Dr. Keren Holmes – Family Practice Associates of Southern Hills

Dr. Keren Holmes – Family Practice Associates of Southern Hills

(uplifting music) – My name is Keren Holmes, I work with Family Practice
Associates of Southern Hills, through TriStar. I’m a family practice doctor,
where I take care of kids, from newborns to the elderly. Also I’m certified to
treat bioidentical hormones for postmenopausal women. I went to Morehouse School of
Medicine for medical school. Medical College of Georgia for residency, where I was chief resident. After that I started
working with Vanderbilt, for about four years, until
I transferred to TriStar. I like to treat patients individually, I understand that
medicine is a partnership between the patient and the physician. I like to give patients options, try to explain their diagnosis, and I understand there’s multiple
ways to treat a condition. So, have the patients
help to make the decision of what might be the best
plan of care for the patient. This practice is special ’cause we’re very family
oriented practice, inside and outside of the practice. We like to treat the whole
family, treat the whole body, the whole system, not
just one organ system. I’m very grateful for my
patients because they trust me, in order to take care of
them and their family. I would like to help to
prevent medical problems in the future, improve
their quality of life and make them feel better. (uplifting music)

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  1. I was a long-time patient for at least 15 yrs w/another Dr. w/in Dr. Holmes’ group. I left the office bc towards my last few appts, I’ve been very disappointed how the office was ran. The last straw for me was that I was rescheduled twice by the office. I’ve communicated the importance of my time & others. I was an independent contractor and so I blocked these times so I can come in for my yearly, etc. Apparently, these folks don’t care. My relationship w/them ended thus this Dr. refused to see me as a new patient.

    I don’t recommend any of the Tri-Star Medical Group. My father warned me about them when I was in my early 20s, but I like my relationship with my doctor until he moved to a Brentwood location and then they all aka office people and techs went down hill. Sad.

    Repeat don’t go. Loyalty doesn’t mean much here, unfortunately.

    I’m glad to see her in this video. If you watch her tone, voice and her demeanor, she’s not really a compassionate person nor care at the very least. It appears to be a lot of eye rolling and a forced interview. This confirms another person experience in one of the reviews. Honestly, I’m glad not to do ‘business’ with her Moe with the Tri- Star group. Yup. At the end of the day, it’s just business. Her team / group is not tactical either. Byeeee!

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