Doctor vs. Google | Doctors Are…Overrated

Doctor vs. Google | Doctors Are…Overrated


  1. Hey Dr. Mike, random question that I haven't ever been able to find a really good answer for. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about nutrition after years of research on the quest to make myself and my family as healthy as possible. My dilemma is chicken wings. My husband LOVES them, and I do too. I know chicken is a healthy source of protein, and I'm trying to find a way to enjoy his favorite dish without the guilt that comes along with it. I have an air fryer, and I'm wondering if using the air frying method along with a low-calorie Buffalo sauce would make wings "healthy". A good sauce recommendation would be appreciated as well. Thank you for your awesome content!

  2. I hate visiting my doctor, she asks me like two questions and doesn't even look at me while she fills out this online form on her tablet. Then once shes done with that she'll ask me a couple more questions each followed by a long awkward silence then a longer silence while she figures out what she thinks it is. I have anxiety so all of this is excruciating for me.

  3. Hi Dr. Mike! In one of your previous videos you talked about melanin, is it possible that any trauma to your head at a young age can cause loss of pigmentation? And if so, why might age be a factor?

  4. Dr. Mike… how can I trust a young doctor (like yourself) compared to and older doctor? Wouldn’t it be better to see an older doctor, because they have more experience? How do I know the younger doctor has enough experience compared to the older doctor? (I hope that made sense)

  5. hey mike, I guess you havent seen this serie?
    there you go, replacement robot for you 😛

  6. My current doctor is literally on a screen… I go to the pharmacy and go into this private room with a huge tv mounted on the wall, and a pharmacist will come in to take blood pressure & Skype call the doctor and I just have to tell the doctor what’s wrong with me and somehow she’s able to give me a diagnosis with just that information. It honestly feels like googling my symptoms. correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t believe this is an efficient way to treat patients.

  7. Legible kinda. Still hard to read. I work in a pharmacy half the time we are calling certain doctors because the writing is so bad we can't read it or the drugs are misspelled so we need to call and confirm the drug

  8. Recently, I've seen a lot of doctors and nurses not care about their oath. My mother has enough schooling to be a nurse, but she decided to be a phlebotomist (she draws blood for those who don't know). You, her, and very few others that I've seen actually care about their oath. Thank you, Doctor Mike.

  9. I'm blown away at the lack of knowledge that is shown here. I'm a Canadian and I know more about your medical system than Americans do. Also, Drs are in no way over PAID. I look at celebrities that are pulling in 50 million per movie, which is crazy, Drs, scientists, farmers, astronauts…i could go on and on but the people who should be making the big bucks, are the people I've mentioned.🤗🐾🍦

  10. Tell me about being rushed out by the doctor. I had stomach virus and I was given medicine that made me feel so much worse so I now don't trust doctors, another one prescribed antibiotics that messed up my immunity to them. Of course, there are some brilliant doctors but you have to be careful if you don't know them

  11. One of my doctors always had walk in appointments only and was pretty popular. It wasn't uncommon to have 5 hour wait times. It was essentially his preference to do walkin only due to being able to give patients extra doctor to patient time (so often he would spend 20-40mins per patient)

  12. It took me 1 year to get diagnosed with ms only because any neurologist I went to automatically sent me to a psychiatrist. And it wasn't just one doctor. I went to several doctors in multiple ocasions and I got the same response. First few tims I went to a psychiatrist but when 4 of them told me I'm fine I just stopped. At some point I had a very bad relapse compared with the rest I had: i couldn't control any part of my right body hemisphere. I could t walk and doctors told me I'm faking so pardon me if I don't trust them. Btw i m a medical engineer student and I hope some day this kind of errors stop happening. I consider my self lucky because my parents made the efforts to pay for an mri without any recommendation and then finally someone took me seriously. So I think that robots replacing it s a very good idea. Too much humanity sometimes it s just not good.

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  14. Hey i know u probably wont read this but i have something sirious going on and need help i have a belly button infection and the doctors didnt do anything for it do u know what i can do couse its starting to get bad

  15. You're only 6 years older than me?? Okay, wow, what am I doing with my life… Well, at least I have a job 😂

  16. One time I waited over an hour for my 1 year olds doctors appointment 🙃🙃 he fell asleep 10 minutes before they called us in and he was not happy about it.

  17. Hey Doctor Mike! I have been trying to reduce my stress levels and coffee consumption but everyday I do not drink coffee I get terrible headaches. How can I decrease the dependence on coffee?

  18. DO A VIDEO WITH A LAWYER! The 2 of the most rough, education demanding jobs that historically have some tentison. I NEED THIS VID

  19. I had a DO…he was the BEST !!!!🎶😁

    My current employer (I've worked for him for 10 years 😬😂)
    has atrocious handwriting!
    It took me about 3 years to decipher it 🤔

  20. I am a medical school student currently and have heard and read a lot about the female physician wage gap and I wondered if this was something you have found to be true in your experience/ if there is any truth to it.

  21. “administrative burden placed on … doctors” made me laugh because I’m a teacher and that’s literally my life, being handed a stack of busy work that I have to do before I actually get to TEACH MY STUDENTS (and doctors get paid much more than we do). I empathize.

  22. Person: i have sour thought


    Google: lung cancer

    Person: takes cough drop

    Google: what you doing you ganna make cancer worse

  23. Awwe his birthday is in November and 6 days after mine 🙂 btw 30 is definitely the new 20 and you look good and healthy for going into your 30s. Be proud of that!♡

  24. Can you make a video on the differences between a CRNA, DNAP, and a DNP? I want to go into the medical field but I’m not sure for exactly what

  25. Why do you mean we NEED more diversity? What exactly would that change? I think we should avoid racial based hiring/thinking at all cost. Gets in the way of only selecting the best of the best doctors. Oh and do you know who they'll stop hiring to hire more "diverse" doctors? The people that are the majority, aka straight white men, that's you Mike..

  26. Comment 2,590 SWEAT!!! Why do you not recommend Drysol for hyperhidrosis or use it yourself? It completely changed my life….and wardrobe! I ask because I see this topic in so many videos. Thanks!

  27. Something I found really profound is how much the feeling of “helping people” and “human interaction” is why I chose to become a teacher but like Dr. Mike said it’s so hard and miserable 😩when you end up doing more data work then anything else.

  28. You know that incognito mode isn't enough, right? You need to also use a secure VPN to ensure Google has no idea who you are so the results are not influenced by previous search history.

  29. yeah everytimwe I get a rash that doesn't go away they just tell me "its allergies, take this pill" okay but allergies for what? "doesn't matter"

  30. 3:48 "Find a solution…" What I think will probably happen is that both your profession and your humanity will slowly but firmly be pried from you. It is the direction the world is going. And the force behind it is immense. Extreme, divergent (the ways of the world are best not opposed directly), and perhaps very costly, rebellion may be the only way out of that. But I doubt it will happen, since YOU are not rebelling in any way that I know of. You have accepted the (still changing for the worse) status quo. If what I have personally seen is true for the vast majority of doctors, you are on the highway to hell, but driving a nice car. And that red glow on the horizon looks kind of nice because you are listening to the tunes of the Dr. Mike YouTube channel. I know I am a serious killjoy. But do avoid becoming my exact opposite and end up telling yourself that things are getting better when they are, at best, staying the same.
    I have something good to add. Your explaining to patients the process and actually taking the time to have a plainly human conversation with them is a very good practice. I have met doctors that think that the computer checkboxes are the whole consultation. Of course, such doctors also try to keep the consultation under the 7 minutes mark. I assume because they either have, or want to see the maximum amount of patients possible. If what they have is a "want to", they are minding their bank account over everything else.

  31. the computer question, so in my medical clenic (sweden), the doctor wont use the computer until the patient isn't in the room, sure they can use it if they need to search for anything but most cases they know what to do and after they take 3 min to talk in to the computer what they did and what is heppening with the patient and then you have the medical secretary that lisen to the recoring and type in evrything in the computer that's needed

  32. @DoctorMike One trend I’ve noticed in the past 10 years or so when I go to the doctor with an issue they ask me what I think we should do for treatment. How the hell should I know? I am not the one who went to medical school and have a degree in human physiology ( medicine)! Why do doctors do this? It irritates me to no end. If I go to the doctor and tell them this is my problem they should tell me this is your treatment. Am I wrong in this?

  33. Really interesting video! I’m a dermatology resident, so, if you’re interested in skincare, check out my instagram @dermisphere 😊

  34. Is there some type of unspoken rule on how long your nails should be if you want to be doctor? Love your videos.

  35. Hey doctor mike!
    How bad is spray on/fake tan for your skin? What’s the best way to get a tan while keeping your body safe and healthy?

  36. My mom never used Google for medical searchs when we got sick… Instead she has this giant red book that has a bunch of illnesses. It's not 'google it', it's 'get the book' with her.

  37. Doctor Mike , I went to see my doctor for broken tail bone follow up my heart was was very high 130 beats PM doctor didnt ask anything as to why it was so high she just prescribed me metoprol, which lowers heart rate.While waiting in the phramacy area i passed out. ER said i was dehydrated 4 bags of iv fluids later my heart rate was back to normal, had i just gone home to take the metoporal i could have died. All because my doctor was out of time for me and didnt take the time to find out why my heart was so high in a resting state.I should also like state i had not been working out or had energy drinks prior to my appt.

  38. As a PIP arbitration writer, I really appreciate it when the doctor types or dictates detailed evaluation/consultation report. It makes my life so much easier writing medical necessity files. Hand written reports makes me cringe and makes one if my eyes twitch.

  39. Dr.Mike you sir have the most amazing smile and laugh!I love how passionate you are in educating your followers while still having fun!😉 Ps.I had no idea what a circadian rhythm was until you!#learning

  40. Sometimes I think my surgeon will launch the computer over the wall. It is frustrating by don't find a complete schedule. Poor doc 🤣

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