Doctors Reveal What You Never Learned About Puberty

Doctors Reveal What You Never Learned About Puberty

hi my name is dr. Natasha boo-yan I’m a family physician at one medical and today I’ll be talking all about female puberty there is a lot of information out there that you might not be taught and I’m gonna give you the scoop [Music] when women get their first period they also start ovulating when women get our first period it’s often associated with ovulation what ovulation is it’s basically an egg being released from an ovary and that means that you could get pregnant if the egg gets fertilized our first period is a sign that ovulation is starting and we might be able to get pregnant for some people you actually start ovulating before you get your first period for other people you might get your first period and you might not be ovulating just yet so it’s not perfectly timed but it’s pretty close dark or brown period blood doesn’t mean you’re dying period blood can be all different colors if it’s dark or brown it often means it’s been hanging out in your body for a little bit longer and it’s coming in contact with oxidation so it’s changing color so if you’ve got dark period blood that is perfectly normal if you’re clotting or have bright red blood that’s normal to you start growing hair in places you’ve never had before most of us know when you go through puberty you’ll get hair in your armpits and in your pubic region what a lot of people don’t realize is that hair starts sprouting up in all different parts of your body and it can be based on your genetics people will get hair on their toes they’ll get hair below their belly button they’ll get hair on their upper lip some people even get hair on their back and of course we get more hair on our arms and legs any of those locations that you sprout up hair it’s perfectly normal and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s very common for people who are males to be told that they’re gonna get very hairy during puberty but for people who are females we just don’t hear it as much but the reality is everybody gets very hairy during puberty it’s totally normal you start smelling different during puberty as we go through puberty we actually end up sweating more because our sweat glands are activated and it’s not the sweat that smells it’s the bacteria on our skin that breaks down the sweat that can release an odor so we tell people your body is going to go through a lot of changes on a lot of odor changes and the best thing you can do is just keep up with your hygiene and try to stay dry when possible you start getting discharged you will start getting a vaginal discharge as you go through puberty and vaginal discharge is usually perfectly normal we call it a physiologic discharge that is discharged that is usually pretty thin and pretty clear it can even leave a stain on your underwear and so when people see that dried discharge stain on their underwear they’ll get alarmed it’s totally normal it would actually be surprising if you ended the day without a little bit of stain on your underwear we do tell people though if your discharge is really thick white yellow or green or if your discharge has a fishy odor that can be an indication that you might actually have a vaginal infection and you should see a healthcare provider to get that checked out discharge is a perfectly common and normal part of being a cisgendered female or a trans male we don’t want you to be worried about it and the discharge can actually change week to week throughout the entire month it’s normal for your genital area to feel tender and sensitive around your period yes the genital area can actually change during your period because of hormonal fluctuations so you might feel a little bit more sensitive you might feel a little bit more tender some people want to have sex more some people don’t want to have sex more it’s perfectly common to have fluctuations during your period and you should just treat your body with respect and respond to what your body is telling you when you get breasts they hurt sometimes breast development is part of puberty and it can actually be sometimes a little painful when people start developing breasts they start as little buds and then the nipples might start to form the areola starts to form you might even notice hair is sprouting up around your areola all of that is normal people often tell me that when these changes are happening they will feel a lot of soreness in their breasts one way to combat this is to use a good fitting bra another way to combat it is you can always take ibuprofen but just know that it’s perfectly normal and it won’t last forever I can promise you that some women get cramps there are some people that will get cramping as a result of their periods so when we have periods our body is releasing prostaglandins and it’s telling the uterus to contract for some people it can cause a cramping sensation and other people don’t really feel it so the entire range is normal things get oily as we go through puberty our sebaceous glands are activated and so we’ll notice that our hair might be more oily than usual our skin might be more oily than usual a lot of this is actually driven by your genetics and so the level of oiliness you have it often depends on your family history but it’s all very normal and there’s ways to control that shine if you want to but you also don’t have to your mood changes during puberty we go through a lot of hormonal changes that can impact our mood but the reality is during puberty we also go through a lot of social changes and that can impact our mood so when we start to have things like oily skin and acne and hair a lot of people actually feel embarrassed and it can make them feel shame or shy or they might feel like they are bullied at school we tell people you should not be ashamed of any changes that your body goes through because it’s a healthy part of life it is normal to start spotting when you get your first period spotting is when people might have a little bit of breakthrough bleeding in between their periods spotting can sometimes happen if you’re taking certain birth control methods but sometimes spotting can just happen spontaneously the first 3 years that someone starts a period they have spotting pretty often and they have very irregular periods that don’t have normal rhythmic cadence that’s perfectly normal we tell people after the first 3 years of having your period it should start to normalize into a regular cycle and the spotting should decrease not every part of your body develops at the same rate when we go through puberty it’s not just like you magically turn a certain age and now you are a young adult the reality is that you might have breast changes but you might not have pubic hair changes or you might have changes of acne and oily skin but you not might not have changes of hair you might be growing taller but other parts of your body aren’t changing puberty is not a magical science not everything is synced so the changes that you go through during puberty could happen at different stages at different times that’s perfectly normal if you’re someone who’s going through puberty or if you just got your first period you might have a lot of questions and your body might be going through so many changes that you’re not sure about I think it’s really important to empower yourself learn more information and talk to a trusted adult or a health care provider if you have any questions you’re perfectly normal and you’re beautiful and you should love yourself [Music] you [Music]


  1. The only reason we learn nothing in school Is because of the parents of some kids who doesn’t want them to learn anything and complain why they shouldn’t be learning about puberty.

  2. I do sketch artistry. I wish people would tell teenagers that the same way your two front teeth can grow in adult-sized and seem too big, people's noses start to become adult sized before the rest of their face reaches it's adult size too! I hear from teens all the time that think they have big noses. I thought that about myself too, because my nose WAS bigger compared to the rest of my face. My nose looks different now that I'm an adult. When I look back at my old pictures, I don't think it looks out of place at all anymore.

  3. It's kind of worrying that people in the comments never knew some of these things. I was taught all of this when I was around 11/12.

  4. "to get a good fitting bra" – yeah, well… DO TELL HOW TO FIND IT
    -> wires go ALL AROUND the breast tissue
    -> band should be tight enough to hold around 80% of the weight
    -> straps are not the main thing to hold breasts up
    -> not all shapes of bras are for all breasts. All are different, so if one doesn't fit, try something else

  5. okay so i'm 17 and i had like 6 hairs on my chin and i plucked them yesterday. i asked my momma why it was like that and she said i need to talk to god about it. she said she didn't get hers until she was 40 so i'm confused as to why i'm young getting these

  6. I literally knew all of this… I'm 16 though, so I see how this could be helpful to younger girls, so thank you for that!

  7. Wait, do kids not get taught these things in school? I thought I'd learn something new, but it was just a refresher from high school…

  8. Um..why is this in a video. Don’t they teach this in biology in highschool? Or is that a faux-pas in the US? I got all this information in 8th grade (second year highschool) in The Netherlands. And even then, most of it was already stuff we knew about

  9. By the way cramps can go from your chest to mid thigh and people that say "oh its fine it's not that bad" tell them that you're losing 2 to 3 buckets of blood per day and cramps can be as bad as a heart attack.

  10. TIP ! Cramping isn’t the only symptoms of periods. The severity and variety is dependable on the person but a general list would be:
    1. Cramps
    2. Cravings
    3. Indigestion
    4. Diarrhea
    5. Constipation
    6. Mood swings
    7. Fatigue
    8. Insomnia
    9. Nausea
    10. Dizziness
    11. Bloating
    12. Tender Breasts
    13. Depression
    14. Migraines
    15. Headache
    16. Hot Flashes
    17. Acne

    Though symptoms may vary, it is possible that you may have one or more of these symptoms, even if they contradict the other (ex. Fatigue and insomnia, diarrhea and constipation, cravings and indigestion, etc)

  11. I honestly thought I was dying when I was getting discharge for the first time. I was sneaking and using my sister and moms pads. My mom caught on and asked if I had any need for pads. I told her and that this isn’t taught in school, and that it was white and sticky. Then we went to target and got always panty liners

  12. I was always told if was the first yr of 2nd that ur period becomes regular but this is my 3rd yr and it is far from regular and I always thought that was bad,thx for making me realize that it is normal for my period to be irregular on my 3rd yr of having it 🙂

  13. Again I wish that they would have had an OBGYN do a video of this nature.
    I’m not being negative I’m just of the opinion that an OBGYN might have more/ different information than a PCP.

  14. Very common issues like endo should be mentioned to as it can save so much pain and confusion, periods should never be really painful, something is wrong and don't let doctors brush you off as just bad cramps. Keep seeing different doctors and ask about conditions like endometriosis

  15. Needed that bout the belly hair thing I’m 24 and been ashamed for so long (I can’t shave too much cuz of high chances of folliculitis)

  16. Can we just give a standing ovation to this Dr. And how she talked about female and trans male vaginal discharge .. this is a win for inclusion 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  17. The sad thing is, I'm going to 8th grade and last year(Well 3 months ago) in 7th grade we didn't learn about this in Health class smh. I learned more from the internet than I ever had from school 😒

  18. I'm questioning whether I'm having my period or I'm just randomly bleeding because I can't relate to anything that has to do with my period


  20. Subscibe to me and my boyfriend’s channel:QandAnt

  21. 2:23 i wish someone would have taught me that this was normal because when it happened i was like WTFTFFTC but too embarrassed to ask anyone what was wrong with me when all along it was normal 🥺😂

  22. I love how she talks about all this pain involved and then says that you can just take ibuprofen… and I'm over here like- but im frikin allergic…..

  23. My brother was looking through my history and saw this ;-; I told him to watch it and he got so disgusted xD I told him to watch it only because we are really close in age 13 months to be exact

  24. My poor cousin was 9 when she had her first period, she thought she was dying because no one talked to her about it. It wasn't taught in school til middle school.

  25. Why is being a girl so damn hard. Then you have these men complaining about how hard their life is.
    liKe BiSh dO yOu bLeEd fOr a wHoLe WeEk eAch MoNtH?

  26. I have pcos my belly grows to much above naval waist size is normal but benath navel waist size is 38 inch hanging like pregnant 😢😢

  27. I’ve had periods for 18 years, I know all this (unfortunately 😂🙄) but still found this great. This is absolutely the kind of education that’s needed in schools.

  28. I think this video is very helpful, but it made me wonder if American schools really don't inform students about this. I'm from Germany and we talked about most of these changes in school.

  29. This is great!! When I went thru puberty my parents gave me little to no info and made it clear they didn’t answer questions and the main thing was to make sure no one knew about it.
    I hope I have a daughter one day just so I can educate her properly and make her feel comfortable. This video educated me and I have been a “woman” for 20 years now.

  30. Oh my goodness, i had no idea discharge was such an ordinary thing (heck, i didnt even know it was called discharge)! Thank you guys for making this video, it's kinda scary how nobody gives a full sexual education and you have to find things out in the internet, but im glad embarassed teens have people like you to give explanations.

  31. Oh goodness thank you dr for the second fact. I seriously thought something was wrong with me.
    It was July 2003, I was barely 11 and a half when I got my first period. My 13 yr old sister hated me for getting mine before she got hers, and she didn’t get hers til 2 years later at 15. This caused a lot of problems between us both, including the fact that we had many problems in childhood long before puberty. And yes my mom also treated me way differently like I was more mature even getting kicked out of the house at 13. I still have many traumas now a days related to my childhood, and I do my damn best to make sure my kids don’t ever feel anything that sad.
    Also sexual trauma on a child can cause a change in ones body. Example being it can either accelerate one into puberty and/or also halt ones puberty for a few years. Both can happen.

  32. Is it normal that your first period is like a week long and your second period is like three days long

  33. 2:20 I didn’t know what the heck that was I was like🤮I thought I had a std even though I was a virgin 5:05 that hit me hard😂I didn’t want to be in front of crowds that much(cheerleader here😂) I got mad at my friend for no reason and then started crying in the middle of class sayin how she never liked me and then by next class we were buddy buddy. This happened today and 13 yr old hereeee☺️

  34. Omg so I’m on a swim team and I have sooo many stretch marks…and everyone is like “Livi what are all those marks on ur legs…..”

  35. When a 7 minute video helps you learn more than the 20 minute puberty video your teachers put on for you when you were in 5th grade

  36. Ok I have a lot symptoms of breast cancer but I’m only 13 ( I got my period about 2 years ago) so can I have breast cancer?

  37. Idk if this is just me but whenever I watch these kinds of videos every time I get like a small pain or something like that I think OMG My period 🤣

  38. the fact that people disliked the video is sad, most of this i hadn't even heard before and the info is so interesting, important and helpful.

  39. Litterally learnt all this in like the 5th grade through to highschool and was pretty well coursed when it happened to me. Didn't have to talk to parents and frankly never got "the talk" it's a shame that this isn't the case for everyone. Swore this was common knowledge.

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