foster on the check and he says okay Winnie that’s what they call
it Winnie is a steroid used to shut up it produces very lean muscle
gains back in the day I used it as part of a cycle it’s a real-deal steroid I
wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really trying to get ripped uh I’m 55
yeah I mean I don’t want to get you know I want to get out of hand
I’m gonna email you after the show Michael Foster thank you for the
information yeah I heard about that stuff years ago Winnie I don’t know if I
can be at the gym like that on a consistent basis but you know just
someone to get a little tighter in case I have to uh well you know what I don’t
to mention this just yet but um a casting director reached out to me about
some reality TV they have in the past you know I was down here a couple years
ago and I may or may not that’s not really my intention here in
Atlanta but I may do something I’ll keep you posted
and somebody sent me something on give me a second on my IG DM with regards to
mama D how’s she doing no and I would chopping up years ago via
Twitter DM if she still married Waka Flocka cos mom she curved me years
ago deb antony long story but I’ll keep you posted
hold on a second is it Chad Levy I’m just gonna say Chad Levy I really ate my
friendships every year you got to yeah I recommend it I recommend it that’s one
of the one of the big reasons why I don’t celebrate my boring day you know
you have to prove your friendship to me every day or you know at least we I
don’t want a consistent basis don’t just hollow once a year hey I want to take
you out for drinks and fuck out of here talking an old shit Oh – oh good
afternoon sir sends in a cache at fuck friends get your way up by your damn
self okay okay thank you old shoe loaf the cash app right let’s go back to the
phone lines area code 7 or E good afternoon talking about Bow Wow
is he misunderstood Bow Wow charred moles are you there 7 elite pick
it up keep it pushing all right area code 2 to 6 good afternoon what about
your friend Pat you down what about you a friend’s grandpa no I’m not your
brother good afternoon how are you who’s this it’s alligator man hey mom I’m not
your brother alligator I don’t know you slow it down
good afternoon how are you I’m good bow-wow you were you had one of your
colors earlier said a bit st. best and that’s that’s all I called to want to
see is he grew up too quick to cracks you know what I’m saying was the same
like like if you really look at it which which one of these guys who got famous
you know had a young age you know how its success later on like
remember Kris Kross you know what I’m saying nobody who’s fucking with those
cats after 1992 you know what I’m saying who the fuck is with some request rots
today you know what I mean but we’re still bumping well what are the guys
died man you know all right me women yeah I know I know I’m not sure a
disrespect but I’ve seen us you know like the guy the guy said earlier man
you know a lot of that Fame when you get it out of young age beforehand you know
just think he goes to your head and like he even said a really good point he said
man but I want even a celebrity middle no more you know the fuck cares about
our you know your celebrity before 2006 matter you’re just some washed-up gay
man I don’t know I’ll put it through this race there I don’t know who the
hell I want a pimp slap harder between bow-wow and means I can’t tell did he
say mace yeah yeah that pastor wanna beat
motherfucker yeah well he’s not a wannabe pastor he’s official mace mace
is out there on the track getting that scrub well I think he came up under
Creflo Dollar I’m not mistaken yes yes but this is why I say he’s a wannabe
pastor because one day he’s a pastor the next day he’s a wannabe gangster the
next day he’s a rapper the next season he’s a pastor that’s why I’m saying he’s
a wannabe pastor he’s you got you don’t seem you got to pick one or the other
you can’t you can’t pick them all oh holy smokes alligator
I just I’m flipping through a bunch of story I’m doing research as you know
Nicki Minaj’s mother releases a song get the speed on that the hell’s going on
here yeah I got a chick that oh yeah holy shit
my mom looks kind of sexy I’d smash that’s math for moms anyway hey good to
talk sir I got it I gotta check that out brother
Hey good to talk to you man I told you five times and not your brother hang up
on you fuck out of here man tell you something once open your goddamn ears
I’m trying to keep it positive folks you know here in Atlanta Garrett’s eating
raw broccoli – how long is that gonna last anybody like you know know about
this whole thing with them going from eating meat to to just like rushing into
eating healthy is there some type of relapse that can happen some type of
chemical imbalance and then you make shit worse because you then go binge
eating meat drinking beer no more beer in the refrigerator also wanna say that
um good afternoon to lakhtin Muhammad peace
peace you sir he says peace guard thank you sir for the cash yep sir can you put
a capital G on God I’m an atheist but even I know that when
and you say peace God always put a capital G on God thank you so much sir
you appreciate it right getting technical funny style Andre farmer good
afternoon sir sends in a super chat hey star a small committee of real niggas
convened and decided that you making an appearance on the Jesse Lee Peterson
show would go down in history I’m not interested man I’ll be honest with you
you know I just I mean I got nothing against the guy I just I you know I
don’t think it would benefit me I don’t just like him I produced multiple shows
over the years I’ve been produced a show for number nine and that’s his buddy
Jess Lee Peterson and I was on the line when they were talking and I know we had
a short conversation but I don’t feel the need to try and disprove someone’s
position in life who you are and what you represent you know and and what your
definition of success or happiness or your political alignment is not my
fucking concern you know so I don’t know if there would actually be any debate to
discuss because I’m an Objectivist you know I don’t give a shit about what he
thinks with regards to black people white people and what’s that thing he
always says racism doesn’t he’s racism doesn’t exist I don’t want to sit there
and debate with him who gives a shit about what he thinks about racism unless
you know what they’re gonna say um what’s that video that came out a year
or so ago he was already proved wrong with regards
to that do you know that did you see the video of him screaming at some white
lady with some rally and then he starts saying you’re racist you’re racist well
I thought racism didn’t exist you know but thank you man for your um your super
chat you know but that’s number 9s guy you know let
him uh let them sit down and chop it up I have no interest hey was that good
afternoon she says thank you for reading my super jet puppy I recommend is an
embarrassment to Puerto Ricans everywhere
Bow Wow isn’t whoa she says Bow Wow is another violent
black man sorry hold on I gotta put some respect on her name let me go back and
read this stupid chat from last night and then bring you up to speed if she’s
coming at black men hard body karate Lisette
okay so last night she said I’m Puerto Rican and I also wear hair pieces even
though my hair is long black men are so stupid I hate when they try to talk to
me yuck all caps why you seek it and then today she says again thank you for
reading my super check papi from last night Erica Mena is an embarrassment to
Puerto Ricans everywhere bow out is another violent black man sorry okay
go in ten toes down um I don’t know um that was loud I don’t know bow-wows
violent but uh you know he’s being accused you know maybe he’s
misunderstood maybe he’s got a pimp hand and and he has to regulate a certain way
you know thank you for your soup Jett Mike from Bensonhurst good afternoon sir
he said Erica Mena is a fucking Bronx Dominican animal okay she kicked her
baby daddy in the face Bow Wow Bow Wow slapped fire out of her she probably had
it coming oh I was hard if she Dominican a poor Rican I forget but but again I
spoke to her on the phone she was very respectful to me I mean I don’t know her
but um I think she’s got a genuine quality about her you know she may have
been he may have been ratchet in her past
she’s a mother I know that I saw her fighting on a corner with some people
one time some old video probably just wants to be loved and
stroked and pounded you know have her back blown out with some tricks it’s
just that simple if you blow their back out they’ve shut they shut the hole in
their faces all right so there you go nine zero for that sounds crazy what the
hell right my fuckin headphones Jesus grandpa Nolan I know for you there great
day in the morning goodbye mister me what about hey man can
I ask what the fuck are you doing that shit is loud as hell in my headphones
man what’s going on with you homie what’s going on man hey my bad other
work and play others got back all overseas man you know I’m a merchant man
a thing and I seen you was all tuned into the monkey shit down down nigga you
hurt hate oh I see you an a man I see you and every man you you all the
fallout was up the road from the man for real
don’t finally they laid it down yeah being friends send me a home and send a
hoe to a friend man I’m still pimping so for sure I gotcha
what’s bothering me I see I see you boss niggas but nonetheless though I see what
up much and all that that cauliflower lead a shit alone not too stable say
don’t be eating I got your white shit man that’s you ain’t got no neutral
energy no next to doctors say be say don’t fuck let you save yourself up
don’t fuck with it yeah don’t fuck with nothing don’t eat
nothing like yes you ain’t got no nutrients in okay check that shit out
because you know that your educational nigga so you know I’m saying you know I
love the fact that you dismiss the wisdom to the thing and knowledge to the
baby so you know I’m saying so I feel like it’s my obligation if you would
like to thank you shit out right now if you sit on fuck when I’m not fuckin to
keep the broccoli in the carrots though let me keep that in a bowl yeah yeah
yeah yeah okay okay I’m Agartha are you free in this you
know I had about six friends so to speak the three armed had to be cut off
because they don’t understand the virtual reciprocity
you know I always fucking mooching and shit don’t never want to branch it to
the little fucking gavotte or initiate you know I’m saying
like you know we have like you know from time to time I just are 47 like last
week none of that you know and like a lot of the other three they would feel
like what I would say going through their second childhood
you know like you know if you do that you know that young shit you know look
pick him up for the Panther population and and and you know frustrates alright
you know stop you know try to change how these look look look more rapid and stop
now that kind of shit grow up you won’t say it but I had to cut they cut them
off but the octopus with me you’ll remain tight no Brotherhood you know
like I said I just got in so you know bring off about six months old
you ain’t seen each other so you know we getting together and smoke drink you
know you know compare life and shit I get nonetheless I’m 55 I’m proud of my
age I’m proud of my generation but at the same time you know life to me but is
to be enjoyed now I don’t subscribe to that here at
the thing it’s all now yeah that’s why everybody
skating yeah all sorts a horseback-riding I’m going to Six Flags
I’m I’m doing shit now I want to go to Hawaii go scuba diving I’m do all that
shit now so I I don’t want to sit here drinking and smoking and you know
talking the old niggas old Oh white boys old bitches now Greg yeah you gotta get
you up like a little you do a cocktail luckily I’ve got not leave my problem
what’s not it’s not even a bucket list is it it’s not a bucket list I your life
is about now you know before before eternal darkness don’t you own it I feed
on this you know as long as a nigger that’s getting up there it not creeping
my damn my dancer I pray on it for the moment the mob a problem I got a friend
I’m getting me to cut off because every time I talk to this person all they say
is so what’s up so what’s up I mean what’s up if we ain’t doing shit
together ain’t nothing I’m stop asking me what’s
up a fast mover son I’m not here to fucking entertain you cut that nigga ass
off man what’s up your sky nigga that was rough
but uh we’re sick we know which I want to segue on the Kabbalah you know I
think I think also too you know one of the colors were saying it you know you
had their early pain you know in the childhood and stuff and now you know his
ego can’t take the fact that nobody checking for normal which you know him
she was no own Instagram and all other shit talking like he’s lying for class
and out of all other shit but he even doing it so in essence to me out after
he gone through a second childhood it well you did what I don’t know how about
we did I think when Tina thirty he’s claiming 3232 okay yeah so I think about
eight years off reporter so you know it’s you know he thought he was he over
here you didn’t say anything also to he didn’t diversify his mom you didn’t
gonna say he just put with the rap shit I’ve seen him with a couple of NCIS
let’s play the movies here and there but he didn’t really diversify to me you
know if there’s a young nigga coming up so to speak so you know I think he was
like you know go on to a second childhood no fucking would be you know
females and shit that asked don’t really don’t mean of nobility shit
and I think that nigga really got a Napoleon complex good to talk to us line
up I got a little my research here on some of these stories man good to talk
to you yeah you can send me a home and stop bullshitting send me a whole man
he’s good people guys just give me a second I’m reckless
eyeballin Nicki Minaj’s mother okay okay mama looks good mama looks good
so if if Nicki takes after mama Nicki might be nice and she gets older you
know when that coochie gets to be seasoned coochie you know
season coochie of some of the best coochie you know I’m scared of it myself wait a minute Carol Minaj what Mirage
point me Mirage Carol Mirage okay so she’s not using let the last name Minaj
wait a minute if she won’t or will she does what the fuck is this let me bookmark this wait a fucking
minute maybe maybe I can get her wrong get an interview oh shit Carol Mirage
official wait a minute wait a minute I’m the man with the plan hang on a second
and she looked into reality TV I’m in Atlanta is there a casting agent
director or manager available can we have a conversation
I’ll get up on reality TV with Nicki Minaj’s mother think I won’t win a will
please bookmark this hold on a second is this a brand new YouTube channel always
our first video 11 hours ago the haters on top it is Oh folks I think I’m ready
to do reality TV now hahaha oh shit okay i’ma watch this uh after the show give me a second everybody hang on I’m
coming to cash Shep super judges sit tight sit tight mmm I’ll pull out a
couple of the classic my classic cars you know get to stunt with Nicki’s moms
huh let me see wait what year she’s born she
married who’s Robert who the hell is Robert can you guys help me in the live
chat is she married hopefully she’s separated okay there’s
not much honor its how old is Carol Mirage okay born in 1959 Oh core that
season – coochy okay somebody keep me up to speed please some I’m doing research
here just looks good though born in 59 damn 11 kids get out of here
Otto coochies gotta be fire me fire your loving kids whoa okay my follow her on
Twitter hold on hold on oh shit she’s got a foundation I need an agent get up
on reality TV well what was that horrible sure I was on again back in the
days the gossip game oh that was horrible I have a real I can send you up
you’re an agent shit let me let me get focus on what I’m doing here area code
seven one six good afternoon several and six we put my bow-wow and uh fed up
revaluing friendships hey there who’s this hi my name is Jessica how are you
sorry hey Justin what’s going on nothing hi good afternoon I was calling about a
couple of pages you were stretching on as far as uh Nicki Minaj’s mom this is
not her first time that she’s released music I believe the first time was four
years ago she’s a gospel singer she grew up in the
church with the music um as far as a bow-wow bow-wow is not misunderstood Rob
well if he is being a celebrity is inconsequential to the fuck behavior
that he’s doing it just has nothing to do with anything for your earlier I
think was a super chatter lady by the name of Lizbeth joe said he you know
angry Blackman I have a question Lisette if you are listening when you say angry
black men are you also talking about angry black Puerto Rican men because you
have several races inside of being Puerto Rican
I’m just wondering what she meant by that when the guy called you about dr.
Chevy yeah he was right you’re not supposed to mix specific greens or meats
together I find intermittent fasting is a good way to go into stuff like that I
don’t want to take up too much of your time but the reevaluating French you
know stay with me listen I’m in no rush I do research on the
afternoons I’ve got family a queen of follow queen up Booya and supernova
salaam that’s that’s my family I can call them and I probably should ask
super-nervous London to email me some type of charts and stuff like that I do
have his super mega greens I’ve just been so consumed with work so uh you
know I just I picked up this stuff this morning as I came out of the gym but if
I shouldn’t be eating be at the cauliflower I’ll throw that shit away
don’t hit that okay now can we go back can we go back to Nicki Minaj’s mom um I
just followed her on Twitter she yes is she married
no she’s not married okay is she is she dating what’s going on can you help me
out I don’t know because there’s not a lot of information about her dating I
know she’s beautiful as who but I will also say that I know that you know I
believe Robert is uh Nicki’s father and she doesn’t there’s not information
about her dating I know she released music four years ago she was a gospel
singer and he was growing up Nicki Minaj actually talked about was asked about
her mother’s album on her Korean radio show okay so she’s always been a singer
at the end of the day and now she’s releasing new music does she live in
Atlanta do you know I’m so Nikki’s got a house here
yeah that that part I don’t know can you find out can you google stay with me I’m
in no rush and doing research can you google what’s gonna help me out yeah I
could a cagoule yeah I’m on her Twitter page right now you know going off okay I
got to she’s got music she says are you ready hashtag what makes you okay okay I
mean I wasn’t really trying to do reality TV down here but you know a
couple of people reached out you know and it
may enhance one of my other projects I’m working on down here but who knows
but Nikki’s mom you know might go there I think that people would love to see
you on reality TV well I was on I did a couple of shows you ever see that
horrible show the gossip game I was on with a Angela Yee and K Fox and my
cousin viv ever see that show they actually called me about another show
and I came down here a couple years ago we had a conversation but I said listen
I’ll call you when I moved back to Lana so I’m here now but anyway
you find anything where does she live yeah I’m looking right now I don’t see
anything out where she lives okay if you find out can you send me an
email she thinks could be late again again she seems to be a pretty private
lady yeah you’re very private so one thing I
also wanted to say something about was the Eric Amanda situation I think ah
listen Erica Mena powwow has a tendency to surround himself for the broken women
I myself when I was younger I understand that aspect you normally don’t want
broken ass women around you unless you’re a broken ass man you know what I
mean you kind of drawn like wise people that’s part of reevaluating
relationships right I really value eight my relationships with my family members
because I don’t have to tolerate being around people I don’t want to be around
it’s that simple you don’t you don’t you you you don’t
owe it to anybody to me and anybody toxic shit you would have your own that
you’re always trying to kind of deal with and if you want to enjoy your life
friends or family sometimes blood is just blood I see that a little bit
different you know I really value late friendships in terms of family
I just don’t fuck with family family has to prove break they have to prove
themselves to me I just I don’t fuck with them off the rim I don’t call ball
family for birthdays I don’t want to be on fucking I would
email change all that dumb shit I don’t fuck with family same here same here
they feel that they’re entitled because they share blood and I tell people all
the time blood is just blood I have friends that I’m closer with family
members family members who you don’t I don’t fuck with my mother’s side because
they’re racist so I you know I just I let them know I never liked you and I
don’t need you now fuck got it that’s but that’s something else anyway yeah I
appreciate the call and thank you for helping me with um
tracking down Nikki’s mom I’m gonna holler at her oh thank you darling
have a good day have a great day okay bye now okay I know I’m doing a lot just
bear with me I do this in the afternoons I just you know we’re trying trying to
figure it all out she took a couple of shots at Lisette let me just refresh
this okay okay okay okay Bow Wow a few out there you know me and
you were cool last time I saw you was 2012 it was in Philly I was hosting a
100.3 the beat flew to a radio one gave me the money up front you know powwow
came through that to say hey man put your feet up man relax big nigga good to
see you man so nothing I say here you know I know I don’t want to be perceived
as you know taking shots you know and again I put my own family on the UM on
the table first you know who I’m talking about enough who say his name
Lord Jesus if he smokes a half of an L and takes a shot of some fucking clear
who goes apeshit I hold on one second check something else out before I go
back to the phone lines what is 50-cent doing now 50 trolls
young buck with Lana’s ex photo Oh uh-huh does nigga wanna stop yeah 50
please man I mean I know you know what you’re doing man but take it easy take
it easy with that nigga from cash flow man at some point he’s bound to snap
pound this snap you know let’s go to area code five one zero
good afternoon five one zero I’m talking about Wow Wow is he misunderstood five
100 Oakland California man yes all right I want to talk I want to talk about the
friends all right please so I’m 42 years old and you know I’m my artist and I
left the bait about 12 years ago 13 years ago actually she’s got the fuck up
took the last bit of money I had in my pocket took off move knew nobody no
friends in Vegas they moved to Washington State after you
know for 13 years I can tell you as every nigga that I knew that I was cool
what I thought I was cool with just because I took all right I know there
you go I know are you going come on I know you going okay I wasn’t even doing
nothing huge I wouldn’t making six figures off I just
did something different right God fuck because I mop alert to spill right on
these streets yeah today was hey come on it was hating poxy hate haters hatin so
much so so much so diplomatic visit niggas that I grew up with from fourth
grade tried to rob me okay yeah and that’s just what brother Fox said in one
of his songs he said fuck friends cousin danger didn’t exchange right and you
know I realized now at this age really we use the term friends too loosely yeah
you cannot use the term friend if even if these niggas in grew up with you they
bain’t danger but now I also believe in what you just spoke about also believe
you know family just because it’s blood it ain’t sometimes that’s the worst shit
okay but I will tell you I will tell you that my mom used to say something back
in the day she used to say you know jealousy when you young a young man will
want to fight you the jealousy when you were old man that
nigga try to kill you and it’s the same thing
emails – yeah as you be saying these females get bloated up as you know when
they get a certain age got 10 kids whole kids they get big off the pigs okay I
exactly I ain’t got no kids right now and I’m
telling you right now every time I meet one of these chicks they always ask me
the first thing that you got kids know I look like what’s wrong with you you them
saying like what would be want to test your sexuality now so I just feel like
that all the way up until when you come out the womb stop looking at friends
just deal with people as associate meet people how you need fuck with people
that are like-minded as you said and just move forward and don’t even have no
time for trying to get close to people and all that other shit just do your
thing and move for cuz your ass will be ten toes down in the fucking grave by
trying to trust people too hard so that’s all now one last thing I want to
speak on yeah one last thing I want to speak on is I don’t know this chick they
want to just call in Tamar she hate black men and whatever whatever right oh
she said hang on a second you talk about Lisette she sent in a super chest and
she just sent another one okay you say yes yeah you know one thing out come to
find man is that uh especially with females man like you know I love my
sisters always that my sisters I’ve dealt with other races before but one
thing is for sure that I can only be in a relationship with a black woman and
I’m talking a dark-skinned woman that’s all I’ve ever fuck with I’ll fuck with
outside races but they work in in relationships
because seem like they to Tritton with vanity they driven too hard with vanity
and especially the Spanish chicks it’s for some reason when I was in Washington
it’s only a few out there but each one that I’m sure those are Hispanic and not
Spanish they speak Spanish but they’re Hispanic true yes true
yes but they all said to me in different ways that they felt that they were white
they felt that they were white in there and that really really they don’t really
want to fuck with niggas only because we don’t have that connection as they do
with lights like they can blend in anywhere so what this heifer was talking
about you know it’s crazy because I’ve seen more possessive and aggressive men
on day five then on our side that’s all those Hispanic boys get out
the knife and start carving carving bitches up fast fast shit one of my
friends one of my friends rest in peace keeper
she started fucking with one of them he got her turned out on meth and stabbed
her fucking 37 times let’s put it this I appreciate the call I’m gonna slide off
we gone someplace else Thank You Man salut thank you yes are we
doing too much this afternoon everything okay I think I just clicked off Luke
Haney locating was that you I hit the wrong button I apologize what what call
was that I dropped her shit doing too much people get upset right when I say
you know Hispanic not Spanish I learned that from a girl back in 1986 we were
sniffing blow doing all sorts of crazy shit and I called her Puerto Rican by
mistake she said don’t you ever confuse me with their Taino slave I’m from Spain
how dare you oh she had some fire coochi by it hang
on a sec okay Lisette clapping bat via super chat Lisette says catch this one
my people stick together black men tried to come to me saying things like you
look better than black girls begging for a chance I don’t like them hmm okay was
that going ten toes down and send it in via cassia hate is enough good afternoon
sir if bow-wow wants to regain relevance he
may want to jump on those DNC debate tweets with OJ Carroll and Mirage also
sings gospel music hashtag Kirk Franklin sir I’m Way ahead of you Kirk Franklin
will be here in Atlanta on the 19th well Carol Mirage be in the building can
somebody please in the name of Jesus send me an email and Nicki if you happen
to see this rebroadcast I’m being respectful you you were very kind to me
she left me a drop I think was 2011 highest Nicki Minaj listen to a Starbuck
wild show love her for that you know that’s the queen it’s not get it fucked
up cardies winning but you know Nikki’s a queen let’s not get it fucked up
alright hold a second okay let me make sure I bookmarked
why don’t I bookmark her Twitter page hold on a second okay let me sort of
fuck down pow Carol Mirage eleven cage cootchie has to be fire Nancy screams
sends in a super chat lmao that young buck shit you were talking about
yesterday is real shits about to get lit bullets are flying you know I don’t know too much about
them Tennessee boys cash flow but I can only imagine at some point somebody has
to say hey man you know you’re letting that nigga do too much we’re gonna step
in now we gonna step in talking about you know the cash fill niggas we’re
gonna step in show them niggas up north how it’s done that’s just you know how a
lot of southern guys think you know okay let me get to cash shot people spending
some scroll I appreciate you mr. Elvis the chef Rosenberg thank you sir for
your donation you appreciate it he says I’m on six for six hold on a
second mr. Rosenberg good afternoon sir how are you hey man thank you for your
orders chef yes sir I’m here hey star you know I was
thinking about the topic okay we need one jump in and I was thinking of well I
wanted something first on that friendship thing and analyzing and
re-evaluating friendship please I think it’s so important that people get no
game come in come in men it’s so important that people recognize that if
a person is not being used in a useless right and you should only have a
friendship with you gaining something from if you’re not gaining something
from that friendship and the friendship is now then toxic you know it’s not it’s
not worth it if a lot of people don’t really get that yeah yeah you know
people stay with friends because there was their childhood friend I keep
telling people that was only a friend because that was the only thing shit
mother took you and you meant that person that your mother was friends with
doesn’t mean that needs to be your friend you can have people from your
formative years that you know you shared a connection or a special moment but it
does not mean that you’ve evolved into people that have similar interest you
know and and there’s nothing wrong with you know saying that
there’s nothing wrong with saying hey I’ll see you when I see you you know I
said you know I yes we bumped it hurt yes we bumped into
each other but not I don’t really want to exchange numbers you know you have my
kids hang out with your kids yeah I thought you are a piece of shit 20 years
ago I don’t want my kids to be intertwined with your kids who could be
pieces of shit yeah three yeah no no that’s real about it you know too many
people they think these people are their friends matter and that they’re gaining
nothing from right they’re giving and giving and giving of themselves and then
they’re miserable you want to be happy focus on yourself yeah I barely have any
friends I just associate and everyone that said of my associates don’t make
money with yeah if I can’t make if I cannot make money with you or you can
lead me to someone who’s going to help me parlay a situation into a honey
situation then I have no time for you yeah and that’s just facts very well sir
thank you know and also dependent come on what about the bow-wow thing well I’m
hoping he’s misunderstood I’m not gonna kick dirt on him but you know he’s got
females talking about he’s an alleged beater you know Shyne time on him right
now well he just might be about he might be an alpha male you know he might be an
alpha now women are exaggerating okay you know okay you know sometimes you
know sometimes you get a real man who’s portrayed to be a child or his life you
know he’s understood okay I don’t think you I don’t think it’s an angry ignorant
black man I think that he could possibly be a guy’s guy a man’s man you one who
ain’t gonna take shit not gonna let you talk to him a certain kind of way and
you know you fell down the steps that wasn’t me that was you hey I appreciate
you man Thank You ovis brah thank you sir What did he say you fell down the
steps that was you that was it me that was cute like him
good afternoon sir sends in a cash at we all must earn the big G in our
communities okay thank you sir mama mama sends in a cash app bow-wow
should reevaluate okay you forgot to say revalued says reevaluate we evaluate his
friendships okay I don’t know the intricate details of bow-wows life I’m
just you know again doing research I’m not doing a hardcore show about how loud
needs help you know at first I was thinking you know does he need an
intervention but yeah and he might just be misunderstood you know he might be in
the eye of the tornado you know shit’s still shit still moving
fast around him you know we now have social media which is a big you know
factor in our daily lives everything’s recorded you you have an argument with
somebody now you know and you say hey I’ll slap the fuck out you you know not
that you intend to but you say y’all slap the fuck out shoe that person says
oh really let me put you on Facebook baton next
thing you know you’re losing fucking sponsorships oh he said he was gonna
slap slap the fuck out of her who is this here someone sends in a what is
this okay I’ll come back to this is yes this is a long EEMA folks I don’t do
long emails when I’m working this is work it’s not play play time you know mm
okay Mao mo says Carol Mirage is a good look for you salute she’s good looking
woman man I’ll holler at her don’t worry about that but uh if she is she trying
to get up on reality TV I’m in the latter you know I may need some type of
fucking manager agent I haven’t reached out to uh Mona Scott yeah you know just
some I’m here doing some other stuff maybe I should say hey this was probably okay someone just sent
me the doctors say be nutritional guide okay thank you I’m a check that out whoa whoa whoa whoa but Bryan Peterson
where are you going you said okay I got your email buddy shake real slow
okay I’m not promoting that on my show I’m not even mentioning that that’s come
on can i play that game I read that book well I had someone translate as best
they could back in the 80s but the audiobook is online that’s all I’ll say
Thank You Bryan Petersen Lisa hey Lisa okay Lee see you Center on the cash at
boo-boo five dollars five dollars my minimum come on Kim can you go borrow
something from your boyfriend yeah somebody else
$2.00 cash no baby I don’t do to a lot to all the cash ups go some respect on
my fucking name okay who is this bxt marie hey how are
you darling throw on this topic you super okay do you want to call in shoot
me a text message you should have my my direct number you can text me because we
do have a business relationship okay so want to make sure this is the
right T Marie okay she says she wants to join the conversation about the topic
it’s interesting yeah I thought it would be a good topic for us to discuss
without you know insulting people that we know I mean I don’t want to you know
insult people that have been in my life over the years but just hey you know I enjoy life and I’m not trying to sit
around and just you know talk about old shit you know fuck out of here okay
Chris Brown talking okay what is this yeah
someone’s sending an email is is this more stuff with regards to what he said
well he says y’all trippin yeah okay so yeah thank you for the email but you’re
sending me old old information please note that I does this I’m up to speed on
a lot of things coming back to the phone lines just hang on a second guys Cuban
doll passed out drunk okay I’ll check that out later
psych l good afternoon sir sends in a cash app tell that Hispanic chick I’m
hiring for a maid fuck out of here oh okay
psych l clapping at da Lisette well fuck Ida will let you hit on the black man
shit hey Tiffany Tiffany sends in a cache at Kirk Franklin oh no wait a
minute okay – hang on are you are you serious here Tiffany can you send me a
link via email I appreciate your cash app but I’m really trying to go see Kirk
Franklin here in Atlanta on the 19th and there’s a chance that I may meet him
because if you know just business relationships I don’t want to put this
information out there that you’re saying via cash app not that I’m trying to like
you know go going to VIP and all that sort of shit but you know people do show
me respect Thank You Tiffany for your cash app okay okay hang on a second hey Jessica
okay just send me some information about Carol Mirage hang on folks you see me a
second hold on hold on there’s a phone number – whoa whoa okay this c-word thank you who is that
Jessica let me keep this private okay okay let me go to a one good afternoon
201 talk about Bow Wow is he misunderstood hello yes sir good
afternoon Amy good afternoon sir we’re talking about
Bow Wow and reevaluating friendships what do you want to start sir yeah he
misunderstood he just uh he’s just lonely that’s all dude is lonely and
he’s trying to stay relevant that’s all that’s about that ain’t
nothing more than that the bigger issue is to reevaluate in the friend
reevaluating your friend yet you got a Widow’s are you doing friends you got to
reevaluate the friends when you graduate from from from junior high school to
high school we did when you get into college when you get a girlfriend you
got a real value in to the motherfuckers you jealous and you’re doing something
that they’re not doing and then they want to be a part of what you’re doing
and you’re not doing what you used to do anymore it’s funny it’s a funny thing
friends friends are the ones that stay with you through your all revelations
through your own you know as you move from one thing to another they stay with
you the other wants to look at you like yeah why do that why you want to get a
job will be getting money out here because I’m tired of killing it you’re
that okay with you and I move on with my life a lot of friends can’t can’t handle
it but uh and if I could also just say this because I don’t think that I’ve
mentioned that you know with regards to re-evaluating friendships I’m myself i I
do prove my friendship to certain people I I do make
a point with especially if they have kids because they live at a different
life from the life that I live I’m you know I have girlfriends I know I’m not
married I’ll get married you know later on in
life but um so with regards to you know guys that I’ve known for whatever a
period of time I make a point to be a friend and and and you know show up in
certain things for their kids different events that their wives may have you
know just so that I can put a face to their friendship
you feel me right but see even even with that like how they’re married and
they’re doing what they feel that they need to do and you doing what you wanted
to do sometimes that you bring on a different feed to a friend and and
change the whole dynamic and all of my circle shape yeah I mean but it’s funny
people are funny and you have to you have to stay on top of certain people
not necessarily on top of them but on top of the things that they try to
evaluate about to see one’s life starts changing for people people start
changing but one thing before you go yeah yeah can you get looked at on the
phone boom that girl the second you get on the phone I don’t look that yeah I
don’t think she has a phone number hold on a second let me I hit refresh
oh she’s better than black people but she don’t gotta fall okay hang the
second she’s been sending in super chats and she didn’t say she wanted to call in
she’s just been you know taking shots I can appreciate that but no I’m thinking
we have a caller okay Liz Lisette and if you want to call
in today or tonight people are requesting to speak to you I do
appreciate your super Jets but I’m gonna leave that up to her I don’t want it
like you know just email her and and you know invade her privacy you feel me I
got you I got you that’s why I said it out loud so that not you hear me saying
it and in he can make a whole bond up but you know is that that whole thing
well I’m black and I dealt with plenty of
Puerto Ricans Dominicans I don’t dealt with range of Colombians
all of that and everybody has a different perspective and for the women
that I dealt with I can’t judge all race by that so yeah you might have had some
cool trying to get the pussy because yeah you had that little twisting yeah
it’s a never mom we like it but listen let’s get one thing straight
it’s cool to wanna be black but it’s also cool to now be black you understand
what I’m saying but all that at night look we’ll talk
let I’ll let you go I’ll let you go Thank You Man I’m not gonna explain to
you I explained it so how fuckin that’s all right yes thank you so okay you know
I’ve been doing this a lot of years and there is someone named Lisette li SS et
te that has sent in some super chats and I’ll even go back and see if Lissette
sent in super chats oh here’s another one from yesterday black men are a weak
and ugly and need constant validation from white people okay that was
yesterday and what I was gonna say I’ve been doing this a lot of years you know
Lissette might be a 400-pound black guy you know I don’t know you know but you
send it in you put a name to it I read it you know might be a 400 pound nigga
you know with a razor stubble you know sitting in front of his computer wearing
Gucci slides you know blowing some Kush laughing at niggas haha hey is this area
code 302 mr. Schuyler Saunders hey good to hear from you man uh good go and
listen you can always text me I got your text message man I appreciate you what’s
poppin what do you want to jump in on this time please Weiland jump in I was
just in Cleveland oh it’s just in Cleveland Ohio okay I was walking a
distri associate an acid okay so you uh you’re
honest you know yes how they aware she get Columbus tomography like that woohoo
I was like oh man how do you not know bow it just tripped me up I just you
know he didn’t have such an impact on the game you have platinum albums here
you get tours and for someone to be from the tone counter not acknowledge them
it’s just three for loop I tell you this man you know a lot of times people move
on you know they don’t necessarily stay in a certain mind frame and I can
understand that I can respect that but now I don’t want to put forth the the
narrative that Bow Wow is thirsty for fame he might just be doing what he does
he’s uh he’s up on reality TV because there’s an opportunity there but you
know he may not be thirsty I don’t know I know he was doing a little too much on
Instagram claiming to be in first class when in reality he was in coach but you
know so sometimes people get a taste of um fame and notoriety and they don’t
want any parts of it so you know I just want to say that but um so how old was
this person in Ohio that said this he had to be about 25 or 28 so he might
have just missed when he was at his peak uh-huh I didn’t know he was born and
raised in a hill in Columbus Ohio okay okay yeah I do know that he got the name
from a Snoop Dogg gave him the name I remember that and yeah yeah I’m in oh
yeah I met him and his mother he came on my show why he was very young I think I
was eight either 2000 or 2001 he was a really really small kid Wow his yes
mother was really nice but I didn’t know they were from Ohio okay okay well you
want to promote anything by way of your platforms is something you’re doing your
writings yes I will be promoting I am I’m not good at math but it was pretty
good percentage increase okay last year on that
and this year at the top here is 8,000 for 8400 so I’m thinking you I’m
thinking the sponsors that I have for FEMA word out and you can always find me
through vocal media just type in my name s Kyl er ized that’s my pending and I
appreciate you sir thank you very much now hang on a second I’ve got some of
your banners in front of me here which ones did is it cool to just wrote rotate
them or isn’t one in particular you want me to focus on the one by REO that’ll be
the best one okay and that one is which one I’m looking at five banners that
okay Wow okay it shouldn’t I think he only has one by
him it has his signature in the right little hand corner it look like it yep
yep good okay I will make sure I get that on on the end of the rebroadcast
the first banner thank you for your time mr. Saunders yes sir thank you very much
salute okay alright Skylar Saunders that’s one of my business partners good
to hear from that man I hold on a second how we doing guys show notes let me
throw something away here on my desktop give me a second I know I’m doing a lot
today in case you joined the show late I joined a gym I don’t know if I wanna get
a trainer just yet you know I I need to prove to myself that I can do this on a
consistent basis and you know just sometimes we lose the drive to do it
right now I’ve got the energy and again Ronnie suggested some flaxseed oil now I
got one of those little droppers and I put a couple of drops under my tongue
then I took the b12 injection Bao was in the fucking gym going apeshit this
morning I’ll keep you posted all right in a
second all right all right uh let me just check on
superjet before we wrap this up I’m I’m here for a little while longer black
races on the check-in good afternoon sir he says start tell that Vlad
okay did you mean to say bald be Ald he said BL ad head bitch that we black men
don’t fuck Hispanics okay he’s talking very very racist here slanderous okay we
don’t fuck Hispanics after 25 because they age in dog years
oh fuck that greasy bitch holy shit okay Gemstar good afternoon story you should
shoot a web series titled coke chronicles have episode 1 be about the
tranny you choked over a gram ladies che is perfect for the role oh that was hard
whoa whoa Shea’s not here let’s slow down you know I did I did I’m not gonna
say this person’s name I did reach out to someone from the music industry about
a year or so ago not to do you know the coke chronicles but this person has a
well known drug history and he was a powerhouse in the music industry and we
were just talking we talk about a whole lot of shit and that’s a man do you see
the way we’re talking right now we should just jump on some microphones and
just film this shit just talk for two hours in the film it he was with it so I
just I I got busy and of course I moved to Atlanta but um you know I’ll keep you
posted man thank you for the donation Gemstar okay Bella Jones good afternoon
sends in a super jet great show as always tour
Bow Wow is a clown of epic proportions unfortunately he’s a victim of child
celebrity ism I’m not gonna call him a clown I’m not a just again he’s very
respectful to me his mother and I think that um I think
you still got a future ahead of him and I don’t know why the hip-hop / urban
arena is so quick to just dump on people and cole mize washed trying to stay
relevant yeah why do we do that I mean I do it myself
you know why do we do that in the pop / rock world or mainstream you know people
go away for fucking 10-15 years and then they come back and they’re like wow it’s
so good to see you what have you been doing you know it’s not that are you
trying to stay relevant but thank you for your super chat Bella Jones okay did
I beat nasty streams okay Mike from Bensonhurst Andre okay all right all
right let me see what I’m missing here Lisa hey Lisa Lisa Ayoo for my bad okay
okay so she put a 5 on it thank you so much darling you are appreciating she
put some little emojis thank you Lisa was there a message let me go back guys
she took the time okay she’s the one who sent in the two dollar cash app and she
came back with the five I’m fuckin with you booboo I’m fuckin with you she says
I cut my family off as soon as possible bunch of toxic bitches what’s that old
saying famiglia familiarity breeds contempt with regards to family you know
you you grew up with family they take your shit whether it be your socks your
fucking t-shirts you comb you know they you you’re sleeping late because you’ve
been working all night there’s two eggs left they eat both of the fucking eggs
you know fuck you you’re hungry you’ve been working fuck you I don’t even want
the two eggs I’m just gonna eat them just to be a fucking prick you know they
do shit like that right somebody calls yummy I’m going way back
you know back before cellphones somebody calls the house you’re right they’re
right there in the fucking den and they tell that person now I haven’t seen them
paying home click up you know shit like that break your shit scratch up your
fucking you know albums take your cassette tapes we’ll get a pair of
fucking scissors and cut this shit just to be fucked up okay I’m going someplace
else thank you Lisa for you for your cash yep
Who am I forgetting here Jessica Jessica says hold in earlier and just wanted to
send what I go okay that was you Thank You Jessica much respect you appreciate
it yeah okay I’m gonna be respectful with regard to Nicki Minaj’s mom dies I
don’t want no problems you know I like Nicki it’s her mom from is my mom from
Trinidad Oh Trini Kochi guys you gotta find that if
her mom is still married hang around I’m gonna just flip through some of the
pictures give me a second so that’s what Nikki’s gonna look like when she gets
older okay mama got only heels big breasteses that’s what they say in the
hood breasteses nice oh she looks nice Nikki’s got the same mouth as her mom
you know probably a good kisser you know and that’s nicki manaj older look at her
that’s a bra probably some fire couch if she hosts events youth expressions say
well she’s hosting talent shows what the fuck okay now she’s got the pictures of
her daughter Nikki okay we’ve seen Nikki we’ve seen enough of Nikki would I be
crazy to say mom is just as hot if not hotter than Nikki hmm
here’s a full body shot wait a minute Nikki can you get out of the way I’m to
look at your mom okay here’s the family hey okay hang on a sec hey here’s the
females from the family okay me black Barbies Sunday to all okay okay okay all
right I’ll come back to that my own time all right guys I think I’m out of here
I’ve done enough research for the afternoon I want to do a show this
evening I’m going back to the gym black race is when each should view superjet
sir thank you but I can’t read all that man YouTube’s just not playing that game
but thank you you appreciate it how cool is this okay that’s a mole chip
hey guys I’ll see you tonight somewhere around 9 p.m. thank you for
your time and let me get mr. Schuyler Saunders banner ready that’s good man
here and with regards to business just holler at me via email you have my email
address it’s the hater one nine six four yeah uh
calm have a good day you


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