Does Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer?

Does Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer?

this is an email from Emily in New Mexico does deodorant cause breast cancer it’s very good it does not cause [Applause] let me just the question was can do too I think really antiperspirant deodorant because a lot of times the concern is with the antiperspirant part right so there are looming themselves and antiperspirant that in theory can plug the pores but look we’ve looked at this upside down in sideways from toxin exposure aluminum salt absorption even parabens are no longer even used no scientific evidence links these products deodorants and antiperspirants to breast cancer or frankly any cancer so a 2014 literature review looked at all the peer-reviewed articles trying to link health issues to the aluminum salts in antiperspirant I’m so glad you said that chair talk about dating I had this one food too told me no you have to get this kind of deodorant I was like I mean so I’m still glad to hear that it’s a little bit controlling that’s why the Fred hutch Cancer Center looked at this epidemiologic study they took 1600 women half with breast cancer half without they checked out all the underarm habits shaving not shaving putting the vanilla scent or whatever scent and all nada and if you look at Europeans they don’t even really use underarm products at all their breast cancer rate is higher than ours so I want to just kind of hit you with this take-home point whatever you’re gonna do for odor under there it doesn’t matter just do whatever suits your mood and smell but what does matter which is totally under your control and has been undeniably linked to elevating cancer risk breast cancer risk is drinking alcohol eating processed meats like sausage and bacon and even turkey slices eating saturated fat being fat hormone replacement therapy not exercising that these are all under your control so forget the deodorant control those things for more breast myths and frankly anything you would ever want to know by your breasts pick up a copy of dr. flunks new book breasts the owners manual thank you dr. Fung you


  1. “If you look at Europeans, they don’t really use underarm products” … wow. The way Americans make up “facts” about us is ridiculous. I can assure you in Europe we do use deodorant and anti-perspirant!

  2. I don't believe them about anti perspirant deodorant. And Aluminum is bad for you. But hey, science said lead was safe for years.

  3. Europeans do not really use deoderant at all? Wtf is she talking about lol …….People believe doctors like her who do not know shit we use deoderant we allll doooo

  4. I'll tell you what they do cause, hard swollen lymph nodes. Stopped using it years ago after it kept happening and now all I use is tea tree oil when I go out. Not using all that stuff anymore actually decreased my body odor.

    Don't forget, breasts aren't being used for what they're intended anymore. Use it or lose it.

  5. Wow! How rude is this Vivica woman. She even interrupts Dr. Funk to tell her personal little story that literally no one could care less about. Why is she even on the show?

  6. Omg thanks i am 13 and i stopped wearing it for 2 week after i heard this was fake i leathered that deodorant on. Thanks now i don’t smell.

  7. Why are so many people not believing them. They are fucken doctors for gods sake. So people are saying how we were wrong about lead and cigarettes in the 60s well in the 60s we did not have as much Technology so it made it hard to see what was bad and good.

  8. I disagree. This shit is still full of chemicals and therefore it's better to use a natural replacement. The less chemicals we have in and on our body, the better.

  9. There are natural alternatives made of natural rock crystals for about the same price. So why put chemicals on your underarms, especially aluminium-based ones that may be absorbed by the skin and have estrogen-like (hormonal) effects?!
    Oh… and I'm European and use deodorant. Stop coming up with "facts" which are not real. Then again, Americans are excellent at that!

  10. Aluminium deoderant is the best, It doesnt cause anything bad AND MAKES U SMELL SO GOOD. My nans been using it for 64 years, and 7ve been using it for 6 years it's good 👍

  11. 🗣DONT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CALL THEMSELEVES DOCTORS! Anything that can clogs your pores, and can cause your lymph nodes to swell, is bad for you. Yes, there are other causes of breast cancer, but just because you went to Europe and did statistics, means nothing. Europeans or just white people in general have higher rates of cancer anyway.

  12. I just had trouble with deodorant I got a big red bump underneath my underarms had to go to the doctor ended up on antibiotics. So yes deodorant can be a problem

  13. I've known this for a long time. Your body only absorbs 0.012% of the aluminum in deodorant. That amount isn't enough to effect your health. This info is even on the American cancer society website.

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