Dog Falls Into Depression Because Of Cheating Husband | Kritter Klub

Dog Falls Into Depression Because Of Cheating Husband | Kritter Klub

My name is Happy.. But I’m not happy Diagnosed with depression Why you ask? Watch until the end to find out Happy, come down and play This dog is SO done When you’re dead inside, and dead outside (dog is a real one) She’s always lying down PD: 24/7? Yes. #ASMR Like a Madame Tussauds wax figure Let’s eat~ Come here~ Dat side eye tho Happy, come and eat Plays hard to get Happy, eat up When the depression is so real that it’s hard to do basic things PD: Is happy not fond of food? She used to eat well, and was always first in line She should be jumping around But she’s always on that table The cause of Happy’s depression.. is none other than.. Whoever this dog is, he’s clearly a clout His name is Sarang. He’s our store mascot And Happy’s husband Be gone, THOT! Sarang, take care of your wife Make Happy feel better so she can play too, got it? Marriage is ruff, ruff Deadbeat husband Go back to your wife! I ain’t your side chick no more! The next Tristan Thompson? Hey, get back here Gets dragged out What are you doing? Do I have to teach you the birds and the bees? And do I have to teach you how to respect your wife?! It’s been a year Seeing how Sarang follows other female dogs around And ignores her They used to be inseparable I think Happy gave up She looks depressed. I’m worried for her Using technology to analyze Happy’s mood Mood when Happy sees Sarang, and mood when Happy sees Sarang with his side chicks We’re also curious There’s no major change overall But the anxiety is relatively high Happy was filled with anxiety Happy relied on Sarang as her husband But since Sarang doesn’t look her way, and gives others attention She felt disappointed And fell into depression Distance draws anyone apart Put them in a space together A few days later Sarang warms up to Happy again Happy is finally happy! I hope they continue to get along


  1. It's nice that she's happy but I just wish it was because of another dog that liked her and the she left he cheating Husband

  2. 4:18

    This part literally warmed my heart so much that i felt like it was breaking and wanting to cry… it’s so damn cute!

  3. Me: the owners husband cheated so why is HAPPY depressed?
    Me after watching this: oh so the dogs got married? ;-; panda dog and cheerleader dog

  4. This just goes to show depression doesn’t last forever
    If you are depressed or have depression, just know things get better and friends and family are there to support you.

  5. I wish god looks at my depression and anxiety the same way and gives me a stable love life 😂😂😂 such happy endings god pls

  6. Happy, you deserve better. You’re beautiful. Sarang doesn’t deserve you, girl. Once a dog… always…. well, okay…

  7. i felt so sad but when they were there left together and the panda dog dude came and warmed pink depressed doggo i felt so happy 😔🤚

  8. Dog Running away from Sarang: I aint your side chick no more

    Me: These captions blessed meh

    But i feel bad for the doggo- If The husband cheats again- :'P

  9. This is How you know I’ve been watching too much Danganronpa bc I read the title as

    Dog Falls into Despair

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