Dr. David Carnovale, reproductive endocrinologist

Dr. David Carnovale, reproductive endocrinologist

My name is David Carnvale and I’m a reproductive
endocrinologist and infertility specialist. I’m also the medical director of Community
Reproductive Endocrinology, the fertility practice here at Community Health Network. Reproductive endocrinology is a subspecialty
of OBGYN, and as a reproductive endocrinologist we first train as OBGYNs and then we do additional
training to become a reproductive endocrinologist. Many of the women that come to a reproductive
endocrinologist are dealing with issues of infertility, but we also deal with things
such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems with women who get pregnant
but lose those pregnancies, and women who have problems with issues related to the structure
of their reproductive system. So we actually do a fair amount of surgery in this field. One of the things that I utilize in my work
is something called a KTP laser. And this laser is very specialized for the treatment
of endometriosis. It allows us to treat in areas that many times are unaccessible with
other modalities. One of the most powerful techniques we have
in infertility treatment is In vitro fertilization. And this is commonly known as the “test tube
baby”. This technique allows us to take a woman’s eggs and combine them with her husband’s
sperm in the laboratory, and then take those embryos that are generated and place them
back up into a woman’s uterus. Unfortunately a lot of people think that this is something
that’s going to guarantee that they have multiple births. In most cases that’s not true. We
can actually reduce the number of embryos that we put back into a woman’s uterus. The actual procedure itself is done in the
laboratory. We take the embryos in a catheter, and we take that catheter and we can place
it up inside of the woman’s uterus and release the embryos where we want them to be. So that
gives us a lot of control over what happens with that process. So here we see a human egg being held in place,
and the injection pipet bringing the sperm directly through the membrane called the Zona
Pellucida and it’s depositing the sperm inside here. So this actually bypasses the process
where millions of sperm would be on the outside of the egg trying to penetrate inside. So
for men who have a low sperm count, this allows them to have a genetic child whereas in the
past they would have had to resort to donor sperm. So this is a very important and powerful
technique that we’ve had now for about 15 years. One of the other things that’s nice about
this program is that I get the opportunity to work with Dr. Jeffrey Boldt. And Dr. Boldt
is actually one of the leading embryologists in the country; the people who actually do
the work in the laboratory that allows us to do the In vitro fertilization process.
Dr. Boldt has also been recognized as one of the leaders in egg freezing technology.
And this is something that is only provided at a few centers around the United States.
It’s so unique, in fact, that we’ve been contacted by a medical broker who has women in Japan
interested in coming to Indianapolis to have this technology used on them. And this would
allow career women and other women who maybe are facing chemotherapy or radiation therapy
for cancer to preserve their eggs for later use in life. One of the things that our practice strives
for is to reduce the stress and anxiety that couples dealing with infertility experience.
We want to be as user friendly as possible. We want to be sure that everyone in our office
is familiar with all the issues that these patients are facing. And everyone on my team
shares that philosophy. And this allows us to ensure that all patients are treated with
the utmost respect and dignity throughout this process. We also have financial counselors
who can help patients with ins and outs of infertility coverage, which can be a real
challenge for patients to negotiate without guidance. One of the things that we also provide to
patients that come to our office is financial counseling, because the insurance world with
infertility is very difficult to understand and presents a number of challenges. And we
want to help patients to be sure that they’re making decisions that are based upon sound
information so they know what is actually covered and not covered. Many patients and
doctors are under the misperception that infertility is never covered. What we find is that many
insurance companies will cover testing and initial evaluation for infertility, and when
it comes to treatment sometimes they’ll even cover that. But in a lot of cases the treatment
itself is not covered. The process for a referral to our practice
is fairly simple; A phone call to our front desk, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our
goal is to provide both the physicians referring to our practice and patients an exceptional
experience. We don’t want them to hassle. We’ll take care of obtaining records. We’ll
make sure that everybody is aware of when they need to be here and where we’re located. Myself and my office are available to patients
pretty much 24/7, 7 days a week. And that’s one of the things in fertility medicine, we
have to be because we never know when a woman is ovulating and may need an insemination.
So many times we’ll be here on weekends as well. Our regular office hours are Monday
through Friday from 8 to 5 p.m. We also have a website which has a great deal of patient
information. And it’s a great resource for people looking for more details on what we
provide. And that’s CommunityFertility.com

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  1. Looking for a way to get help with infertility. We don't have the money for treatments. And I feel like time is running out for me to get pregnant and carry my own child. I know I will be a mother one day no matter what but would love to be able to carry my own baby. We got pregnant after 8 years but lost it and have just recently started trying again. Would love to try anything that will work but can not afford the treatment. If anyone knows of a trial for free for fertility please let me know.

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