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[music] Hi, we are here today with Dr. Rudi to talk about women’s issues, women’s health, menopause and hot flashes. Hi Dr. Rudi, so let’s talk about menopause. Well Claire obviously being a man I don’t get first hand experience with that but obviously its an important topic for women and obviously its a topic that can have tremendous psychological and physical impacts. So lets begin with what is menopause and when does it happen. Menopause is a process in which the estrogen levels in a woman’s body starts changing. Those changes are due to age and also its well known that women have a certain number of eggs in their bodies at birth basically and when they run out and the ovaries start aging that this affects hormone levels, especially estrogen. Now when estrogen starts changing and declining, it’s not a straight line, it’s usually a wave action and therefore it can cause mood swings, it can cause hot flashes, it can have many, many different manifestations most of which are negative for a female. For instance hot flashes during the day, hot flashes, night sweating in bed, morning hot flashes, mood changes and this is very unpredictable, you can’t take a blood sample and say oh we can do this and that and there are some pharmaceutical drugs that are available that can help control this including birth control pills and other hormone replacement therapy but everybody knows that there are some major issues, like cancer associated with some of those. Now there are natural things you can do, one of them is proper diet, eat berries don’t eat fruit, cut down on carbohydrates watch your body weight, estrogen is a hormone that is soluble in fat, okay, you have less fat in your body you will have a more balanced estrogen level, avoid foods that have soy in them because phytoestrogens in soy can wreak havoc on your hormononal balance. There are things you can also do for instance, proper bedding in your bedroom, having sheets and things made out of breathable fabrics don’t sleep on a polyurethane memory foam mattress because it’s basically an insulator. There are products you can google that are covers for beds or mattresses, like latex mattresses that naturally breathe, thats a very important thing for you to consider and also since women have different hip dimensions and shoulder dimensions than men you should always look for mattresses that allow your backbone to be relatively straight and that will give you more comfort, more comfort, if you are more relaxed, that also affects estrogen levels in your body it’s also a mental thing. Now getting back into the natural products, by the way, I’ve spent 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I’m not anti drug and I’ve also spent over 10 years now in the natural products industry and I love natural products and you know sometimes they can work very well together so one of the things that we found that works very good in controlling hot flashes is a single ingredient called HMR Lignan and this is made from a northern spruce tree from sweden and norway, it’s made from the bark, it’s an extract a natural extract, clinical trials have shown that that does promote healthy balanced estrogen and that product even by itself it quite effective at controlling hot flashes. Now there’s another product thats made from broccoli, its called DIM, chemical name is Diindolylmethane, but DIM is obviously a lot easier and DIM has also been shown to help balance estrogen so formulas that combine HMR Lignans and DIM are of interest. The third component which is something based on my own research is that lycopene, yes the carotenoid from tomatoes, and by the way if you eat tomatoes you are not going to get a lot of lycopene because it’s not bioavailable, you have to cook the tomatoes and when you cook the tomatoes the lycopene is released so tomatoe sauce, yes, tomatoes doesn’t give you a lot. So we found, my research has shown and there is some literature on this that shows lycopene can work synergistically with those other substances to get an even better effect now my advice for the average person is that you should always find, if you are taking a supplement and if you are taking a supplement that will balance your estrogen so you can take your swings out of it, the swings are what causes the hot flashes. If you find those try to get the lowest possible effective dose don’t think, that oh if HMR and DIM work great then I have to take tablespoons of it, no find the lowest effective dose because they are substances they are things that you’re adding calories you are adding things that you may not need. I always believe in and the chemical name for it is titrating yourself, take the product, take it for a certain amount of days and see what the effect is. If the effect is good, take a little less and that way you will save money, you will be healthier and you wont have the hot flashes. But these products they perfectly safe for women to take? I think they are very safe, as a matter of fact I think that again, I’m not anti drug industry, I think the drug industry has done wonderful things for the world and is continuing to do R&D but hormone replacement therapy can be dangerous and you’re shooting at sparrows with atomic weapons, I’d rather have a more gentle approach, a more balanced approached and I think you could achieve good hormone balance, good estrogen balance, good hot flash control using using natural products that may not have some of these side effects that some of the pharmaceuticals got, now in other areas, pharmaceuticals work better than natural products, it’s just you have to do the research. One other thing and I want repeat this is avoid soy products in any form, Now edamame, you can eat that a little bit, but that’s not going to hurt you, soy milk, soy base products or even supplements that use soy as a filler or carrying agent or in protein things that use soy protein avoid them because it will effect your hormone balance. The other one to avoid and people are not going to like what I’m about to say. The other one to avoid is flax based products because flax also contains phytoestrogens now there really is some good stuff in flax like ALA Omega 3, its very good. You dont want to much of it, no more than 4 grams of that oil a day but flax happens also to contain phytoestrogens and if you are taking flax or or if you are taking a lot of flax and you notice, it may be affecting, think about it, think about it, it may be affecting your hot flashes, maybe it’s affecting your period, maybe it’s affecting your mood so its well known that there are phytoestrogens in flax, my advice is to avoid it. There are better sources of Omega 3 like chia, perilla and those are ones I recommend because they don’t have these estrogenic triggering type compounds in there. Let me repeat about the important things to look at as far as hot flashes and menopausal health first of all exercise, proper diet, avoid soy products, avoid flax products because flax contains phytoestrogens now good things about flax, namely the omega 3 fatty acids, flax also has fiber in it however phytoestrogens can affect your physical and to some extent your mood health and so I believe that you should have proper bedding, a cool bed avoid polyurethane memory foam mattresses make sure you are lying flat with your head flat, and your hips properly supported so your backbone is straight, being relaxed reduces estrogen swings in your body also if you want to take omega-3s find things that don’t have phytoestrogens in them go for things like chia or perilla oil. And the purpose of Dr. Rudi.com is to support human health and its not about drug companies, its not about suppliment companies, its about your health and womens health and thats the mission, that includes excercise, sleeping right, wearing the right clothes, cool clothes and your mental health also. Thank you so much for this invaluable information behalf all women, I thank you, it’s been great talking to you today and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Thank you Claire. [music]

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